This thread follows the story of Tau, a young Asian faggot who specializes in serving straight Alphas. CLICK HERE to read all of his stories!

When Tau told me the true story about Carlos aggressively fucking his pussy, my first thought was, “Uh oh, Carlos is going to make a power play and take Tau away from Alpha Tico.”

Well, it sounds like that is exactly what’s happening!

Listen to the way Carlos has begun using Tau:

A few days ago my door buzzed at 5:05 p.m.  I thought it was a delivery.  It was Carlos. “Hey, it’s Carlos.”  That was it.  I buzzed him in and he came right in and just started.  He turned me around against the wall, slid my shorts down, grabbed my ass, kissed the nape of my neck. . .

Keep in mind that was not an expected visit.

Neither were the others.  They’re all right when he gets off from work at the new construction site.

I knew guys like this existed, and I’ve been with a few, and I don’t think it stems from a misunderstanding of my intentions or because my Tico communicated something to him that made him think that I was just available like this. 

I’m glad he likes kissing.  That’s one thing I generally like about Black and Latino alpha guys. His facial hair makes any contact with his face and my skin feel amazing. And he will hold my neck when he kisses me too.  Again, if I had an actual pussy, I could have watered my plants. The guttural, grunting voice right over my ear helps.

I can’t sum up these (so far) daily encounters easily.  They haven’t been the same.  He’s fucked me on (and over) my dinette table one day.  I sucked him another day and he never got completely soft afterward.  With a little coaxing he was hard again and then filled my other hole too.  It took him longer on that second round, but it was so worth it. 

He’s funny or playful afterward. Slaps my ass, play slaps my face a little, and smiles and he’s out the door. But when he walks in his hard cock is not even concealed in his work pants. You can tell when guys like him are getting to fuck something regularly. But it’s true for me too. My friend at work can tell. I’m less bitchy, more compliant, not as tense or hurried.

The possessiveness is obvious, isn’t it? The sense of entitlement that Carlos now feels when using Tau?

It’s pretty startling, honestly. Alpha Tico has claimed Tau as his personal faggot, and graciously loaned his faggot to his friend for use. Now Alpha Carlos is taking what he wants at will.

As for Tau, his change in attitude has occurred due to Alpha Carlos’ more aggressive, dominant style of fucking. Make no mistake – a Man’s fuck is almost as unique as a signature or a fingerprint, only more powerful. A Man’s fuck can change body chemistry, destroy resistance, and hypnotize the weak.

Alpha Carlos seems to understand what a faggot like Tau needs in a way Alpha Tico does not. Healthy or not, faggots respond best to harsh and careless treatment from Alphas. Faggots aren’t generally into lovemaking. They prefer to be fucked like an animal.

And that is exactly what Alpha Carlos is giving to Tau. Alpha Tico needs to step up his game, I think!