I posted a snippet of this video to my Twitter accounts regarding the values that make up an Alpha Male, but I neglected to follow up here with the full video as I intended. Sorry!

I really hate posting material from Blood-Eye, the guy who claims to be an Alpha and runs the YouTube channel Charisma On Command which is supposed to teach Men how to become Alpha.

I, of course, reject the central premise of this guy’s business. Alphas are BORN, not made. There is no magic formula for any male to become Alpha. The reality of Alphahood needs to be instilled in a male at birth and then cultivated by circumstance as the child grows into adulthood.

I remember Blood-Eye (pretentiously known as “alpham.”) pitching this program on Shark Tank back in the day and it made me laugh hysterically. I suppose the joke is on me given that he’s turned it into a successful YouTube racket, but it’s still based on a flawed premise so I reject it entirely.

However, just as a blind chicken will occasionally find a seed, so too can a spastic munchkin like Blood-Eye find truth amidst the noise. And here, after a bunch of babbling, he finally reaches the correct conclusion: YES, there ARE definitely gay Alphas!