This post concerns the ongoing saga of California Alpha, one of the earliest and greatest Alphas I’ve ever chronicled on this blog. If you need to catch up, CLICK HERE for every post about this glorious King!

After a long two years of promises and plans, I finally received the message I had eagerly awaited: legendary Apex California Alpha had closed on his massive tract of land outside Los Angeles planned to be transformed into his vision of a fag farm and Alpha resort! He now owns it all free and clear!

The property was once a winery, and contains many out buildings in addition to the main residence. This is perfect for California Alpha’s plan to house 20-30 faggots who will work on the farm and serve the various Alphas who will vacation there. Even before officially closing on the property, California Alpha had already begun the digging of what he intends to be a large underground dungeon (it’s been on pause during the rough winter).

Over the last two months California Alpha, his house faggot, and a couple of other faggots have been spending weekends staying on the property and working out their plans on location. Also, as noted in a previous post, California Alpha has been getting faggots and new Alphas trained at various locations around the United States in preparation for this huge, life-changing project. It’s so complex and sprawling that it can really only be described as a Hierarchical Neverland Ranch, or perhaps Graceland!

I don’t think there is any Alpha alive who is low-key altering the paradigm for Apex Alphahood as effectively as California Alpha! He is raising the bar all the way! But isn’t that what we would expect of a King?

And now he is building a literal Kingdom!

It has been one of the great honors of my life to have served as a publicity agent for such an astounding Hierarchical figure! It’s been an incredible five years!