This is part of a continuing series documenting the rise of Straight Alpha Nick, a college athlete and friend to Alpha Jin who has discovered faggot worship and now owns four live-in faggots. You can read all posts in this series in chronological order by CLICKING HERE!

As I’ve written recently, Masters Nick and Matt have been dating girls recently. This has, of course, changed the dynamics of things with their faggots. Most importantly, they don’t have much time to devote to their faggots given the demands of females.

Compounding that was the insistence of both Masters to come forward and tell their girlfriends about their owned faggots. Master Nick recently did tell his girlfriend about his four live-in faggots, and she was (understandably) upset with him about that new wrinkle. Master Nick held his ground with her, however, and an uneasy truce developed between them.

But as any heterosexual Man will attest, a pissed-off female might pretend like everything is fine while secretly seething. This hidden hate always manifests sexually when they start denying sex to the Man. And that’s exactly what Master Nick’s girlfriend began doing to him.

Of course, an Alpha who owns four faggots will never go without sex, but being denied pussy by a female was enough of a tease to enrage the Beast inside Master Nick.

Two nights ago after being denied again, Master Nick returned home, grabbed Yul and Oliver, and fucked them more violently than he ever had before. Master Nick pounded all of his Male Rage into their defenseless pussies and left them gaped and breathless.

Then, like Bruce Banner after a Hulk-out, Master Nick realized what he had done and felt horrified. He contacted me in a pitiful state.

“I raped my faggots.”

This question hangs over all Alpha/faggot encounters: can an owned faggot be raped by its Master?

I’m less sure of my footing here. I think it’s fairly obvious that unowned faggots can be (and often are) raped by Men when they are taken without consent. This includes my rape, or the rape of Alex by Master Matt.

But a faggot owned by an Alpha is already claimed as the property of the Alpha. Part of the function of a faggot in that case is the relief of the Alpha’s sexual needs however and whenever he wants it.

This arrangement by necessity removes the faggot’s right to say “no” to its owner. And without the objection, can it technically be a rape?

Here’s the other part of the equation: faggots LOVE to be taken this way by Alphas. It might be scary in the moment, but ultimately the thrill of being the recipient of such great power is overwhelmingly exciting. So it can hardly be called a rape when the so-called “victim” actually loves the act.

So I really don’t believe rape can exist between an Alpha and his owned faggots, at least not in the way it’s traditionally defined.

I waited until today to write this because I wanted to talk to Yul and Ollie about the experience (and assess how they felt afterwards). And sure enough, they both LOVED being “raped” by Master Nick (especially Yul).

One thing is for sure: this isn’t going to stop. As Master Nick said to me, “I feel like I have a right to sex when I need it.”

This is a fundamental truth for all Alphas, and with faggots they can take it whenever they want.

It’s not rape … it’s reality.