Do you see that picture above? That scene plays out every hour of every day all around the world: A Man presents his cock for worship, and a faggot cocksucker immediately drops to its knees to service it. 

It’s called COCK HUNGER. It’s different than simply desiring a dick or wanting sex. It is a deep need that faggot cocksuckers have to have a dick down their throats, filling them. To taste the flesh of a Man’s cock. To smell the intoxicating scent of his balls as our noses are pressed into his pubes. To feel the meat of his Manhood push through and expand and pulse and come alive inside our throats. And finally, to be fed thick rivulets of his holy Seed. Pump after pump, spurt after spurt, until he is spent and we are full.

This happens every hour of every day around the world. Cocksuckers involuntarily dropping to their knees, subspaced zombies driven insane by cock hunger. 

I was talking to a faggot named Calvin earlier today. The faggot was upset with itself because it had gone to the gym the day before and sucked an Alpha off while its Owner/boyfriend was out of town. The Alpha simply turned to face Calvin while groping his semi-hard cock, and Calvin just involuntarily dropped to its knees and serviced the stud.

The faggot was asking me why it had no control in that situation. “You’re a natural-born cocksucker, that’s why. It’s cock hunger,” I replied. 

Men and Alphas need to understand that faggot cocksuckers EXIST to service them. Like the Alpha in that shower room. No words need to be exchanged. Faggot cocksuckers are PROGRAMMED BY NATURE to drop to their knees when a Man’s cock is presented to them. THIS IS WHY WE WERE BORN.

So please, feed the cocksuckers around you, Sirs. We are always STARVING for dick. So don’t be shy about making use of this source of pleasure Nature provided for Men!