This is part of a continuing thread about a faggot named Casey who was picked up at a store and claimed by a straight married Alpha. CLICK HERE for all of these posts in chronological order!

After Casey the faggot recovered from his first aggressive encounter with the married Alpha from the store who face-fucked him, I didn’t hold out much hope that the Alpha would return. Often, married Alphas – even very dominant ones like this – look at faggots like disposable cumdumps. Keeping faggots on the side often involves more work than the married Alpha typically wants.

But this particular married Alpha wasn’t done.

Yesterday I received this excited text from the faggot:

My married alpha text me just now and asked if I was working. When I told him “no” he said “I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”

The directness of this Alpha is pretty breathtaking. After just one encounter, he expected his faggot to be available for his use whenever the faggot wasn’t working. That’s bold!

So time passes. Then I finally hear from Casey:

He put me on my knees, had me look up at him and thank him for returning. Had me massage his cock softly with my right hand, then beg for his cock like a good bitch. Of course I obeyed and told him how much I missed his cock and how I need it in my mouth.

He then had me undo his jeans and slide those and his boxers off. He tried to make it more comfortable for me this time. He again asked me “who’s bitch am I? “Your bitch sir”. Then he had me slowly work my mouth up and down his shaft and suck on his balls before gently running my tongue over his head and gagging me with his thick cock.

He fucked my face on my knees for a bit then I decided to hang my head off the side of the bed and let him take me. His cock I swear thickened by taking total control and gagging me even more than before. He came in my mouth yet again and had me hold it there until he was ready for me swallow. This time he took video and pics of the experience.

Amazing! The mind-fucking didn’t stop there, however.

He tells me I’m a good bitch and had me watch the video as he dresses. Then we talked for a few about schedules this week and he left.

When you’re serving a married Man, you need to be:

  1. Discreet – For obvious reasons.
  2. Available – Married Men need their faggots to be time-flexible in order to fit in quick bursts of service.
  3. Uninhibited – Married Men are trying to supplement their ordinary married sex with something exciting and experimental. A faggot needs to give the married Man something mind-blowing that he cannot get with the wife.

Casey the faggot is providing all three of those things, and he’s experiencing something he will never forget. Married Alphas who unleash on a faggot have a power that is hard to match or control. I’m proud of my little brother for surrendering to that power!

This is how we discover purpose!