California Alpha Exceeds Expectations


This post concerns the ongoing saga of California Alpha, one of the earliest and greatest Alphas I’ve ever chronicled on this blog. If you need to catch up, click here for every post about this glorious Man!

Out of the blue two days ago I received a text from the legendary California Alpha. He and I have slipped into the kind of nice, comfortable rhythm that only great distances can provide, particularly between an Alpha of his standing and a faggot like me. Nowadays California Alpha slips into my life like a cool, refreshing breeze, often patiently answering my questions in between stories of his latest conquests. 

Two days ago, California Alpha reappeared. 

“Hey faggot, I’ve got some news for you,” texted California Alpha by way of introduction. My mind raced. Given the ambitious appetites of this incredible Man, this latest news could be almost anything. I braced myself.

“I’m getting my property!” he said enthusiastically. 

Long-term readers may remember California Alpha’s dream to buy a large piece of property somewhere in California and create what he initially dubbed “The Fag Farm.” He took his time scouring various properties, coming close to closing a few, but never finding the right fit. Even within the last few months California Alpha had been circling a property in southern California, and I thought this was the property to which he was referring. 

Of course, California Alpha operates on a different level than simple faggots like me. It turns out that California Alpha abandoned that last property when something much better fell right into his lap (someday I must write about the luck and blessings bestowed upon Alphas). A former Alpha protege of California Alpha’s informed him that the protege’s family was looking to sell a 340-acre property in northern California. The site of a former vineyard and bottling plant, the property has two houses and a huge three-story warehouse. There is also an underground vault that is fully waterproofed and naturally soundproof, a feature California Alpha has already sadistically earmarked as a fag dungeon of some kind.

The deal is already in place, and lawyers are drawing up private contracts. California Alpha intends to take possession by the end of this year.

I didn’t press California Alpha about the price tag for this massive property, but he did say that, thanks to his personal connections, he got the property at a significantly lower-than-market-value price. In fact, he will own the property outright at closing, thanks to one special gift.

It turns out that California Alpha has owned multiple cash fags ever since high school. This was surprising to me, as he had never mentioned this aspect of his life before. As it turns out, he never mentioned it to me because he had become bored with cash raping faggots when he already has plenty of money of his own.  

One of these cash fags was quite wealthy. California Alpha has been draining this wealthy fag since California Alpha was in high school (the fag would deliver $1,000 at a time to California Alpha at his school). This time California Alpha decided to release the wealthy fag with one last breathtaking cash rape. So the fag cashed out by delivering $200,000 to California Alpha’s bank account. Or, rather, his Alpha protege’s bank account as a down payment on the property!

So in a few months California Alpha will finally establish his beloved Fag Farm! He is again thinking that he’d like to own 30-40 faggots, and have them all live on the farm. He even envisions a point when he can resurrect the vineyards and begin bottling his own vintage of wine – and all of it would be created by California Alpha’s faggot army. It is an astounding proposition.

California Alpha once again floated the idea of having me come to the Fag Farm and work as some sort of manager to oversee the many day-to-day production of an enormous faggot workforce. We will see where it goes, I suppose.

All I know is this – California Alpha is an astonishing Man who has limitless ambition and the force of will to make it all come true. His Alphahood is magical to me. As a faggot, I cannot imagine what it is like to live the way many Alphas like California Alpha do. The world does not genuflect at my feet, nor does it cater to my every whim. That is reserved for the greatest Men, ones like California Alpha. 

I am simply privileged to live in his world.