This is part of a continuing series documenting the rise of Straight Alpha Nick, a college athlete and friend to Alpha Jin who has discovered faggot worship and now owns four live-in faggots. You can read all posts in this series in chronological order by CLICKING HERE!

The last couple of weeks have been strange ones for Master Nick and his four faggots. Master Nick has started dating a girl who is, by all accounts, very demanding. This seems to be putting extra pressure on him, and, in turn, his faggots.

I noticed the change in Master Nick’s demeanor in our conversations online, which is why I asked him if he was dating a new female (he thought he could hide it from me, I guess).

Regardless, pressure has been building up around the situation. And what do Alphas do when they need to relieve some pressure?

They FUCK, and FUCK HARD!!

Master Nick has spent the last two days of this holiday giving a very special gift to each of his faggots: a CHRISTMAS CUNTING!

Yesterday Master Nick took Yul and Ollie into the bedroom and cunted both of them. Alex, hearing his brothers screaming in the other room, contacted me to tell me what was happening. “Sam, my clit is leaking so much from hearing it.”

I smiled. I knew what was coming next.

This morning Master Nick awoke to discover that Santa had brought him something not so unusual: morning wood. So he woke Alex and proceeded to cunt him.

Lee, hearing the cunting in the other room, contacted me about it. “You’re next,” I told him.

And sure enough, after a recharge Master Nick took Lee into his “office” and cunted him as well!

Four Cuntings for Christmas!

Joy to the world! The Lord has cum!

Merry XXX-MAS everybody!