For the last month or so California Alpha has been disappearing for long stretches of time, forcing me to pull information out of him whenever I get the chance. It seems like his faggot/secretary has been working out well, organizing California Alpha’s schedule and even arranging his daily fucks.

Recently we were able to have a long conversation about the latest developments. It seems California Alpha has turned his attention back to his faggots now that he managed to impregnate a wealthy female in California who paid him a substantial amount of money in order to have his child (I really need to detail more about his growing army of children). During that time while he was trying to impregnate her (daily fucking her), he wasn’t messing with the three fags at his house as much. Now that she is pregnant, the situation has changed.

I was a bit surprised to hear that California Alpha decided to force chastity on his live-in fags plus nine other fags that he occasionally uses in the area. In addition, he has 14 online fags that he has also forced into chastity. These are fags he has met during his travels (some are in New York, a city he frequents). He said he was amused at the difficulties some were having adjusting to their new life of chastity.

Then he told me he wanted me to be in chastity as well. He said I should do it to “honor him.”

Now, I’ve never been in chastity before (I already control my orgasms through discipline) and my clit is already so tiny that chastity seems pointless. However, I have been thinking about it simply as an exercise so that I can better relate to the needs of you, my readers. I occasionally get questions about this, but I have so little experience with it that I feel ill-equipped to answer them.

So I guess California Alpha read my mind.

He’s given me some time to mull it over. I’m not officially serving him (although he does demand that I give him a morning devotional via text), so he’s giving me this time to consider it.

If any of you have a chastity device you recommend, send me a message.

Honestly, I’m not really afraid of being in chastity as much as I’m afraid of California Alpha being in charge of my chastity.