This is the extraordinary story of 17-year-old straight Alpha Kyle, son of a 51-year-old married Alpha named Sir Rob who is grooming his Alpha son to own and use faggots. CLICK HERE to read these posts in chronological order!

One of the more impressive aspects of Master Kyle’s makeup is his deep sense of personal responsibility. It’s why I labeled him an Apex Alpha almost immediately. It simply radiates from him.

That quality really became evident during the recent incident I chronicled involving Master Kyle preventing a young girl from being raped in an alley.

He took care of her that night. He kept seeing her when he could, taking her out and getting to know her. He resisted his own breeding instincts with her out of respect for her traumatic experience.

But yesterday, he decided that this girl was becoming someone very special to him. So he did the noble thing and broke up with his current girlfriend so he could devote all of his time to this new girl, Amber, and his three faggots.

The girlfriend was heartbroken and cried, of course, and Master Kyle Did what he could to console her. In a total Alpha move, he offered to keep fucking her. It remains to be seen if she takes him up on the offer. She will.

But don’t worry – Master Kyle isn’t giving up on his faggots. “They will always be mine,” he said confidently. He currently breeds each one once a week.

Then, at the end of the conversation, Master Kyle told me another bombshell:

The neighbor he purposely impregnated earlier this year called to tell him she’s having TWINS! One boy and one girl!

She’s seven months pregnant, so January 2021 will see the birth of Apex Alpha twins!

I was so amazed and overcome by the power of Master Kyle in the moment that I blurted out (like a nasty faggot) how much I want to taste his seed and that he should mail me a tube of it.

He didn’t exactly reject the idea!

So maybe next year I’ll be carrying Master Kyle’s baby too!