This is another entry in the incredible life of Supreme Alpha Sir Titus. For all of his true stories, CLICK HERE to read them in order!

Here, Sir Titus relates the story of his final three-day weekend with his faggot Cody before Cody moved permanently overseas. It is an extraordinary tale filled with healthy Man sex and overwhelming emotions. I’m preserving here for easy access and posterity.


Since it’s the last weekend Cody is around before he PCSs back to the US, we made plans earlier this week about how to make it special for the both of us. Friday was going to be the day that I reminded Cody what it felt like for him to be a faggot, with all of its extreme ramifications.

         We were rope-yarned early for the holiday and I was able to get out of work sooner than expected. I went and got my own hair cut before going back to the apartment. The feel of the hot sun and gulf humidity on the back of my neck under my cover always feels good. It also makes me incredibly horny, as do most fresh sensory changes. I messaged Cody to be ready when I got home. We had discussed previously that he was to prep by getting a hair cut, stocking up on groceries, and shaving off all of his body hair except for his ass; I was going to do that for him.
         I walked in the door and Cody was waiting for me; naked, fully shaved, and on his knees in the living room. I tossed my bag on the floor and sat down on the couch in front of him.
         “You gonna be my faggot, then?“ I asked, already knowing the answer.

         “Yes, Sir.”
         “Then start with my boots.“ I put my foot on his shoulder as he undid the laces and removed them, one at a time. He began to take off my socks when I told him to stop. I wanted them sweaty from being in my boots all day and with the added sweat from after the gym.
         “Last chance to back out. You sure you want this?” I asked him, making sure he consented to what was about to be his life for the next 24 hours.
         “Yes, Sir,“ he said softly, but determined.
         “If you want it, get it,” I said as I stood up and pressed my crotch into his face. “Suck me off, faggot.”
         I unbuttoned my blouse and tossed it to the floor near my bag as he undid my belt and pants button. He pulled my underwear down along with my trousers. My cock sprung out, already semi hard, and hit him in his face. He caught it in his mouth and began to suck me with purpose as his hands on my ass pulled me in deep.
         As good as his mouth felt, I didn’t have time for him to simply worship my cock. I kicked my pants off fully and over to the other side of the room as I pulled the front of my shirt up and braced behind my neck so I could have a better view.
I took his head in both hands and held it firmly as I began to skull fuck him. I felt my cock press deep down his throat and heard him gag. I held my cock at the back of his throat and felt him struggle to breath. I pulled my cock back slightly to allow him to get air if he breathed properly.
         “Breathe through your nose because I’m not pulling out until I’m done,“ I told him.
         He gave a slight nod and I felt him relax as he adjusted his breathing patterns. This time, he paced his inhales with my cock pulling out and was able to handle it. Once he was ready, I began to skull fuck him again. He still gagged, but the warm sensation of his spit and throat gripping my cock felt too good to care. When I was close, I released one hand from his face and slapped him on the side of his head.
         “Look at me, you fucking faggot! Don’t you dare look away.”
         He looked up. We locked eyes. This was the way I wanted to cum. I fucked his mouth for about a minute more like this until I shoved his head all the way onto my cock. We never broke eye contact as I unloaded down his throat. He gulped, swallowed, but never buckled.
         When my balls were drained, I slid it out until the head of my dick rested on his tongue, which he continued to suck. I did the “toothpaste squeeze” with my cock and heard him whimper as the last drops of my cum hit his tongue.
         “Show me your mouth, fag.“
         He opened wide and I could see a few clumps of cum still there. I stuck two fingers in his mouth and scraped back until his throat clenched on them, swallowed the stray bits of cum down to join the rest of my load. He sucked my fingers clean as I pulled them out. I slapped him hard across the face again, breaking his eye contact with me.
         “Clean this shit up. I’m going to the gym. I expect dinner to be ready.”
         “What should I wear, Sir?”
         I thought for a minute then replied, “Old t-shirt and those PT shorts that are falling apart. Make sure you’ve prepped yourself. Deep.”
         “Yes, Sir.“
         I put on my gym clothes and headed in to the kitchen. I opened the fridge where the faggot had a pre-workout shake chilling for me.
         “Yo, faggot!” I called out.
         “Yes, Sir?“ the fag said as he entered.
         “This mine?” I asked as I held the bottle close to my crotch and shook it like I was stroking my cock. The fag nodded. I pulled my cock out from the bottom of my shorts and snapped my fingers. The fag dropped to his knees in front of me and began to suck me again as I popped my supplements and gulped down my shake. When I had finished it, I kicked him back off my cock and tossed the empty container in the sink. I pulled him to his feet and burped chocolate and protein right in his face.
         “You have two hours before I’m back,“ I told him as I grabbed my towel and water bottle, and headed out.

         The whole time at the gym, all I could think about was the fun I was going to have using him later. The ideas shared by some of my trusted Alpha brothers (you know who you are) kept making me lose counts of my reps until I finally decided that today’s workout was not going to be about strength training; it was going to be about maximizing my visual impact on him.
         I worked my arms until the veins popped without flexing. I did chest exercises until I could feel my tank top rise slightly above my waist from my swollen chest. I did squats and lunges until my ass looked so good in the mirror, even I would fuck me. I worked my abs until my six-pack was showing without having to crunch them. I finished my workout with a twenty minute high intensity run. When I left the gym, my workout towel was soaked with sweat and I felt like a fucking muscle god. The attention I got from the girl walking in as I was leaving felt good, but tonight, there was a different pussy I was going to use.
         “Done here. Be ready,” I texted.

         As I opened the front door, I heard the oven door close as the faggot rushed to meet me in the hall. I grabbed him and spun him into the wall with a hand on his face, holding him in place.
         “Don’t fucking move,“ I whispered into his ear.
         I took a step back to examine the scene. He was dressed exactly as I had told him. His PT shorts had a rip in the seam on his ass which I stuck a finger in to examine. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and my finger easily found his hole. It was pre-lubed; either he had prepared for all scenarios or had anticipated what I wanted. Regardless of why, it was a positive sign. I roughly finger fucked his hole with one hand while I kept his face pressed up against the wall with the other.
         When I had had my fun, I ripped the hole wide open, exposing his ass and rendering his shorts officially wrecked. Within seconds, I had my own shorts and jockstrap off and was inside him. I pulled his hips out and slid his face down the wall so his back was arched, ass at the perfect level, and lines of his body looking perfect. I gripped hard and fucked harder.
         Between his moans, he kept muttering, “Thank you, Sir”. I was too lost in my pistoning to form words and just grunted back at him. I fucked for the specific purpose of cumming, not for pleasure, and soon enough I unloaded in him, pushing his body flat against the wall until my orgasm finished. When I pulled out, I moved him away from the wall. There was a wet spot where his fag dick had left precum.
         “Lick that shit off, faggot.“
         He hadn’t had time to catch his breath fully, but dropped to his knees to lick it clean while I gathered my clothes and took them to the bedroom. I tossed my dirty clothes in the corner. I hung my gym towel over the chair, put my sneakers under it, and placed my socks on the bedside table for use later. I grabbed a belt from my drawer and iPad from my other room and headed back to the dinning area where he was finishing setting down my food. I stepped over his plate which he had placed on the floor and sat down. He had made a barbecue chicken with steamed vegetables and brown rice. Perfect fuel for after a heavy workout. He had chilled cider for me with a glass of room temperature water; both exactly how I like them.
         I snapped my fingers and pointed to the floor next to my chair. As he got to his knees. I wrapped the belt around his neck and tightened.
         “Open your mouth,” I told him. I took a sip of the cold cider, rolled it around in my mouth, then dripped it into his. If he can handle my big loads, he can handle this. He held it in his mouth until I gave him permission to swallow.
         “Thank you, Sir,” he said when he was done.
         “Shut the fuck up and get to work.“
         The fag slowly sucked my cock while I watched some Netflix on my iPad and ate. The cider made his mouth cold and felt good on my cock. He paid special attention to my balls as they were gunked with sweat from the gym and I knew he was enjoying both their scent and flavor.
         “When I cum don’t swallow my load. Hold it in your mouth. Understand, fag?” A muffled “yes” indicated he knew what he was supposed to do.
         By the end of the episode, I had finished eating and was ready to cum. I gave him no warning; I just released. He made a surprised sound but did not swallow. When I was done, I kicked his plate of food over to him.
         “Spit out my load.“
         He lowered his head and I watched as he coated his food with my cum and his saliva.
         “Now you can eat.”
         He looked around confused since he had no utensils, but figured it out when I repeated, “Eat.” As he ate his dinner with his hands, I got up and headed to the bathroom.
         “Clean up then meet me in the bathroom. Twenty minutes,“ I told him as he scarfed down his food, eating the parts with my cum on it first.

The shower felt great. I leaned against the tiled wall and let the hot water sooth my muscles and wash away the sex and sweat, making a clean canvas for more sex and sweat that would surely follow.
         I washed my hair and scrubbed my freshly exposed scalp. It’s amazing how much you can save on shampoo when you don’t have a lot of hair to wash. I was about to wash my body when the fag entered the bathroom and informed me that he had completed tidying up. I had him grab my razor and shaving cream and take the belt from around his neck and put it near the bathroom sink next to the lube he had brought in before joining me in the shower. When he removed the belt, I saw red friction marks on his neck from where it had rubbed. I would have to address this later.
         “Now wash me, faggot.“

         The fag poured body wash on the loofah and began to lather my chest as I leaned against the wall. He had a rhythmic process which I found fun to watch. He would soap an area, let the water wash it clean, kiss and lick it, then wash it clean again. He payed special attention to my abs and I was glad I had spent that extra time in the gym, as every time I flexed them, he let out a happy sigh. He traced the prominent vein from my Adonis belt to my trimmed pubes with his mouth before looking up at me with eyes that requested permission to worship my cock. I nodded and he slowly took me into his mouth while his soapy fingers cradled and massaged my nuts. In the warm water, they hung nicely and heavily, despite having unloaded half an hour ago.
         “Get my back,” I told him as I turned around. This time I was the one with my hands against the wall with him behind me.
         He repeated his process, starting at my shoulders until he was on his knees at my ass. I angled the shower head and let the water flow down the muscles of my back and into the crack of my ass where I had positioned his head. He lapped at the water as he reached around and massaged my quads.
         I handed him the can of shaving cream and told him to shave my ass. I readjusted the shower head as he applied a heavy lather. I spread my legs wide and he began to groom me. This is the epitome of trust: letting someone with a sharp blade right near your privates. He knew the consequences of nicking me would be severe, but he went slowly and deliberately with precision. When he was done, he pulled some of the water over my ass and washed the rest of the cream away.
         “I’m done, Sir,“ he said with a sense of accomplishment.
         “No you’re not,” I countered, as I grabbed his head and shoved his mouth onto my hole. He moaned with excitement as he ate my ass. Maybe it was because I had my legs spread, maybe because I was relaxed, or maybe it was just the food working its way through my system, but I couldn’t hold back and I farted right on his face. The smell was absorbed by the steam in the shower. It was definitely a solid protein fart, but he didn’t seem to mind. He choked on it a little but dove right back in. Fucking faggots never cease to amaze me.
         When the air had cleared, it was time for me to shave the fag’s ass. He assumed the position as I rubbed shaving cream on his crack.
         “You fart on me, and your head is going through this wall. Understand?“
         “Yes, Sir. I would never do that to you.”
         I shaved his crack and a part of his taint that he missed. Now the only hair on his body was on his lower legs, eye brows, and buzzed stubble on his head. No pubes. No armpit hair. Shaved clean and presentable.
         I fingered his hole with one finger and then two. He seemed clean and there were no signs of my load from earlier. I put my fingers to his lips and he sucked on them.
         “You clean, faggot?“
         “Yes, Sir. If you want to be certain, I can scrub.”
         “I’m trusting you, faggot. You can clean after.“
         Rimming has different intentions, depending on the role of the rimmer. When a fag rims, it is in abject servitude to his Alpha. When an Alpha rims, it is because he’s prepping to fuck. The fag knew this when I began to rim him and I enjoyed the smoothness of his hole. I rimmed until I felt his sphincter relax and hear his moans of expectations.
         When I was done, I turned off the water and grabbed towels for us. The fag dried me off before himself. We stepped out of the shower and I handed him a bottle of lotion for him to rub on me. The feeling of his hands over my muscles felt good and began to get me hard. He took my cock into his mouth again and slowly sucked as he continued to apply lotion. I couldn’t help but think of the quote from The Silence of the Lambs as he rubbed the lotion on my skin before I was about to give him my hose again. As he sucked, I took a hand towel and folded along its length. I told him to hold the towel against his neck as I wrapped the belt around it again. This would help prevent future abrasions and the gap in the back where the ends of the towel did not meet were perfect for a hand-grip.
         By this point, I was rock hard. I stood him up and bent him over the bathroom counter. He poured some lube on his hands and rubbed his hole with one hand and my cock with the other.
         “Wipe your hands. You’re going to need a grip and I don’t want you cracking your face on the sink.” He did as he was told and assumed the position as I slid into him.
         I looked down and was turned on by the sight of my trimmed pubes leading to my veiny cock that was splitting his pale smooth hole wide open. I made him thankful he had clean hands because I did not fuck him gently and he gripped the counter with all his might. I pulled on his collar so his head was up.
         “Look in the mirror, faggot. Look at yourself.“
         He looked up and his mouth dropped. The image was pretty fucking stunning. My tanned muscular body and dark features slamming into his pale white body and toned leaner musculature. Neither of us could take our eyes off the visual.
         “Tell me what you see, faggot.”
         “I’m getting fucked, Sir.“
         “That’s it?” I slammed hard into him so he could feel my disappointment thrust through the way I used my cock.
         “I’m a faggot, Sir. I’m getting fucked by a real man. A fucking muscle god. I’m so thankful.“
         “Thankful for what?”
         “Thankful that you chose to use me. You could have anyone but you chose me. And you make me better. And I just want to make you feel good, Sir.“
         I gripped his collar with one hand and did a bicep flex with the other. I looked like I’m riding a bull, and this faggot was bucking like one too. I felt his body shake and something hot and wet hit my foot. I didn’t have to look to know what it was; I made him cum. I reached under his cock and felt it drip onto my fingers. I stuck those fingers in his mouth as I continued to fuck him so he could taste his own cum. I was close, so I took my other hand and put my fingers in his mouth and pulled to grip. The fag moaned in pleasure as he continued to watch himself used like a fuck toy in the mirror.
         “Count down from ten, fag.”
         Through my fingers, he mumbled the numbers.
         “Three…two…“ And on “one”, I came. It was one of the most relaxing, full body orgasms I had had in a while.
         “Wash yourself off, faggot,“ I told him as I removed the belt from his neck.
         “Yes, Sir. Thank you.”
         The fag got back into the shower as I stood in front of the mirror in unapologetic vanity, admiring the results of the gym and my deflating cock that glistened with lube and sex.
         After a minute of self appreciation, I had to piss. I was going to use the toilet but had a better idea. I opened the shower door and told the fag to get on all fours. He did as instructed. I pushed my hips forward and relaxed, letting my piss hit his back and roll down his freshly fucked ass before going down the drain. When I was done, I shook the last few drops from my cock at him and told him to make sure he smelled clean when he was finished.
         Instinctively, I started going back to the counter to put on deodorant but I figured, “Fuck it. No.”

While the faggot finished his shower and preparing himself for me, I relaxed in my den. I checked my emails, looked to see if grades had been updated for my online classes, and did some of journaling notes about this weekend. When I was done, I got dressed. I put on some silkies (they’re shorts, not femme underwear, just to clarify. click the clink for visual), and the fag’s old T-shirt that he had been wearing earlier. Due to our size differences, it was an extremely tight fit on me. I had to cut slits on the arms so it didn’t cut off circulation to my arms that bulged out of the sleeves, and its length didn’t even reach my belly button. This was exactly as I intended as you will soon see why. I went to the living room and sat on the couch, watching UFC highlights and waiting for him to be done.
         The fag came in, he gave a little chuckle when he saw me wearing his T-shirt and at its tightness on my body. I stood up and got inches from him.
         “You think something’s funny, faggot?“
         “It’s just way too small on you, Sir.”
         I spat on his face and then slapped him. “Go wash your face, faggot, and when you come back in, I expect you to have that smirk wiped off as well.”

         “I’m sorry, Sir,“ he said dejectedly as he headed off.
         “Put on something sexy, and don’t forget your belt this time.”
         “Yes, Sir,“ he called back.
         I sat back down on the couch and let my anger subside. Fags can laugh with an Alpha, but the minute they laugh at an Alpha, it isn’t going to end well for them. He’s lucky I was feeling magnanimous and only gave him one slap.
         He returned with a very different and more appropriate demeanor. He had put on a tank top and a pair of his own silkies. He handed me the belt and hand towel and I refastened it around his neck as he knelt before me. I placed my feet on his chest and he began to worship them. He paid extra attention to the foot where the load I had fucked out of him had landed and licked them both clean.
         “Dance for me, faggot,” I ordered when he was done.
         “Give me a strip tease. Turn me on. I want to see what you got.” I pulled up my YouTube “Stripper Playlist” via my TV. “The Humbling River” by Puscifer was first. He began to dance, awkward and self-conscious.
         “Listen to the music. Let it pass through your body and obey its rhythm. Let the music be your Alpha.“ He closed as eyes and began to relax as his hips swayed in time to the flow of the music. I outstretched my arms across the back of the couch, watching him succumb to the song. He pulled his tank top off slowly, one arm at a time. He moved closer to me and placed his hands on the back of the couch. I could smell his fresh flesh. I licked his smooth arm pits and felt the muscles on his upper back. His abs crunched in front of my face, and even though he was months away from having ones like mine, were sexy enough.
         By this time “Lonely Souls” by UNKLE began to play. He was one with the music and the feel of his silk shorts on my silk crotch began to turn me on. Any faggot can make you hard physically, but a good faggot will turn you on mentally. He was a good faggot. I ran my hand down his lower back and felt the thin strap of his jockstrap stretch over the top of my hand as my fingers continued to explore lower. I could feel my precum leaking onto the side of my leg out of the bottom of my shorts. He continued to grind and tease me in a pleasing way until the song was almost over.
         “Take off your shorts. Slowly.“
         “When Things Explode”, also by UNKLE was next as he turned away from me. He bent forward and pulled his shorts down in one continuous motion. He was quickly learning how to do this and do it right. He stepped out of his silkies and stayed bent over for me to view. The jockstrap held his smooth ass in the most delicious framing. The only light came from the TV and highlighted his curves perfectly.
         “Back up to me then spread your legs,“ I told him. He did, still bent over. I leaned forward and licked from his taint to his hole. It was clean. It was smooth. It tasted like perfect faggot pussy. I didn’t spend more than ten seconds on his ass, though. There would be time for that later. “Now turn around and face me.”
         When he turned around, I flexed both biceps slowly. The left sleeve rolled up to my shoulder. The right sleeve ripped along the cut line I had made earlier. His mouth opened in awe. I took the shirt by the center neck cut and ripped it open with one strong pull. His mouth dropped. I pulled the tattered T-shirt off and slung it around the back of my neck.
         “Worship my cock, faggot,“ I said flatly as a statement rather than a command.
         He got to his knees and licked at my cock which was now halfway out of the leg of my shorts. He licked the precum off of the head before licking at the precum on my quad and then going back to the head of my cock. He whimpered and his body shook with the globs of my precum I could feel leaking out and into his mouth.
         “May I take your shorts off, Sir?” he asked with excited quivering. I responded by lifting my hips. He pulled them down slowly as to not catch my dick and balls in the fabric. Once my cock was free, he took it in one hand at the base and gave a light squeeze as he rubbed his thumb up the shaft as far as it could. Precum leaked out freely and he licked it up with just his tongue, savoring my flavor. He wrapped his lips around just the head as he slowly began to stroke me. He quickly lost himself into his work as I leaned my head back and enjoyed his tongue flicking at my piss slit.
         After a few minutes, I pulled his hand off my cock and pumped my hips into his mouth. Our only mutual contact was my cock and his lips, isolating the pleasure and focus on his cock-sucking. A few songs later, I was close to cumming, so I stood up and grabbed him by the collar. He knew what was going to happen and didn’t bob or move his head. He remembered how to breathe from before and remained in place as I skull fucked him, holding onto his belted neck for support. I took one hand off his collar and placed it on the back of his head as I buried my cock down his throat and unloaded. As I pulled out of his mouth, he caught his breath and thanked me.
         “We’re far from being done, faggot. That was foreplay. Get in the bedroom.“

         I laid him face down, ass up, on the bed. I removed his jockstrap and spent about fifteen minutes eating his delicious ass before I lubed up my middle finger and inserted it into his hole. I pressed down and rubbed in varying degrees of firmness and motion as his moans told me the perfect “pitch” to stimulate his prostate. I turned my hand up and rubbed his inner lining. The textured ridges felt warm against my finger as his sphincter flexed and relaxed around the base of my finger.
         I pulled my middle finger out and lubed up my index and ring fingers. I reinserted my middle finger and pressed my index finger against his hole until it relaxed enough for me to insert it as well. I spread my fingers in a wide V and stretched his hole, allowing my ring finger to enter in a triangular arrangement. He moaned as I fingered him like this, index and ring finger against his prostate, middle finger rubbing the opposite roof of his insides. When he was adjusted, I spread the fingers flat and twisted from my wrist to really open him up. His painful winces turned to moans as he relaxed and took my digits. I wanted to see if I could get him loose enough to fist him, but it turned out that three fingers were going to be his limit; you have to know when to stop. Poppers would have helped, but we didn’t have any. It also doesn’t make it easy when you don’t have small fingers. 
         I got on the bed perpendicular to him and fed him my cock. I removed the belt from his neck as I fucked his ass with my thumb while he moaned on my soft cock in his mouth. I kept his hole loose because as soon as I was hard again, I was going to fuck it.
         It didn’t take long before I flipped him on his back and was using one hand to rub my cock along his taint and teasing his hole. My other hand was locked on his neck, thumb and index fingers pressed firmly against the side indentations of his larynx under his jawbone. His gaping hole looked so inviting as I pushed my cock in and felt him grip the head with his sphincter. I slid in until my cock was almost all the way in and gripped his throat harder. His face flushed red and he gulped, but I hadn’t closed off his air passage fully. As he struggled to breathe, he ass clenched tighter around my cock and felt amazing. I alternated firm and relaxed grips as I fucked him slowly, enjoying the varying feelings of his ass clenching and then releasing. If you have never done breath play, this is my public service announcement that you need to go slowly and pay very close attention, as it can go wrong quickly. Do your research first. Since this was the first time I had introduced breath play into our sex, I only fucked him like this for about ten minutes before I took my hand off his neck and put the belt back on.
         I arranged him face down, ass up. as I mounted his hole from the side. My knee was on the bed with my other foot pressing his head down into the pillows, muffling his load moans. When my glutes and inner hamstrings began to get tired from this position, I flattened him down and fucked him in a reverse position where our feet were at each other’s heads. I had never tried this position, but the recommendation from a fellow Alpha was well appreciated as the slight curve of my dick rubbed perfectly against his prostate. He licked my toes in pure faggot bliss as I hammered his hole with deep thrusts that felt fucking amazing.
         After about twenty minutes in my new favorite position, I was ready to really fuck him aggressively. I put him on his back with his legs around my waist. I grabbed him by the collar and bounced him on my cock as I flexed each body part his hands touched. Sex became a blur at this point. Flashes of actions all blended together. I pulled him up to lick my sweaty neck. He ate my hairy pits as he bounced up and down. I slapped him across the face and spat on him and treated him like a fuck object. My balls weren’t ready to cum at all and I felt like I could fuck him like this for hours. We bantered and basically shouted and slung fuck-statements at each other over the sounds of our bodies slamming into each other.
         “Fuck me, Sir,“ he would call out.
         “I’m not JUST your “Sir” right now, faggot. What am I?“
         “You’re a fucking god. You’re a sex god. You’re the god of fuck to me. You’re my god. You’re a fucking muscle god. Your body is amazing. Your arms are shredded. Your chest is massive. Your abs are so fucking cut. Your cock is so fucking huge inside me. Your sweat tastes so good. I can still taste your cum and I feel fucking drunk on it. You’re the best fucker I’ve ever had.” Shit like that. He was lost in a deep cunting which extended beyond just the physical penetration of my cock buried deep beyond his second ring.
         “And what are you, bitch?“ I asked as I slapped him across the face and pulled on his neck-belt.
         “I’m a faggot, Sir. I’m a fucking faggot. I’m a fucking faggoty fucking faggot.” And that’s when he broke. As he kept repeating, “I’m a faggot” over an over again, his tone went from faggot lust, to being a statement of fact, to being a declaration of somber acknowledgement in the end. He began to cry and I knew that I had finally gotten him to the breaking point that I had intended. It’s hard to explain the psychological reasons for me wanting to decimate him on such a deep level, but Cody later described it to me as reminding him of boot-camp, where the drill instructors would break you down so that they could build you back up in the way they intended. This was not my analogy, but it was my intention.
         The faggot began to cry with a flood of emotions that took him over as the reality of his admission began to consume him and pull him in to a dark place of self doubt and anxiety. I slowed my rhythm down but never stopped fucking him.
         “What do you feel?“ I asked him.
         “I don’t know, Sir. It’s just, like, everything. All at once.”
         “Breathe. And focus on the rhythm of my fucking. Center yourself on it.“
         I continued to fuck him in a missionary position, our bodies as close together as possible. Cody took a breath and wiped his eyes, even though tears continued to drip down the sides of his face.
         “I don’t mind being a fag for you, but I don’t know what this means after I leave,” he finally said. “It’s fun with you because I know I can trust you. I don’t know if I’ll find that again. I don’t want to be just sucking dick for anyone; I’m not that kind of a fag.”
        “Whatever being a fag means to you, in your perfect definition, that’s what’s right for you. You owe nothing to anyone. And all those thoughts in your head are just you trying to figure out what you want. It won’t happen tonight, but it will happen. Tonight is only the first step in being a fag without me around.”
         “I know, Sir. It’s just a lot.“
         “I’m sure it is, but know that you always have a choice. And right now, I’m giving you your first choice as an acknowledged fag. Do you want me to stop or you want to keep going?”
         Cody paused for a moment before looking me in the eyes and said, “I’m your faggot and I want to finish.”
         “Hard or slow?“
         “Hard, Sir.”
         I pressed up on my hands for leverage on the bed and slammed my cock into him as he whimpered, “Thank you, Sir.” I wiped the remaining tears from his face and began to fuck him hard again. I didn’t lose myself in the rut this time though. For the second time today, we locked eyes and knew that we weren’t going to break contact until we had both finished.
         “May I cum, Sir?“ Cody asked after a while as I felt his ass clench on my shaft.
         “You cum when I cum, understand, fag?”
         “Yes, Sir.“ He held himself back with all of his might and the look on his face was erotically fascinating to watch.
         “I’m gonna cum, faggot,” I told him a few minutes later and a few seconds before I was about to cum. I knew that saying that would make him cum, and I wanted the spasms of his ass to pull me across that line.
         “Breed my faggot ass,“ he called out as he gasped through my hard pistoning. He gripped my ass for security as I felt his orgasm surge through his body, triggering my own orgasm. He fought to keep his eyes open, but he succeeded through it all. When we were done, I wiped his cum on my fingers and fed it to him.
         “How’s it taste, fag?”
         “Inferior to yours, Sir,“ he said.
         I pulled out and straddled his head. I fed him my cock as he whimpered with the taste of Alpha cum on his tongue as his hands on my glutes pulled me in deeper. I rolled over onto my back on the bed. He moved so that he could continue to suck on my flaccid cock as I fell asleep.

         I woke up in the middle of the night having to piss. Cody was asleep between my legs, inches away from my dick, as the smell of my crotch filled his nostrils and dreams with Alpha pheromones.
         When I returned from pissing, his naked ass in the dim room light looked inviting. I was tempted to eat it but I knew that my load was still in there. I fingered him and could tell by its wetness that rimming him would not be good. As I got back into bed, I saw that he my fingering had woken him up.
         “You gonna fuck me, Sir?” he asked through a muffled pillow.
         “Too tired,“ I replied. “Suck me off instead, faggot.”
         “Yes, Sir,“ he said as I spread my legs wide on the bed. I removed the belt from around his neck for the last time and pulled his head down on my balls to lick.
         And that’s how I fell asleep. Balls nearly drained. Faggot sucking my cock. In perfect Alpha bliss. Cody told me later that after I had fallen asleep, he continued sucking me and I actually came. Maybe that’s why I slept so well.

This is how gods slumber.


         Saturday morning, my ears woke before my eyes as I heard the familiar slurping sound and felt a warm mouth on my cock. I opened my eyes and saw Cody sucking on my morning wood.
         “Hope I didn’t wake you,“ he said with a smirk as he held my dick in his mouth. He did not seem to have let his emotional moments from the previous night keep his spirits down for too long, which was a positive sign.
         “If you’re gonna wake me, I suppose this is how you should do it,” I smiled back before gently pushing his head back down onto me.
         As he went back to work, I thought about the plan for the day. The theme was Alpha Worship. Unlike Alpha Dominance, Alpha Worship is not about using a fag; it’s about a fag showing you appreciation because of your elevated status in the hierarchy compared to his.

         It wasn’t long before I was close and unloaded into his mouth without warning as I had done the previous day. Surprisingly, he seemed to be ready for it this time and moaned onto my cock minutes before I erupted.
         “How’d you know I was about to cum?“ I asked him when I had caught my breath.
         “Your balls, Sir. They pulled in.” Well if nothing else, at least he was learning to be observant.
         “We’re going to the gym in an hour. Make breakfast first while I check my emails.“

         After a simple breakfast of bacon, eggs, and protein shakes, we headed to the fitness center. Cody had been doing a good job following my workout plan and had lost a few pounds since he had moved in. He was looking better despite the fact that he was disappointed he wasn’t putting on muscle as quickly as he wanted.
         The workout for the day was centered around long sets, lighter weights, and strength training. Despite the air conditioning in the gym, we were both sweating like pigs in no time. I could smell my body odor strongly, but since the place was relatively empty, the only person close enough to smell it was Cody, and he was in heaven. It was so empty that I even popped my cock out of my jockstrap and let it drop down the leg of my shorts so Cody could look up at it as I spotted him on bench press. I threatened to put it back in if he didn’t do his full sets. He pushed through. When no one was around, I would reach down into my shorts and wipe the sweat from my balls and either wipe it on Cody’s face or let him suck the gunk off of my fingers. I’ve learned that my body can be a powerful motivator for others in the gym and I wondered if there was a market for hiring “very personal personal-trainers”.
          We headed home when done. As we stepped into the elevator, I wrapped my sweaty towel, the same one I had used yesterday and today, around Cody’s mouth and watched him inhale like it was an oxygen tank.
         “You’re such a fag,“ I joked to him, grinding against his ass as I leaned over him from behind to push the button to our floor.
         “You know I’d do anything for you, Sir,” he said looking back with a confident smile that was about to be tested.
         “Oh yeah? Anything?“
         “Anything that won’t get me arrested or killed!”
         “Okay. Then take off your clothes and walk from the elevator to the apartment. Naked.“
         He hesitated as he realized that “anything” might not have been the smartest thing to have said. “I’ll do it if you do it,” he countered, forgetting that he was talking to an Alpha with little sense of modesty.
         Within seconds, my clothes were off and I was praying the elevator wouldn’t stop before reaching our floor. He just stood there, frozen in disbelief that I was actually going to do it. “Pussy,” I said, shoving my clothes and water bottle into his arms. I slung my towel over my shoulder in case of emergency, although considering that it was only a hand towel, I didn’t really think it through how much of me it wouldn’t cover if I actually needed it.
         The elevator doors opened and I poked my head out; the coast was clear. Considering no families lived on my floor, I knew I didn’t run the risk of exposing any kids to our shenanigans. I strutted out and snapped my fingers once to signify action, here being for Cody to follow as he awkwardly tried to juggle all of our gym gear. Since my key was in my wallet, my wallet was in my shorts, and Cody was carrying my shorts, I had to wait until Cody got to the door to unlock it.
         Once inside, Cody dropped our clothes in the bedroom while I took a piss. I looked down and flexed, enjoying the view of my pumped body fresh from the gym. I came out of the bathroom as Cody came out of the bedroom. I pressed my naked body against his until his back was against the wall.
         “Chicken shit pussy,“ I laughed as I spat on his face. He licked at my spit as it dripped into his mouth. “We haven’t had a proper muscle worship session in a while, have we?”
         “Been too long, Sir!“
         I grabbed Cody by his tank top and pulled him with me into the living room. “Take off your shirt and shorts, fag.”
         I stood in front of Cody naked while he had on only his jockstrap. When one partner is naked and the other isn’t, there is a different meaning depending on the roles. When a sub is naked and a Dom isn’t, it signifies that the sub is stripped of the protection his clothes give him; he is laid bare before the world. When a Dom is the one who’s naked, it’s because he’s exerting his confidence in his body; he may be physically naked, but it is because he is confident that nothing in the world can touch him. This is how I stood in front of Cody.
         “Give me a double bicep flex,“ I told him.
         He raised his arms and gave it his best shot. Although there was nice separation and peaks coming in to his biceps, I laughed at him.
         “Those aren’t biceps. These…” I raised my arms and popped a double bicep pose. “These are biceps.” Cody’s eyes went wide and his mouth broke into a giddy smile as I made the vein along the ridge twitch by twisting my wrist.
         “What are you drooling at, fag?“ I asked, already knowing the answer.
         “Everything, Sir.”
         I put my right hand behind my head and nodded to my pit. The message was received and Cody dove in, sniffing and licking. I pressed his head in deep with my other hand as he breathed in my ripeness.
         “You’re so fucking rank,“ he said as a compliment.
         “I know.” When his time was up, I pushed him back and snapped my finger once. “Shirt: off.”
         He removed his tank top and I could see the improvements he had made in the gym. His abs looks more cut and his Adonis belt had come in nicely.
         “Looking better, boy,“ I noted. “Shame about that flat little chest on you.”
         He tried in vain to bounce his pecs. “You trying to do this?” I asked as I did a proper pectoral bounce. He placed his hands upon my chest and felt the weight in his palms. I flexed a crab pose and he ran his fingers delicately on my inner striations.
         “Some day I’ll have a chest like yours, Sir.“
         “You’ve got a long was to go before you get this from this,” I mocked, slapping his chest with both hands before gripping his nipples. Cody’s small nips were wired to his sex drive and I knew exactly what I was doing. They instantly became harder between my fingers as I tugged on them.
         “Sir, you’re leaking,“ he said, breaking out of his haze and staring at my cock dripping precum down in long thick globs.
         “Well fix that,” I said, feigning a tinge of annoyance. “I don’t want to get it on the rug.” The irony here was that the rug already had more of our DNA in it than you’d find in a cheap hotel’s carpet and bed sheets.
         He dropped to his knees and caught the dangling strand of precum in his mouth. He looked so small as I looked down the crest of my chest at him on his knees. As he came up, he licked the piss slit clean and gave my cock one long slurp before standing back up.
         “Happy?“ I asked.
         “Let’s see those abs, boy.“ He flexed his abs which have always been his highlight. I had to admit that they looked great. The proper dieting and cardio I had been putting him through showed noticeable results. I flexed mine and he ran his hands over them, taking care to trace the outline of each.
         “Last muscle group. Show me your glutes.”
         Cody turned around and pulled the straps of his jockstrap between his cheeks like a thong. His ass looked delicious, but those straps were in my way. I reached over and snapped their waistline stitching. He unclenched his ass and the straps fell down between his legs, giving me an unobstructed view.
         I knelt down and pulled the shredded jockstrap off of him I reached around, placing my hands on the indentations of his Adonis belt. Leaning forward, I buried my face between his ass cheeks as he alternated flexing and relaxing them. He began to moan every time my tongue found his hole.
         “Sit on my face. I want to eat that faggot hole.“ I ordered, pushing the coffee table to the side to make room. I lay down on my back on the rug and Cody got into a 69-position. I dove back in and licked and tongue fucked and lost myself between his glutes.
         “May I suck your cock, Sir?” he asked mid-moan. Since I couldn’t talk with his ass on my face, I snapped my fingers once and his moans were soon felt on my cock.
         It’s always sounded funny to me when people call a nice butt a “sweet ass”. Ass doesn’t naturally taste “sweet”. It has different flavors, but “tangy” would be a better adjective. Cody’s ass was definitely tangy and had layers of flavor. I could taste his sweat from the workout. Licking deeper was the fresh soapy remnants of the shower he must have taken earlier before waking me. Rounding out my feast was a fresh sweat running down his back as the heat of the day and lack of air conditioning made him produce pure and clean beads of perspiration.
         We spent about 20 minutes lost in lustful enjoyment of each other’s body parts. He humped his ass in my face as his cock rubbed between my pecs. I fucked my hips up into his mouth for a while when I felt him losing focus until he recovered enough attention to resume his servicing. When I felt his ass clench hard on my face, I knew that he was about to cum and shoved my tongue deep into his hole as far as it would go. When his cum shot onto my abs between our bodies, I didn’t hold back and shot my load into his mouth. He sucked up every burst of cum from my cock as our bodies spasmed together from our own individual orgasms.
         Cody grabbed my cock in his hand and spun around to suck the rest of my load from my cock. When he was sure that I was dry, he kissed and licked up my body to clean his cum off of my abs.
         “Why does your load always taste better?“ he asked, breaking the silence.
         “Probably because I’m not a fag?” I answered with a tired laugh. “You know what I am, though?”
         “Sexy as fuck? Delicious? A muscle god? A ripped stud? What?“
         “Hungry as fuck. I’m going to catch my breath. You’re going to go make me a sandwich.”

This one time in Bahrain I fucked a cake …

After lunch, Cody and I moved to the bedroom; it was time for my massage. Those of you who know me know that I’m not usually a fan of massages, but Cody has always been one of those rare exceptions considering he knows how to use his hands in ways that please me.

         I laid on my back and spread my legs to the corners of the bed, letting the weight of my soft cock press down against my balls.
         “You know what to do, boy. Make me feel good,“ I said looking down at him as he climbed onto the bed.
         “Absolutely, Sir. May I use my mouth?”
         “Yes, but I shouldn’t feel your mouth more than your hands.”
         “Yes, Sir,“ he said as he dripped baby oil up and down my legs. He placed a hand on each ankle and rubbed the oil into my skin as he moved his hands up to my hips. As he rubbed and massaged my hips, he leaned down and took me into his mouth. True to his word, he maintained a relaxed vibe as he rolled my cock on his tongue. The slight tugging on my dick came from his lips around the base of my cock, rather than direct suction down his throat. When he felt me start to begin getting hard, he let my cock gracefully slide out from his mouth. He lifted my balls and, in one continuous motion, licked from my taint across my balls and up my cock until he sucked clean the drop of precum that was forming.

         He turned to the side and began to rub my left quad. Instinctively to the touch, I flexed. He ran his thumbs between the division of my interior and exterior quads (along the ridges of the rectus femoris for you anatomy folks) and rubbed firmly.
         “Sir, you know I think it’s hot when you flex, but it’s not going to help you relax.”
         I sighed, knowing that he was right, and relaxed. He rubbed my muscles firmly as he moved down to my knee where he paid special attention. I have been having some minor knee problems lately, because that’s where aging has decided to target on me. He lifted my leg by the joint and I felt it pop, releasing tension like cracking a knuckle. A good sub will work you all over, but a great sub knows you well enough to know where to target and focus their attention.
         He followed by moving down my lower leg and rubbing my calf until he got to my foot. He continued his firm massage and pressed hard against the arch of my foot. The sensation was exactly what I needed: firmness without tickling.
         When he was done with my left side, he moved to my right and did the same thing in reverse, even clicking my right knee into place just as had done with the left.
         Taking the bottle of oil, he poured some onto my chest and began to massage the mounds of muscle. His hands moved down and scrubbed against my abs. As he rubbed up and down my torso, he again massaged my cock in his mouth. I moved my legs onto his shoulders and began to fuck his mouth with my hips. I pressed his head down with my hands until I felt him resist slightly. I took my hands off of his head and he popped off my dick.
         “Sir, if you’d like a blowjob, you know I wouldn’t say no, but you did say you wanted to relax by getting a massage.“
         Listen up, subs and fags. If you want to correct your Dom/Alpha or adjust their behavior, this is how you do it. He didn’t tell me I was wrong; he just reminded me that the initial command I gave him was in conflict with the current directive. This is how you solve The Faggot’s Dilemma.
         I moved my legs off of his shoulders and turned over on to my front since he was done with that side. He pushed my legs wide so he could kneel behind my ass. He reached under me and pulled my dick down and out between my legs so I wasn’t lying down on it. Pouring oil on my back, he rubbed and pressed with the balls of his hands from spine out to the sides in sync. When he found a knot, he dug in deep and worked them until they were gone. I was surprised by how many knots there were. As each one was rubbed out, I felt myself become more and more relaxed and sleepy. By the time he had reached my glutes, I was out.

         I woke to a dimmer room and wondered how long I had been out. I had rolled over onto my back and Cody was sucking my cock. Apparently, it woke up before I did.
         “You been there the whole time?”
         “No, Sir. I’ve been busy. You passed out hard so I thought you might want to rest.“
         “Then why are you waking me up by sucking my dick?”
         He looked slightly confused. “Because you told me to wake you up when it was time for dinner, Sir.”
         My turned to be confused. “When did I say that?”
         “Right after I sucked you off after your massage, Sir.“
         I knew Cody wasn’t lying by the look on his face and it sounded like something I would have said. When I pass out, I pass out hard, I guess. I nodded to Cody and he went back to sucking my cock. I was still relaxed from my massage and the sloppy head he gave me felt great. There are two definitions for “sloppy head”. One is when it is unskilled and awkward. This was not like that. This was wet and loud. His mouth slicked my shaft with warm saliva before moving to my balls as he stroked my cock with his hand. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the artistry of his work. His mouth was on my taint when I came and he quickly moved to catch as much cum in his mouth. The cum that splattered my abs was then licked clean before he put my cock back in his mouth until I had nearly deflated.
         “What’s for dinner?“
         He wiped bits of cum from his chin into his mouth with his thumb and answers, “Tacos, Sir.”
          I put on loose shorts and entered the kitchen where Cody had prepared a taco bar spread. We made our food and went in to the living room to eat and watch TV. I sat on the couch as he sat on the floor between my legs with his back against the edge. He wrapped my legs around him as we watched Netflix and ate. I would push my heels into his inner thighs; he would moan as his legs were stretched wide apart. I would rest my plate on his head; he would laugh but remain in place. I would reach around and feed him a piece of grilled chicken that escaped a taco shell; he would nibble at and suck on my fingers. I rubbed his ears; he would lean his head into my hand. He made me miss my dogs that were back in the U.S. A good faggot is like a good dog: they’re loyal, they’re attentive, and they look at you like you are the world to them.
         “Who’s a good boy,“ I asked playfully as I pet the side of his face.
         “Woof, Sir,” he laughed back as he bent forward and rocked on all fours. Since he shook his ass at me, it was only right that I had to pull his shorts down and give his ass a good slap.
         “So what’s for dessert?“
         “I baked a cake, Sir,” he said with pride. Cody is many things, but being comfortable in the kitchen was not one of them prior to him moving in with me. This was the first time he had attempted baking, to my knowledge, and I was both impressed and nervous about the result.
         “You? You baked a cake?“
         “Yes, Sir,” he said, collecting our plates and heading into the kitchen.
         “This I have to see,“ I commented as I followed him.
         The cake was on the counter away from the taco bar which was why I missed it when getting dinner. It was a simple, round, two layered, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. 
         “Hmm,” I muttered.
         “Is that a good “hmm” or a bad “hmm”?“ he asked, setting the dishes in the sink.
         “That actually looks like some decent cake.” I faced him and gave a wink as I said, “And you know how much I love cake.”
         “Is there anything you wouldn’t fuck?“ he asked with a chuckle.
         “Didn’t mean it like that, but…” I drifted off as a twisted idea filled my mind. I pulled my shorts off and faced the boy. “Suck my dick, boy.”
         Cody didn’t know where this was going but did as he was told. Within a minute, I was hard.
         “You might be right about that,“ I said as I walked up to the cake.
         “Right about…? You’re not going to…”
         I took the platter the cake was on and moved it under my cock until my dick rested on the top of the cake. I flexed my cock and it bounced on the sticky frosting. Cody looked stunned and yet I could see his dick getting hard in his own shorts.
         “Maybe I would fuck anything.” I paused, watching the reaction on Cody’s face closely before I pressed my cock down into the top of the cake at a down-sloped angle. The icing was firm but the cake still had some warmth to it as I pushed in through past the center frosting and into the bottom layer. The pressure from my cock made the side of the cake bulge out. I snapped my fingers and Cody approached. I pointed to the floor and he dropped to his knees as my dick pushed through and bits from the side of the cake fell onto his mouth.
         I had Cody hold the platter as I began to fuck the cake, sending pieces flying. I reached down and grabbed a chunk of the side that my unwashed cock hadn’t touched with my hand. It actually tasted good, but felt better in a twisted way. I moved my handful of cake to his face and he opened his mouth. I spat a glob of frosting flavored spin into his mouth before feeding him the real thing. I wiped my dirty hand on the side of his face as I continued to decimate the cake with my fucking.
         I pulled my cock out when it was too wrecked to give me any friction. It was covered in cake and frosting and I fed it to the boy. Everyone loves cake for dessert. I continued to fuck his mouth even after my cock was clean and grabbed his dirty face as I pumped until I had unloaded down his throat.
         “Not bad,“ I said as I licked some of the remaining bits of cake off of my fingers. I looked at the wreckage on the platter I had set on the counter next to me. The cake was ripped in two where my cock had gutted its insides. “I only destroyed half of it.”
         “Or I guess you could say that half of it still remains?“ Cody countered. I laughed at his optimist’s perspective of things.
         “Clean up this mess then join me in the shower.”

         I leaned up against the tiled wall of the shower and angled the water so that it hit my chest and flowed down my ridges. I looked across through the clear glass at my reflection in the mirror. Maybe it was just the lighting (it wasn’t), but even I thought I looked good. 6’2″, dark features, olive skin, coming off of a cut cycle, it wasn’t hard to see why faggots such as Cody, aka the boy, lusted after me.
         I felt the change in the water pressure, signaling that the boy was done washing the dishes. I knew that he would be in shortly, so I flexed blood into my muscles and stroked my cock until everything was well pumped. I wanted to maximize the visual impact when he walked in, and judging by the look on his face, I succeeded.

         The boy got into the shower and grabbed the bottle of shampoo. He poured some into his hands and reached up to put it into my hair. It was funny to watch his short 5’6″ little frame strain so far, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t reach my head and I wasn’t making it easier for him. He got close a couple of times but I stood up on the fronts of my feet, putting myself further out of his reach. When I was done having my fun, I grabbed him around his waist and picked him up easily. 150 pounds is not hard to lift when you’re used to curling that much in the gym. I held him up for a while as he lathered my hair. It might have been a mistake for me to fondle his ass in that position as it turned him on. When I felt his dick get hard against me, I knew it was time to put him down. That, and the fact that the shower floor was getting slick from the shampoo; splitting my head open was not the way I planned on dying. I knelt so he could finish washing my hair without his dick touching me. It felt weird being on my knees around him, but even down low, I still came up to his chest. He took care to massage my scalp and rinse all the sweat from the previous 24 hours until it felt clean.
         I stood up and handed him the bottle of body wash. No loofah today; just his hands. I stood against the wall of the shower and spread my legs and arms out like the Vitruvian Man; only difference was my hair was shorter and my dick was longer. The boy started at my arms and massaged them down from the shoulders to the wrists. He was about to start on my armpits when I stopped him.
         I lifted his arms up above his head and licked at one of his recently shaved pits. “Seriously don’t know why you smell and taste so much different from me,” I joked. “Here, taste mine.” I grabbed his head and shoved him deep into my right pit. I held him there tight as he moaned and was forced to breathe in air that passed through my sweaty mangled hair. When I let him go, he staggered back but I easily caught him and shoved him into my other pit. After the same treatment, I could see by the look on his face that he was quickly becoming lost in faggot bliss.
         “Thank you, Sir. May I please suck your dick?“ he begged, falling to his knees, clutching at my ass, mouth inches from my cock. I answered by lowering my arms and gripping his head, pulling him onto my dick. He sucked me hard and deep as if he had just taken a hit of poppers. This was typical, though, as the pheromones from my pits always seemed to send him into this state.
         He got me close to cumming but I pushed him off of me. An Alpha decides when he cums; no one else. He bent over, thinking that I wanted to fuck him. I slapped his ass and informed him, “Not yet. I have other plans for you.” He finished scrubbing me down with adoration and little other sexual interaction, despite his best attempts to redirect. I kept him on task and reminded him who was in charge.
         When I was clean, I stepped out of the shower and dried off. “Clean yourself out good, boy. I’m fucking you deep tonight.”

         I grabbed the lube from the bedroom and the boy’s phone before heading to my spare room where I checked my emails and news headlines on the computer. My cock and balls hung over the edge of the chair and I almost didn’t hear him enter the room as I was busy enjoying the sensation of the seat rubbing against the backside of my swinging nuts.
         “Put these on,“ I said, handing him his cell phone and headphones. “Pull up some music and get on your knees under the desk. I need you to get me hard. Don’t suck me off, just get me hard.”
         “Okay,“ he said puzzled. “Don’t know where this is going, but I’m interested. I trust you, Sir.” He moved into position and got to work.
         “Don’t take your headphones off until I tell you. Understood?“
         “HUH?” he asked loudly.
         I lifted the headphones from one ear and repeated the instruction. At least I knew he wouldn’t hear what I was up to.
         As the boy worshiped my dick and licked my balls, I checked our various cam-to-cam sites. I needed one that was peer-to-peer and did not enable video recording. I was also looking for a couple on the other side and not someone flying solo. Cody said that he had never been in an orgy or participated in group-play. Although it wasn’t exactly the same, our time together was running out and this was the closest thing I could think of to organizing a group session. I finally found a site and waited.
         A guy popped on screen. He was hot, naked, but alone. I clicked “Next”. And then “Next”. And then “Next” again. Despite having selected the “couple for couple” option, solo guys kept joining. I thought I might have to abandon this plan when finally a couple popped up on screen.
         “Whoa, Daddy!“ I heard one say. As much as I despise that word, the two were hot enough so I let it slide. They looked to be in their mid 20s, twunk-ish toned bodies. One had dark hair, short beard, and a light patch of fuzz on his chest; definitely a toned otter. The second one was blond and smooth, bordering on the typical “pretty boy” style.
         “Hey, guys. What are you up to tonight?“ I asked.
         “Just cruising, looking for hot guys,” the blond said.
         “You two a couple?“
         “Yep! Four months,” said the otter. The blond shot him a look. “Five months? Yeah, five months I meant.” This answer seemed to appease the blond. “So why are you in the Couples’ Lounge?”
         I tilted the cam down so they could see a blissfully unaware Cody sucking on my dick.
         “Nice!“ the otter said. “Lucky guy,” said the blond.
         It’s interesting how easy it is to spot the sexual roles in couples. Nine times out of ten, I’m pretty accurate with my guesses. We spoke for a little bit and it was confirmed that the otter was a total top and the blond was his cock-sleeve. They were Canadians, 26 (otter) and 23 (blond), and had been fucking for five months, dating for four. Bored on a Saturday afternoon, they decided to hop on and see what kind of fun they could find.
         “So my boy here has never done anything other than one-on-one,” I told them. “Was looking for a couple who might want to fool around on cam with us all doing the same thing. Looking for an active group thing. You interested?“
         The otter and the blond looked at each other and asked for a minute. Their audio muted and the cam was turned off. I thought that they might have either ditched or gotten disconnected when their video turned back on. The otter was standing up facing forward and the blond was on his knees, back to the camera, sucking the otter’s dick.
         “We’re in,” said the otter with a smile.
         I pulled the headphones off of Cody which brought his focus back to the world around him. He popped his head up and looked to see what I was watching at on the screen.
         “Oh shit, they’re hot,“ Cody said, not realizing that it was live.
         “Thanks, man,” said the otter.
         Cody turned to me with a “what the fuck?” look on his face. I muted my mic and told him the plan. “What do you think? You in?” I asked him.
         “This isn’t being recorded, is it? They can’t record, right?“
         “No and correct.”
         “Oh well then fuck yeah!“ he responded. “But if it gets awkward though…”           “If it gets awkward, we can stop it at any time.”
        “Then yeah, let’s try it.”
         I stood up and backed up to stand fully in frame. Cody shuffled on his knees to me and began to suck my dick in the same position of the cocksucker on the other side.
         It quickly became apparent that the otter shared a competitive streak with me, and we began a game of one-ups-man-ship. He put his hands behind the blond’s head and began to skull fuck him. I responded by putting both hands behind my own head and pumped Cody’s mouth just as hard but hands free. He pulled his cock out and slapped the blond across the face with it. I pushed Cody off of mine and demonstrated my control over him as he whimpered for more. It was clear that I had the better trained faggot, but I had to give them credit. The otter’s dick was huge and the blond was a magician making it disappear in his mouth.
         “Damn, dude. How big is that thing?” I asked.
         “Solid 9,“ he answered with a proud smile. It looked bigger though.
         “And here I was feeling big at 8”. How tall are you?“ 
         “5’9 here. You?” That’s why it looked so much bigger on his frame.
         “Damn you’re a big boy,” the otter commented.
         “You have no idea,“ chimed in Cody. I gave his head a little rub for his endorsement. I moved back to the chair and sat down. I snapped my fingers and the boy came to me. I faced him away from me and had him bend over with his hands on the floor. I grabbed him by the ankles and put them over my shoulder, scooting the chair forward until my mouth was at his ass, wheelbarrow style.
         “Hey, blondie,” I called over the chat. The blond stopped sucking the otter’s cock and looked over as I stuck out my tongue and gave Cody’s ass a long lick. The boy moaned and I winked at the blond before closing my eyes and devouring Cody’s fresh hole. 
         When I opened my eyes, the blond was bent over the arms of his chair as the otter ate his hole. His eyes were fixed to our screen. The competition resumed.
         “You gonna make him suck your dick when he’s done eating your ass?“ I asked the blond. The otter and blond stood up and kissed. Standing face-to-face, I could see the height difference between them as the blond was a good four inches taller and the otter had to crane his neck upwards to kiss him. The blond pushed the otter down and fed his dick to him. The otter gave a great performance as he sucked his boyfriend’s dick, staring back at us, challenging me to do a better job.
         I turned to Cody and asked, “How many times have I ever sucked your dick?”
         “Never, Sir.“
         “And why not?”
         “Because you’re not a cocksucking faggot, Sir,“ he said, not so much to me as to the otter. The boy knew where I was going with the question and he played along perfectly. Fags who can predict like this and play along to boost the Alpha’s status among other Alphas are certainly keepers.
         “Damn right.” I bent the boy over the desk and grabbed the lube. I pressed the head of my cock against his hole and slicked lube onto it. When I looked back up at the screen, the otter and the blond were transfixed at what we were doing. I lifted the boy’s head up from under his chin so he was looking directly into the camera.
         “Tell them what’s about to happen.“
         “I’m about to take your cock, Sir,” the boy announced to everyone.
         “Then what?“ I asked, sliding slowly into him.
         “I’m going to get fucked.”
         “And how do I fuck?“ 
         “Hard!” he gasped as I was balls deep in him by now.
         “Where am I now?“
         “Inside me,” he moaned. “Deep inside me.” If I could had captured that moment of breathy declaration, I could have used it as auditory Viagra in the future.
         “You ready?“ I asked the boy. He nodded, unable to speak, unable to open his eyes, gripping the desk with known anticipation for what was about to happen. “Are you ready?” I asked the couple. For a moment, I thought that the feed had frozen until they nodded slowly.
         I began with long, deep, slow thrusts as the boy’s ass adjusted to my cock. When his moans turned from pain to pleasure, I began to pump him progressively harder until I was piston-fucking him as the sounds of our bodies slapping together competed for attention over our moans. The boy was especially vocal as he allowed himself to let go in the performance for the audience who was watching intently while taking turns sucking each other’s cocks.
         After about ten minutes of jack-hammering the boy’s tight hole, I scooted the chair under me and lifted the boy up without ever pulling out, placing the boy’s legs on either arm of my desk chair so the couple could see him spread wide, my dick stretching his hole open as we both faced the camera.
         “I’m close,“ I whispered into the boy’s ear.
         “So am I,” he said, and slammed his ass down on my cock, almost immediately he causing him to cum onto his chest. His contractions clenching my cock, the audience adoring our fucking, the whole pent up energy from the brief shower tease, it all came together. I unloaded. I grunted. The boy moaned. And over the cam, I heard the otter cum into the blond’s mouth.
         When the boy caught his breath, he slid carefully off of my dick and bent over to show his freshly fucked gaping hole to the cam. I looked around him and saw the otter sucking the blond as the boy fingered himself until the blond came in the otter’s mouth. The otter put his hand over his mouth and dashed out off screen.
         “He never swallows. He must’ve been really turned on, so, yeah! Thanks for that!“ the blond said with a gracious laugh.
         “No problems, glad we could help!” I laughed back. “That was fun. Hope you guys enjoyed it too.”
         “Oh yeah!“
         We exchanged pleasantries and goodbyes, then logged off.
         “So what did you think?” I asked the boy.
         “It was hot, once I got over the surprise,“ he said. “Don’t know if it’s something I’d do again, but it was fun for what it was. Don’t know how I feel about sharing you with others,” he said with playful jealousy.
         I rubbed his head and told him to shower before meeting me in bed.

         As the boy showered, I changed the sheets; two days of heavy sexual activity was enough to make them a little funky in a bad way.
         When he joined me back in bed, we talked about what we were going to do the next day. The theme was going to be about him enjoying me as he wanted. He ran down his wish list of things he’d like to have happen and I took mental notes. He nonchalantly rubbed my cock as we talked and drifted asleep.

         In the middle of the night, I woke up having to piss. You’d think that at my age I’d know better than to go to bed with a full bladder. While I was up, I checked my socials, talked to a couple of people, checked on my class work, made notes from the day, then went back to bed. The boy was still out, face down with his pasty white ass reflecting the moonlight. I bent down and sniffed; it was scrubbed clean. Unlike last night, I knew that it was fresh and edible. I pushed his legs apart and began to eat his ass the way I liked to, this time not worrying about performing for an audience.
         “We going to fuck?“ the boy asked semi-asleep.
         “We going to fuck,” I replied before diving back in.


     I have a longstanding tradition with my fags. Before I release them back into the wild, I give them one “perfect” day based on their requests. Today was that day for Cody.
         I woke in the usual way: with his mouth on my dick. His mouth moved slowly and deliberately, and his pacing did not change when he saw me open my eyes. He simply gave me a wink and returned to his worship. I knew we had very few of these opportunities before he left and I tried to take it all in; the feel of his tongue on the under-ridge, the way his lips changed shape based on the thickness of my shaft, the sound of his moans and soft slurping. I committed these sensations to memory and filed them away for recall after he would be gone. Every fag is unique, special in their own way. It is interesting that when looking back on things, Alphas remember, fags reminisce.

         I pumped my hips until I was ready to cum. Cody had learned when to predict my orgasms and pulled his mouth off in time to watch me erupt up. His smile of delight signaled his joy as he watched half a dozen solid ropes of cum arc onto my lower torso and collect in an overflowing pool in my belly button. He sucked the remaining drops of cum from the head of my dick before crawling up and slowly licking the cum from my waist, savoring each glob on his tongue before swallowing.
         Once I was clean, I rubbed Cody on his head and got up to make breakfast. I fixed us breakfast sandwiches which we ate in the kitchen while talking about the rest of the day’s planned activities. He wanted to get in a good workout, watch me show him how to do a proper strip tease, worship my muscles, do a little strength play, then end the night with some good sex and chill on the balcony. “Easy day,” I told him.
         In the living room, we moved the coffee table out of the way and pushed the sofa back to give us room to stretch. We faced away from each other and reached back with our arms until we could grip each other by the wrists, leaning forward to feel the pull in our pecs. Triceps stretch was next and it wasn’t easy for him to resist sniffing my pits as I pulled my arms behind my head. “Focus, boy,” I reminded him. He took one more deep huff and returned to form.
         I sat on the floor and extended forward to my toes. Cody pushed on my back to help me get a deeper pull throughout my back. I felt his dick drip precum onto my lats which he immediately licked off and apologized for. Today was not a day for discipline unless absolutely necessary. Today was about the “carrot” and not the “stick”. He knew what he was supposed to do and he did it. It is always rewarding when a sub/fag shows that they have learned from your training.
          We switched positions. As Cody leaned forward, I applied slight pressure as I squatted over him and sat lightly on his back. I rested my cock on his shoulder, causing him to try to crane his neck to taste. I palmed the top of his head and turned it back forward.
         “You’re going to tweak your neck if you do that, boy.“ He grumbled but complied. “You know what you can have though?”
         “What, Sir?“ he asked, gripping his toes in his fingers. I let a fart rip on his back and I knew he could feel it against his skin. He laughed as he called me gross. I released the pressure and helped him to stand up. “That’s why you’re single,” he joked as he sniffed the air.
         I stopped what I was doing and dropped my smile. “What the fuck did you just say to me?” I yelled at him as I got in his face. The look of his immediate terror was, in a word, “adorable”. I held my guise of anger for a few awkward seconds before I let it fall and laughed. I gave his face a playful slap and smiled. “Yeah, probably,” I agreed. “Back crack time.”
         Cody crossed his arms over his chest and I reached around him. He felt so small in my arms as I lifted him up and felt his spine pop into alignment. He moaned and sighed, partially from his back but mostly because he was now at a height where our cocks were rubbing against each other.
         “Can I suck your cock, Sir?“ he asked when I set him down.
         “Today you shouldn’t be asking questions. It’s about you expressing what you want. Try again.”
         “I want to suck your cock, Sir. Is that better?“
         “No questions, boy.”
         “I want to suck your cock.“
         I nodded approvingly and pushed him down to his knees where he took my dick in his hand and sucked eagerly. I debated going the whole way until I came, but we had stretches to finish. He stood up and we held each other for balance as we reached behind ourselves and stretched our quads. I leaned down and he looked up, our foreheads pressed together and eyes locked. Once we had stretched both legs fully, I held his gaze as I rolled a ball of spit in my mouth. Cody opened his mouth and I let the spit fall slowly from my mouth into his. He licked up at the clump as he welcomed more of my fluid into his mouth.
         “You know I can’t go to the gym with this,” Cody said pointing to his boner as we separated. “I know I’m not supposed to talk about my dick around you, but….”
         “Worry about stretching first. That won’t be a problem when we’re done. Trust me.“
         “Yes, Sir.”
         We sat on the floor and faced each other, our feet pressed against each other. We pressed our legs out to the sides to stretch out inner quads while crisscrossing our hands in the middle for stability.
         “This isn’t working,“ I said to him.
         “I feel it, though, Sir.”
         “No. Come over her, lay with your back against my chest.“ He sat in front of me and leaned back. Despite the heat in the apartment, his body felt cool against mine. I wrapped my legs over his, ankle on ankle, and pulled them wide to open his up with mine. His hip flexors made a pop.
         “Oh, I felt that!” he exclaimed.
         “Oh yeah? How about this?“ I asked, reaching around and lightly brushing my fingers lightly against his nipples. “You feel this too?” He leaned back into me and closed his eyes. I looked down and saw his cock twitch as I played with his chest. “Rub your nips.”
         I gripped his neck with my left hand as he slunk down halfway, not fully on his back, and rubbed his own nipples with his right hand. I put the index and middle fingers of my right hand to his mouth and he sucked them until they were slick with spit. He took his left hand and lifted his balls up and moved them out of my reach as I extended forward with my right hand to finger his hole. I pressed against his ring and felt it clench and release at my touch. I applied pressure until his hole relaxed enough for my middle finger to pop in. His hips began to grind on my hand as I found his prostate and rubbed.
         “I need you to fuck me, Sir,“ he begged, not as a question, but as a statement of fact. He was learning.
         “When I come back, I want you bent over this couch,” I said, heading for the bedroom without waiting for an answer. I grabbed the lube and condoms from the bedside drawer. I hadn’t used the condoms since Cody’s block of punishment. My finger was clean, but given the fact that we had eaten and had coffee a short time ago, I didn’t want to take the chance. I also hadn’t dug deep enough when I fingered him and didn’t want to go exploring at this time. 
         I walked back into the living room and the boy was in position on the couch. I walked up behind him and pressed my cock against his ass, the feel of it making me hard again. I tore the edge of the condom wrapper off with my teeth and spat it out, landing on the couch next to his hand.
         “I’m pretty sure I’m fine, Sir.“
         ” ‘Pretty sure’ isn’t enough of a guarantee. Let’s not fuck up today with a possible ‘accident’. Sound good?“
         “Yes, Sir.”
         I slid into him from behind relatively easily, his whole body relaxed and un-tensed from our stretching. It felt strange to have a condom back on while inside him. It was supposed to be a quick fuck before working out, but either the latex barrier was numbing the sensation or mentally it wasn’t as stimulating. Fucking him hard did nothing to help either.
         I moved him to the floor onto his back with his ass in the air and his ankles by his head. I angled my cock down and entered him from above while I straddled him semi-sideways. I could feel the head of my cock rubbing against his prostate, causing him to leak a steady flow of precum down into his open-mouthed smile as he slowly jerked his dick. Usually, I don’t let fags touch themselves around me, but considering the theme of the day, I let him. I continued to drill down into his ass until I felt it start to tighten.
         “I’m close,“ he warned.
         “So am I. Cum, boy.” I felt his orgasm from inside as his cock, hanging above his bent over body, splattered his cum onto his face. I pulled out and yanked the condom off. He twisted his hips to the side, giving me a clear shot to add my load to his on his face and in his mouth.
         Once we were done, I held out my hand and helped him stand up.
         “You’ve got a little something…all over here,“ I said, motioning my hand in a wide wave over his face. He laughed and wiped the cum with his finger into his mouth. He headed to the bathroom to clean off any stray bits he couldn’t scrape, taking the discarded condom with him.
         “How was the damage?” I called to him as I headed to the bedroom.
         “Surprisingly clean, but I’m going to need a shower after the gym, just to be sure,“ he called back.
         I got dressed and grabbed my sweaty gym towel from the chair. I finished making us pre-workout drinks when Cody came in to the kitchen, dressed and ready to go. We finished our drinks, filled our water bottles, and headed downstairs to the fitness center in the complex.

         The gym was empty except for one woman on a treadmill, walking slowly and talking loudly with her phone set on speaker. The sight of two white guys must not have made her concerned for privacy because she continued to have a fully detailed conversation to her sister in her native language about how she thought her husband was cheating on her, how she found receipts in his pants, etc. If only she knew I could understand everything she was saying, she might have been more reserved, but I suppose I also wouldn’t have learned the word for “castration”.
         The complex’s gym isn’t as well equipped as the one on base, but it was enough to serve its purpose: get a good pump on. We did a full body circuit and talked loudly to the annoyance of the treadmill-lady and for our own amusement. Once she left, we were left alone. I stood in front of the mirror and took my shirt off.
         “Come here, boy. I’m going to show you how to pose. Shirt off and stand here.“ Cody did as instructed. Even standing in front of me, my chin could rest on the top of his head. It made me laugh at how small he looked sometimes. I showed him how to plant his legs and angle his feet for complimentary angles, how to shift his hips, and how to balance his weight.
         “It’s not always about what feels right, but what looks good. It’s basically the opposite of life,” I philosophized whimsically. I ran my hands over his small frame as I pushed and pulled him in to various positions. My rough hands on his smooth skin made his body shiver at my touch. He closed his eyes and leaned back into me.  I tweaked his nip hard and brought him back to reality as I pushed him away. Even though we were alone, someone could come in at any minute and the goal was to teach and tease, not initiate anything in this public space.
         I flexed and he mimicked my poses. Despite the air conditioning in the room, we were both sweating from the workout and the flexing. I saw the look of lust in his eyes as I wiped the sweat dripping down my face with my towel. I smiled and stood in front of him.
         “Close your eyes,“ I told him. Once his eyes were shut, I placed my towel, soaked with fresh and collected sweat of the past few days, on his face. He took a deep breath and moaned. “What do you smell?”
         “You, Sir. It’s really strong and concentrated,“ he replied as I removed the towel and spun it in my hand until it was twisted like a rope. I placed it in his mouth like a bit and he sucked on it.
         “You like that taste?” I asked as he nodded. I’ll have to remember that for later, I thought to myself. “You ready to head upstairs?“ He bounced his head enthusiastically. We put our shirts back on and headed back.
         In the elevator, I wrapped my arm around his shoulders as he nuzzled his mouth in my armpit. He was in heaven, and yet the day had only begun.

         Back in the apartment, clothes were discarded as we made post-workout shakes. We chugged down in a competition for no reason other than to compete. The boy won, but only by seconds. Probably not a fair race when he’s the one who is skilled in knowing how to open his throat and swallow. I rewarded him by pinning him against the fridge and burping in his open mouth. He licked at the air and thanked me. I think he was serious, too.
         “Go get showered while I change into something more appropriate.“
         “Yes, Sir!” he said enthusiastically. “What should I wear?”
         I gave him a wicked smile and raised eyebrow which he fully understood correctly to mean nothing.

         I put on a thin-banded jockstrap, silkies, and an old t-shirt that was ready to be thrown out. I grabbed the baby oil and pulled up my Stripper Playlist to stream in to the living room. We still had enough songs left for my “performance”. I did pushups and situps while waiting, wiping the light sweat into my skin and letting it soak into my tight shirt. When I heard the shower turn off, I got into position after starting the first song, “Roads” by Portishead. The song’s long intro gave me time to lead him to the couch where I sat him down and put my finger over his mouth. No talking, just watching. He needed to focus only on watching a real man give a sexual strip. Not this Magic Mike dancing bullshit. I was going to show him how to put the tease into “strip tease”.
         I set my feet and closed my eyes. I spent the entirety of the song rubbing my body, lifting parts of my clothes, acting as if he was just an unseen observer, a witness to me having a private moment with myself. My hips moved to the downbeat. My hands ran up under my shirt, giving him a peek of my abs. I pushed the waist of my shorts down to tease a glimpse of my trimmed pubes. I massaged my crotch and pulled the legs of my shorts up to accentuate my bulge. I had him fixated on wherever my hands traveled. By the time the song had finished, the apartment could have been on fire, but all he would have felt was my heat.
         As “#1 Crush” by Garbage began to play, I locked eyes with him and gave him a cocky smile. “Breathe, boy. We’re only starting.” I turned away from him and bent over, pulling my shorts down with my hands in one smooth motion. I turned around and kicked the shorts at him. They landed on his face and he inhaled deeply before taking them into his mouth by the crotch. I circled my hips and thrust to the music as I moved my hands up to the neckline of my shirt. I gripped hard and in time with every beat, I pulled. Every beat tore the shirt more and more until it was torn in half down the middle. I slid the shirt off into my right hand and spun it until it was a ball wrapped around my fist. I wiped the sweat slowly and rhythmically with the music. Wipe. Slide. Drum beat. Wipe. Slide. Drum beat. I did this until I was at my crotch. I let the t-shirt unfurl between my legs and whipped it back, catching the other end in my left hand. I pulled it back and forth, humping it slowly as the workout sweat was pressed into the fabric. I let my left hand go and playfully flicked it towards him. On the third snap, he caught and held it. There was a brief tug-of-war before I let him pull me in closer to him. I grabbed the baby oil before placing my right foot on the couch near his head while my left was planted on the floor. I pulled the shorts out of his mouth and replaced it with my ripped shirt. I took his hands and placed them palm up. I poured baby oil into his cupped hands before guiding them to my body. My hands on his wrists, I had him rub the oil into my body as I let my whole body grind and flex in time with the music.
         He was practically drooling as the third song came on, “Mouth” by Bush. He sniffed and moaned eagerly when I pulled his head into my crotch. I grabbed my jockstrap by the elastic sides and pulled and released, letting whiffs of my musk fill his nostrils in bursts of Alpha scent. He nuzzled in and lightly chewed at the fabric. I pulled the front of my jockstrap to the side and let my cock fall out. Strands of precum extended from the head of my cock to the pouch. Cody went to lick it off, but I stopped him. “It might be your day, but I’m still in charge here, boy.” I held his head back by his neck with one hand, and with the other, I gripped my cock, wiping it on his face. As I coated his flushed cheeks, more precum continued to leak out. Precum is amazing; if you are a heavy flow-er, it never stops once you’re turned on. I rubbed my precum on his lips like chapstick, waiting for the lyrics “like your mouth” to shove my cock in once before pulling all the way out. In that one thrust, he was able to lubricate my cock enough for me to then rub his saliva in with my precum left on his face. I turned around and again bent over, this time pulling my jockstrap off slowly so he could take in my round glutes. I picked up the jockstrap and tossed it to the side of the couch next to him before placing my hands on the floor and kicking both feet back. My feet landed on either side of him perfectly and I was grateful I didn’t kick him in the face. It’s happened before; kills the mood, trust me. I walked back on my hands until my ass was in his face. No invitation or instruction was needed for him to eat my sweaty hole and he dove right in. I let him taste and lick me until the song was over.
         As the song switched to “REV 22:20” by Puscifer, I awkwardly got up and leaned over him on the couch. “And now,” I whispered in his ear, “I’m going to fuck you.”
         “Oh God yes,“ he sighed. I sat down on the couch and grabbed the lube that was where it had been left from this morning. I lubed up my dick and positioned him so he could sit down on my cock while facing away from me. He lowered himself as he reached back and gripped the back of the couch for support. It always amazes me how the human body can “snap back” and still be tight after being fucked hard only hours ago. He slid down until I was fully pressed against the back wall of his hole. He hadn’t opened up to me yet, but he would. As his ass adjusted to my cock, I reached around and ran my hands on his torso. I could feel his six-pack coming in thanks to him following my fitness plan. He moaned as I played with his nips again. I continued to tweak them as his ass circled slowly on my hips. And then it happened.
         I felt him release and my cock pushed through his second ring. It’s easy to feel because there goes from being a pressure against the head of your cock to suddenly being a sliding motion deep into his cunt. His body shivered as he let himself get lost in his continued grind. I let him have the rest of the song to enjoy on his own terms.
         As the song ended, the music went to my NIN mix. “Playtime’s over, boy,” I said as I bit his earlobe and stood up. Impaled on my cock, I moved him to the closest wall, grabbing my torn shirt as I got up. He leaned against the wall with both hands as I continued to pump slowly. I put the twisted shirt in front of his mouth and he chomped down on it like a horse’s bit. I held the ends with both hands and accelerated my thrusts. As I got lost in my rut, I let go of the t-shirt, which he held between his teeth in his whimpering mouth, and put my hands over him on the wall. All the power came from my hips sliding into his ass as he tried to not let his legs turn to jelly from the cunting.
         Three songs in to the playlist, and halfway through “Closer”, I pushed off of the wall and re-gripped the t-shirt. I pistoned his ass hard, and as my throbbing cock triggered his orgasm, we came together. We continued to fuck slowly, out of instinct more than pleasure, until my soft cock slid out of him. He licked his cum off of the tiled floor as I looked at our baby oil stained hand prints on the walls.
         “There goes my security deposit,“ I mused.
         “Worth it,” he joked through labored breaths. “I’ll clean it later, don’t worry.”
         “I have to piss like crazy,“ I realized, heading to the bathroom.
         “You can piss on me in the shower,” he said, seemingly out of nowhere. I looked at him and could see the endorphins were still surging through his twitching body.
         “Fuck it. Let’s go.“
         He got on his knees in the shower and I stood in a wide stance in front of him.  As my warm piss hit his chest, he surprised me by closing his eyes and opening his mouth wide. He didn’t want to be pissed on, he wanted to be pissed in. I aimed my cock at him and let my stream flow up and arc until it splashed in his mouth. He was so turned on, he thought this would be hot for him too. Narrator’s voice: he was wrong. He coughed and spat my piss out to the side. I redirected the stream back down his body and away from his mouth.
         “That bad?” I laughed.
         “Not what I was expecting,“ he choked.
         “I’ve heard it’s an acquired taste. But at least you tried.”

         We washed each other off and did our usual goofy routine in the shower. I twirled my cock around like a helicopter, he pretended to be a fountain by spitting water while standing in a weird pose; the normal stuff.
         We toweled off and as Cody cleaned and reset the living room, I made us a simple lunch: sandwich wraps, chips, water. Lots and lots of water. Hydration is important, folks, even if it doesn’t help make your piss taste as refreshing as might have thought. And yes, for dessert we did have some of the leftover cake from the previous day. And yes, it still tasted good.
         We ate in the living room with the balcony doors open and let the warm afternoon breeze air out the sex from the space. After Cody took the plates to the kitchen, we relaxed on the couch and watched a movie of his choosing on Netflix. It was one of the dumbest things I had ever seen, but I let him enjoy it as he curled up in my lap and basked in his day. It was my gift as an Alpha to a well deserving faggot.

         After the movie, I began dinner while Cody hopped on his socials. It was simple but healthy; teriyaki chicken, steamed vegetables, brown rice. Over the course of the weekend, I tried to take Cody through a seeming evolution and show him the different ranges of Alpha/fag interaction. He began as a faggot bitch, eating on the floor at my feet with his hands. Now, he ate at the table sitting next to me. He went from being just “faggot” to being referred to by name. We were not equals in a hierarchical sense, but he had become more than just sub-human. In my Alpha philosophy, it’s important for fags to not only know this, but to fully understand this. They must see their place in the world and not settle for anyone who treats them as a thing to break. I am your guardian, you are my ward. There is a time and place for punishment and rough play, but in the end, if I claim you, you are mine to use, not to abuse. 

         When we had finished dinner, Cody cleared table and then returned with two “dessert” cigars he had bought at a local tobacconist. On the balcony, we put towels over our deckchairs to absorb some of the heat. I sat in mine as Cody cut and handed me my cigar. He struck a match and carefully lit it. I inhaled as the cherry burned with a warm orange glow. He cut and lit his and we sat in the quiet evening, the sweet smell of tobacco lingering briefly before being swept away in the breeze. I looked out over the bay as the setting sun danced on the waters. Everything comes to an end; even days like this.
         I was so relaxed, I didn’t even notice I was passively stroking my dick until I turned to Cody and followed his eye line.
         “I think I’m done with mine,“ he said, stubbing his cigar out on a makeshift ashtray he had put together from tinfoil. “I really want to suck your dick. It looks fucking great!”
         I nodded to him and opened my legs wide as he took his towel and made a pad for himself to kneel on. He slowly took my cock in his mouth and began to suck and lick. He took his time and didn’t try to deep throat it all at once. I scooted forward in my chair and leaned back as I puffed at my cigar. If ever there was a legitimate reason to use the hashtag “Alpha Life”, this was it.
         I held back from letting myself get too hard for as long as I could, but after about ten minutes of his cock worship, I was ready to fuck. I stood up and we moved against the balcony. The tinted glass prevented anyone who might have looked over from seeing what was taking place. If anyone had looked, it would have looked like two guys standing on a balcony. They wouldn’t have seen my cock, lubed up from his saliva, slide in to him. They wouldn’t have seen my hips pound him in my relaxed rhythmic rut. They wouldn’t have seen his eager ass grinding all the way down on my hips. Just a guy smoking a cigar on the balcony while the guy in front of him leaned over the railing.
         By the time my cigar was almost done, so were we. I stubbed out my cherry as we walked inside the apartment, my cock still deep inside of him. He leaned against the door to the balcony as I fucked him until he came. His load hit the glass and I pulled out, shooting my cum on top of his. Our loads blended together as they slid down. Cody knelt and stuck out his tongue to collect our mixture as it dripped in his mouth. Holding it, he went to the couch and lied down on his back with his eyes closed. I could see him swirling our cum in his mouth before finally swallowing and taking a deep breath. I walked over to him and dangled my cock in front of his face. He could feel my presence without opening his eyes and turned his head in my direction. Opening his mouth, he sucked the last few drops of cum from the head of my dick as he relaxed. I tapped the side of his face and he released my cock. We didn’t say anything because sometimes words are simply not needed.

         Cody played video games while I did some work on my computer. An hour or so later, I heard the shower run and knew what that meant. Twenty minutes later, I felt Cody enter the room and put his arms around my shoulders from behind. I reached behind and rubbed his shaved head with my hand.
         “Massage time?“ he asked, leaning in to my neck and licking behind my ear.
         “Massage time,” I replied as I saved my work and shut the computer down. Standing up, I playfully grabbed Cody and tossed him over my shoulders to fireman-carry him to the bedroom where he had the comforter folded on the chair and the lotion within reach on the stand. I dropped him on the bed and rolled him onto his stomach before grabbing the lotion and mounting him from behind. My cock hung nestled against his ass crack, causing him to grind his ass instinctively. I laughed to myself as I squirted lotion in my hands.
         I started at his neck and slowly rubbed. This would be one of the last times we would have the time to be like this, and I wanted him to remember the feel of my hands on every inch of him. He moaned as my hands went lower, kneading out the knots, popping pieces back into place. Despite the added muscle he had put on, his body felt so small in my hands, so delicate. It is an incredible feeling for an Alpha to know that something so fragile trusts you so absolutely. They put their faith in you and you shelter that belief until it is time to return it back to them for when they are set free again into the world.
         I worked my way down his body until my hands were at his ass. I knelt at the foot of the bed and pulled him towards me by his ankles. I spread his legs wide and placed my tongue flat on his taint, licking slowly and without forceful pressure up to his hole. I listened for his breathing and when it returned to a steady rate, I did it again. And again, I waited for it to return to normal. After doing this a few times, I grabbed his cheeks in each hands and massaged them, pulling them apart to allow my tongue to tease his hole. It still tasted fresh from his shower and I allowed myself to slowly eat it with the goal to simply just enjoy the moment.
         When I felt his body begin to show signs of him being in his faggot-heat, I stopped eating his ass. I turned him onto his back and pushed him towards the headboard so I could climb on top of him. I stared at him as I massaged his neck, with one hand around his throat, rubbing his pressure points below his ears with my thumb and index finger. He was focused and never broke eye contact, even when I began leaking precum on him as our cocks rubbed together.
         I moved down to his arms and he flexed them as best as he could. With one arm propping my body on the bed, I flexed the other arm and let him feel what a real bicep felt like.
         “Someday,“ he said wistfully.
         “Someday,” I replied doubtlessly.
         I re-positioned myself so I was again sitting between his legs around my midsection and with my own legs extended and nestled in his smooth and hairless armpits. I lifted his waist up so that he was pseudo-sitting in my lap, again with my cock nestled between his cheeks. I reached under his lower back and massaged outward for a while before moving one hand to his front while holding him from behind for support. I rubbed his abs and he flexed them. It seemed that he was adopting my “I flex where you touch”-reaction response. His abs were clearly coming through, and they weren’t just “skinny abs”, but real “muscle abs”.
         “Look at these!“ I said with pride. He looked down and saw the fruits of his labor. “See what you achieved?”
         “I had a little help,“ he said with a smile. He feigned modesty, but I knew he was proud of himself.
         I lifted him up and shifted him so that his legs were on my shoulders and his ass was in my face. I pulled him onto my tongue as my nose nuzzled against his taint. I easily held up his suspended body as I prepped his ass with as much saliva as I could muster.
         “I think I really need you in me soon,” he moaned.
         “Was that a question? You don’t sound sure.“
         “Fuck me, Sir!” The boy was lucky that this was his day, and that I was too horny to stop and discuss that fags do not give commands. Plus, it is occasionally hot to hear a fag-in-heat break from protocol. Occasionally.
         I lowered him down so he sat on my cock. Moving one hand to his dick, I grabbed it for the first time ever. It felt so small and thin compared to what I’m used to, meaning my own. I say this publicly because he would tell you the same thing about his compared to mine. The vast size difference turned me on and I felt my cock swell. I lifted him up slightly to add his precum to mine for lube on my cock. I moved his hips and my cock slid up, tracing along his crack until I felt the ridges of his hole against its head. I pulled him closer to me and felt myself slide into him. He wrapped his legs around my waist and I fed my fingers, still slick with precum, into his mouth. Our hips moved and pressed our bodies closer together until, for the second time today, I felt his second ring welcome me deeper inside him. His head leaned back as he gasped and writhed, and I tried not to think of the “jacuzzi scene” from ShowGirls, but that’s basically how he became on my cock. He bounced, he ground, he impaled himself. In between bounces, I bit at his nipples and tweaked them until I felt his precum leak steadily onto my abs. He was in heat minutes before, but now he was lost in a whole deeper head-space. I rubbed his sweaty neck with my hands and he gripped my biceps. I slapped his face and he clawed at my back. I felt his ass become more slick as I fucked him and couldn’t tell if it was my precum or just his natural self lubrication. We fucked without any care or concern for time. We kept the same position with minor adjustments, for there was no need of change just for the sake of variety. It was carnal and it was passionate and it was transcendental.
         I could hear in his breathing the labored pants the herald an oncoming orgasm and I felt the urge build in my heavy balls. We locked eyes and he stared at me almost as if looking beyond me to a place a hundred miles away. I knew that look and I hoped that I was wrong.
         “I..,“ he began.             Don’t say it, I thought.
         ”…love…“                     Damn. He’s going to say it.
         ”…you!                         Shit.
         Some words, once spoken, can never be unsaid. A vacant hush filled the room where grunts had resided. I looked at the fag and could see the fear and vulnerability in his eyes. He had exposed himself to me and my next action was critical. I had no intention of lying to him, nor to be cruel with his raw emotions. I placed my hand on the side of his face and held it. I held it like the night he cried to me about his father. I held it like I had tapped it playfully. I held it and his fragile world in that moment of eternal apprehension, where his fears and hopes resided, awaiting my reaction.
         “I know,“ I said with somber honesty, an honesty that held the implicit rejection of his love now formally forever unrequited. I saw in his eyes the neurons fire as he tried to process everything, and his eyes filled with tears. I held him close as he began to shiver. He would later tell me why he cried. He cried for the sad reality that he already knew. He cried for the fear of the impending separation and for being on his own again. He cried for allowing himself to make a connection he knew was destined to be temporary. He cried that his love for yet another male figure was rejected.
         I saw this pain in his eyes and I felt his hurt. I held him close and I kissed him on the lips. It was not a kiss of passion. It was not a kiss of friendship. It was a kiss of love and kindness and paternal affection. In that kiss, I hope he felt that he was worthy of love, of joy, and of appreciation. We held on to each other long after our dicks became soft; just an Alpha and his fag, holding on to each other and sharing a moment that could only be experienced when there is devotion. When there is guardianship. When there is respect.

         I lay him down on the bed and pressed on top of him. He ran his fingers through my hair and apologized. I playfully slapped his face and asked him what he had to apologize for.
         He shared with me why he cried and what he had felt. I explained to him that of the many feelings I have for fags, romantic love was not one of them. He said he understood and was sorry for ruining the moment. I reminded him that of all the people I’ve fucked, only a few of them were memorable; and he would be one of those I remembered. This would be a memorable night for me regardless, and he agreed. There was still plenty of time to finish, but only when he was ready.
         He reached down to grab my dick and gave it a squeeze. “How are you STILL hard?” he asked.
         “How are you STILL surprised by this?“ I replied with a laugh.
         He guided my dick to his hole and I slid it back in. I pumped slowly and deliberately, watching in his eyes for the tell-tale signs of emotion. There was contentment as I pumped his ass. There was tender warmth to match his warm insides. There was devotion as he stroked himself in time with my thrusts. We did not talk, but could sense when it was time for each other to cum. We came simultaneously with synchronicity that cannot be manufactured or forced between an Alpha and his fag. 
          He pulled me close with his legs on my lower back and hands pulling him in to his neck. I collapsed onto him as our lungs filled together and pressed our chests against each other. I continued to pump into him as we talked about the day, the weekend, and his time with me. I pumped into him as we discussed his future. I pumped into him as we cleared the air and said everything that needed to be said, leaving nothing back or reserved. I pumped into him until I felt myself ready to cum again.
         “Breed me, Sir,” he said, and so I did.
         “You enjoy your day, boy?“ I asked when I had finished.
         He smiled at me and I let him give me a chaste kiss on the lips. “The best, Sir. The best.”