This is part of a continuing thread isolating the rise of Supreme Alpha Dylan, brother of Alpha John and Master of the faggot CodyCLICK HERE for all of these posts in chronological order

The last time I updated fag Cody and his Supreme Alpha Dylan (CLICK HERE), Alpha Dylan punished a disobedient Cody by fucking four different faggots in one day. This experience deeply changed Alpha Dylan. Hungry for the kind of godly power seen in fellow Alphas like Masters Nick and Nikola (as well as California Alpha), Alpha Dylan began making plans to develop a kingdom of owned faggots solely devoted to his service and pleasure.

To that end, Alpha Dylan decided that he needed his faggots living closer to him. So he made arrangements for Cody and Ethan, one of the faggots fucked during Dylan’s day-long fuck fest, to move in together in a brand new apartment near Dylan’s house. That is going to happen on April 1st.

Of course, the two faggots needed to become acquainted with each other since they will be serving side-by-side and living together. 

So Alpha Dylan had both faggots over to his house. Then Dylan told Cody to begin cleaning his place, after which he took Ethan into the bedroom and fucked the living hell out of the faggot. Cody was forced to listen to the rutting of his new faggot brother while doing menial chores. It was an important lesson for Cody, who needed to suppress feelings of jealousy.

After Alpha Dylan pumped two loads into Ethan, he dismissed the used faggot for the night. Dylan then turned his attention to his #1 faggot. Dylan wrote to me and said, “It’s time to reward Cody for being such a good boy during this test.”

That reward consisted of a rut of destruction so powerful that Cody actually passed out for about five minutes. At first, Cody’s reaction to the cunting scared Alpha Dylan, but when he realized Cody’s body was involuntarily milking his cock, he relaxed and kept fucking.

After two loads deposited deep in Cody’s cunt, he pulled out. He laid back and had Cody suck his cock clean. Cody kept sucking for a very long time until he noticed that Dylan, exhausted from a day of fucking, had fallen asleep. 

This is how Kings live! 

Today Alpha Dylan said that he wants to own many more faggot slaves. When he asked me how many faggots he would need to fuck to set an orgy record, I suggested seven.

“Now that’s a fucking goal!” said Alpha Dylan enthusiastically. 

Alphas never think small!!