I love stories about self-discovery, those wild, confused moments when an Alpha or a faggot figures out what role they were truly meant to play within the Hierarchy. Since starting this blog, I have been privileged to accompany many such ones down that road to acceptance or helped them embrace their place in the grand scheme of things.

The latest one is a 27 year old (formerly) straight male I’m naming “Brian” for the sake of discretion. As a straight male, Brian was fairly prolific with the ladies, having fucked 13 girls in his young adult life. But when his last girlfriend left him for another Man, Brian began to think about how he was truly inferior to other Men. 

So he made the choice to get on Grindr as an experiment. There he met a bisexual Alpha, and that eventually led to Brian sucking dick for the first time. He liked it, but he was having trouble getting the Alpha to return for repeat service because the Alpha was always out fucking girls (you know how Alphas are). 

But really, Brian wanted to be fucked by this Alpha. He wanted to know if this was the truth  about his existence. 

Well, the Alpha finally fucked Brian a week ago. After spending time processing the encounter, he wanted to share it with me. Here’s his account:

You can hear the wonder in his words, can’t you? That dazed sense of confusion mixed with a peculiar comfort? 

I thought Brian’s lack of erection was a telling detail. Brian sounds surprised that he didn’t get an erection, but true faggots know that the lack of an erection while getting fucked indicates a special kind of subspace. Brian might’ve been born for this stuff.

Now that his hole is feeling better, it sounds like Brian is gearing up for more. He’s got that itch faggots know only a Man’s cock can scratch. 

I’m very proud of Brian for his bravery and his curiosity! I’m grateful that he shared this profound moment with me!