This amazing first-time memory is being republished here for preservation with kind permission by its author, @TheAlphaTank. Thank you, Sir!

Let me set the dial on the Wayback machine for you, the year was 1994, and I had been asked to leave my private Evangelical school for “behavioral” reasons. My parents finally decided to let me attend a public school again on one condition, but that’s irrelevant for this story. I started my Junior year of high school following in my older sister’s footsteps, I mean, isn’t that what regularly happens?

     I didn’t fit in with any of the cliques, not because I didn’t try but because I didn’t care. It was the cheerleaders, jocks, plastics, the CN, the “Necks,” and the preppy kids. I’m sure there were more, but as I said, I didn’t care about any of that. I was different, and refused to conform to their ideals and attitudes towards people. Besides, I already knew where I wanted to go with my life, so I was definitely not a follower. I had earned so many credits towards my diploma at my previous school that I had tons of time for elective classes. Knowing my future path I wanted to attend the NJROTC classes.

     I remember that first day of NJROTC class having to stand in the outbuilding to get measured for my class uniforms; Service Dress Blues, Service Dress Whites, and Service Khakis. This was not something I anticipated considering this day; it was sweltering and humid, so I didn’t wear any underwear, which had become pretty standard for me. I’m standing in the office in a thin t-shirt, cargo shorts, and the most recent must-have sneakers. Our NJROTC Commander pointed to another student who I later understood was the Administrative Clerk and directed him to take my measurements.

     Carrot stepped away from his little alcove and approached with a purpose. He was just shy of 6’ feet tall, pale and lanky. He had a sweet face, amazingly vibrant blue eyes, and auburn hair with that standard crew cut style. In his hands were a fabric tape measure, a pen, and some form on a clipboard. He handed the pen and clipboard to me and asked me to fill out the highlighted portion. Once completed, I went to hand it back when he stopped me. “Please hold on to that, Sir, if you would kindly write the numbers I call out into the corresponding box.”, he asked.

     I stood with the clipboard in one hand and the pen in the other when Carrot asked me to raise my arms out to the side. He measured my neck, my back from shoulder to shoulder, my arm from mid shoulder to wrist, my chest at my nipples, my abdomen at my belly button, and lastly, my waist at my hip bones. During each measurement, his hand dragged the tape measure across my body slowly and intentionally feeling the muscles under my shirt, before calling out the corresponding number. 

     He asked me to lower my arms and spread my feet apart to shoulder width. I took up that position while Carrot squatted in front of me. He measured my outseam and then switched to my inseam, I wasn’t sure why he measured everything else one time but my inseam he measured four times before calling out the number. It was on the third time I felt him graze my slowly stiffening cock and rest the back of his hand on my full balls. I looked down and saw him staring back at me, I gave him a smile and a wink, his pale face turned every shade of red. He removed the tape measure, and I was about to write down the measurement, but he measured me again, this time without the tape measure in his hand. As his left hand reached my cock, he stood up, placing the palm of his entire hand on my meat and giving it a slight rub, “32 Sir,” he said before walking away. I was sent back to the classroom and told to send the next student in. 

     Back in the classroom, I was in shock and horny as fuck. I didn’t say a peep to the other students who were conversing amongst themselves. I repeated the events in my head over and over, I never wanted to forget that moment. After the last student returned, so did our Commander, Chief, and Carrot. This was the first instance of protocol that I learned, the quick, explosive movement to stand at attention. We were told to sit back in our seats, Carrot came around handing us the pink copy of the form from earlier, when he arrived at my desk I looked him in the eye and smirked. The back of my form had a drawing of an anthropomorphic carrot on it, with an open mouth. Before he walked away, he dropped the other forms; once Carrot gathered them up, he placed his hand on my thigh to help him stand up. Damn, this kid was pushing my buttons, and I didn’t even remember his name.

     The bell rang shortly after that, I gathered my items and walked out of the classroom with a newfound level of swagger. As I was walking to my next class, I heard his familiar voice behind me, I stayed at my pace and entered the Science Hall. This kid was still behind me as I entered the Chemistry classroom, I took a seat at the lab table in the middle of the room. The empty seat next to me was swiftly taken, I turned my head to see this ginger fucker again. He introduced himself to me like the past class period didn’t exist, I returned the introduction, which ended in with him saying, “Nice to meet you, Sir.” I didn’t think anything of it since being raised in the South, Sir and Ma’am are staples of communication. 

     Weeks past, and he noticed I was struggling with the material, I was barely pulling a solid C while he was a low A student. He noticed after our first quiz, which I barely passed that I was becoming irritated at my inability to understand the class. He offered to tutor me after school at my house since his mom was at home all day and didn’t like other people in their house. I agreed, so we set up the day and time, every “B day” at 4 pm. Our classes were on an A and B rotation, so this meant the NJROTC class, Chemistry, and lunch were all classes we shared together; not that I minded the attention.

     The first few tutoring sessions were all business, and it showed as my grades increased to a high B. I began relaxing more around him and even changed out of my school clothes during our sessions. It was halfway through the first semester when our sessions developed into maintaining my grades and having my cock sucked. I was wearing some hand-me down silkies from my dad, sitting on the edge of my bed while Carrot sat on the floor about 3 feet in front of me. I can even remember what we were reviewing, covalent vs. ionic bonds, when I noticed he was staring at my right thigh. I hadn’t realized the leg of my shorts were open and he was looking down the barrel of my cock. I quickly shifted my position only to hear him sigh, I looked at him as he began licking his lips. I set my notebook down and got off my bed, walking right up to his face. I pushed his nose and mouth to the side of my crotch, his warm breath was an instant aphrodisiac, I stood there as he continued to inhale my teen musk.

     He slowly lowered my shorts to free my rock hard cock, the sound he made as he saw it spring out from under the waistband is forever ingrained in my mind. Without a word, he ran his tongue from my nut sack up the underside of my shaft until he reached the head, the entire time returning my gaze. Once he devoured my entire cock, I was lost in the sensations, his warm, wet mouth was providing. Even the chick I was dating, Lailla, wasn’t able to provide this level of euphoria. The perk of being a latch key kid was that my sister was living with her first husband, and my parents didn’t get home from the Air Station until 7 pm.

     Carrot took his time edging me with his mouth and throat, this was the first instance I remember of growling while being serviced sexually. I’m sure my eyes were in the back of my head, watching my primal brian firing at max capacity. He grabbed my hands and placed them on the back of his head before putting his hands on my hairy ass. As I thrust forward and pulled his head into my cock, he would pull against my ass matching my rhythm to get my entire cock as deep into him as it would go. It wasn’t long before he took my first load, and I nearly collapsed from the amount of energy released. He helped me back to the edge of the bed, where he continued to nurse from the head of my cock. 

     He continued giving me blowjobs every tutoring session until it was time to study for the semester final. We switched gears to keep our sessions on track and help bring my overall grade up. During our last session before the final, Carrot gave me an incentive, offering his virgin ginger hole to me if I got an A on the final. The only catch was we wouldn’t know our grade until we returned from Winter break. Those two weeks were the longest I have ever experienced at that point in time. I must have jacked off two or three times every day, picturing how his hole would look stretched around me; I had my wide cock even back then.

Winter break ended, and it was back to normal at school. At the same time, the beginning of every class was spent with everyone talking about their fantastic Christmas vacation. When it came time for Chemistry class, my heart was pounding out of my chest as the final was laid face down on the table. On the other side of this paper was the fate of this faggot’s virgin hole. Would it be broken in by me or remain forever out of reach? I grabbed the corner of the paper and moved it to the center of the table between us before removing my hand, closing my eyes. Carrot got close to me, I could feel his breath on my left ear as he turned over the paper. “Sir, my hole will forever be yours.” I opened my eyes to see 99% circled at the top of the exam, my cock was instantly rock hard. 

     While I was hoping it would be that night during our tutoring session, he had other plans for his claiming. It was the following day during our lunch period when Carrot approached me as I reached the table with my friends. “Sir, it’s time I became yours.” I set my full lunch tray down and walked out of the cafeteria since we were supposed to be having lunch roaming the halls was not acceptable. I knew where we were headed since the outbuilding used to store the uniforms was never used on “A days”, it would be empty and we’d have all the time we needed. 

      The Resource Officer saw these two horny teens trying to sneak around the commons, he looked out of the window on the side of the office in time see me pull Carrot in close and grab his ass. He smiled before turning back to his paperwork, I’m sure this wasn’t the first time he saw horny teens looking for a place to bang one out. We finally made it to the outbuilding, when Carrot pulled the key out of his pocket and slowly unlocked the door. He double-checked and made sure the Commander and Chief were not there. We entered quickly, closing the door quietly and locking it, my heart was racing at the fact we made it outside without running into a single teacher.

     I was overcome with the desire to claim this faggot, and I wasted no time putting him on his knees. My pants were down before he was in place, I placed my hand on the back of his head, and forcefully started face fucking him. A predator was unleashed inside of me this day, I felt it every time he began gagging, I didn’t care how he felt, and the time for slow blowjobs was over. Carrot had unbuttoned his pants, and had his hand in his underwear playing with his dick, I told him this was not a day he was allowed to cum. 

     I was tired of waiting for this day, I pushed him off my cock and down onto the floor. I reached over him giving his ass a loud hard smack, he wiggled his ass and let out a little moan, “I’m done waiting faggot.” I’m not sure where these words came from, but they left my lips without hesitation or second thoughts. I walked behind him and yanked his pants and underwear down below his ass cheeks, this view was spectacular. His tight pink ginger pussy ready to be taken for the first time, thank god his throat slime had coated my cock. I squatted down and lined my cock up with his hole, my inexperience was evident as I didn’t know that I needed to work his hole to help him open up.

     I drove my cock into him balls deep, and in a single thrust, he screamed so loud and began crying. I didn’t move because I was sure someone heard him and would be coming to investigate any minute. Once his crying slowed and was no longer sounding like a murder victim, he caught his breath, and I felt my first fag pussy open up to my cock. Instincts began to kick in, I slowly started fucking him, his crying changed to moans causing me to pick up speed. This wasn’t my first time fucking, my girlfriend and I had been fucking very regular; a matter of fact I took her cherry too. This pussy was different, it stayed tight around my cock the entire fuck. Carrot would occasionally clench his hole, which drove me into a frenzy.

     What seemed like an hour but was more likely minutes passed as I felt myself getting close. I told Carrot I was about to cum, he begged me to cum in him to make his hole mine. It didn’t take another two pumps before I was unloading into my first faggot. Coming down from this experience was not something I wanted to do, but we had to get back to our classes. I withdrew my cock slowly and some of my cum started to drip out, his hole was red, puffy, and unable to close. He stood up to find some tissues when my load started running down his leg, he apologized repeatedly each time calling me Sir. Once he was cleaned up, we went our separate ways to get back to the commons without being suspicious. One thing he didn’t do was lock the outbuilding back up.

     Our tutoring sessions became regular fuck sessions for the rest of the school year. We hung out once a week during the Summer, and as our Senior year approached, we compared schedules to make sure we had the same study hall, which we never attended. Our Senior year was a repeat of the last half of our Junior year; studying, sucking, and fucking just with more sexual aggression. I had a new girlfriend who was also friends with Carrot, she never took offense to the inside jokes between Carrot and me. 

     Graduation Day was solemn as we all know, it means the end of some friendships as we move forward as adults. Carrot and I continued to hang out for the next four weeks before I left for the military, he was at the recruiter station when I boarded the van and drove away to begin the rest of my life. I returned to my home town a few times during the remainder of the year, but he was nowhere to be found. I had heard he moved away and started a new life on the East Coast. Beginning to write this, I inquired in our High School Facebook group, I was informed he passed away years ago from a drug overdose. I will always remember the faggot that gave life to this Alpha.

     Cherish your faggots, my Brothers, our time on this rock is limited, and let our faggots carry forward our legacies.