This thread continues the story of Cody the faggot who was formerly owned by Sir Titus (@alphaexploits) as Cody begins to serve Alpha Dylan and his straight brother Alpha John. CLICK HERE for all of Cody’s adventures in chronological order!

Anybody worried about poor Cody after he was dismissed by Sir Titus can put those fears aside. Cody is doing just fine.

He has been serving a (mostly) straight Alpha named Dylan for the last couple of months. Alpha Dylan is hot, endowed with a thick battering ram of a cock, and sees faggots as property in a way that Sir Titus rarely ever did. Cody loves it.

Alpha Dylan was introduced to the use of faggots when he was 16 years old by his brother, Alpha John. One day Alpha Dylan came home and heard fighting noises coming from his brother’s room. He burst through the door to find his brother face-fucking a faggot on the floor.  

Before he could even react, Alpha John leaped up and slammed Alpha Dylan into the wall. He then explained to his younger brother that faggots are there to be used and that he should try them. So Alpha Dylan had the faggot suck on him for a while. Then his brother John tagged in, and began face-fucking the faggot. This made Alpha Dylan horny, so he tagged in and started violently face-fucking the faggot just as his brother did. Then, at the moment of climax, Alpha Dylan pushed the faggot’s head all way down on his cock and exploded down its throat.

After that, Alpha Dylan went downstairs while his brother fucked the faggot. He sat on the couch and thought about what just happened. “I thought I would feel shame,” said Dylan, “but instead I felt powerful.”

So began Alpha Dylan’s career of owning and using faggots. He says he’s probably used “hundreds” of them already for both sexual and domestic service, but he’s actually owned eight in any kind of serious fashion.

Now enter Cody. 

While Cody is Alpha Dylan’s personal faggot, he often loans his faggot to his brother whenever his brother’s girlfriend is fighting with him. There are times when the brothers are together with Cody watching television and Dylan will command Cody to service his brother. The brothers sit and talk to each other, ignoring the faggot while it does its job. Cody said that is “hot.” 

On Valentine’s Day Alpha Dylan gave his faggot the greatest possible gift – a chastity cage! This is the first time Alpha Dylan has caged one of his faggots, and it’s clear the event was just as profound for him as it was for Cody. 

A Man locking a faggot into chastity – essentially removing the last vestiges of Manhood and taking control over it – is heavy with symbolism and meaning. It is a wedding ring for a faggot.

So Cody is now happily owned by a young Alpha who seems to know what he’s doing. Between Alpha Dylan and his brother, little Cody will never be bored again!