This is a sampling of the anonymous nonsense I receive regarding the true stories I publish here:

many of the stories here are very questionable, Sam works his ass off for us here, but I do wish he were a little more discerning in what he believes as true — I think he understands the truth of heirarcy so it sometimes clouds his judgement in what is fact and fiction. (just because Sam emails with a “fag” or alpha” doesn’t mean the story is true) I personally think this whole Kyle and his alpha Dad story is not true but it doesn’t make my enjoyment of being on the site any less – I take what I think is true and leave the fiction to the side.

This is actually hilarious, because out of all of the hundreds of true stories I have published here, the ongoing story about Sir Rob and his Alpha son Master Kyle is probably one of the truest ever!

Longtime readers of the site watched that particular story grow organically out of an anonymous question by the father (who turned out to be Sir Rob) about his Alpha son! I gave painstakingly documented everything involved with this story as it continued to grow over time!

It’s hilarious to me that some anonymous nobody can come into the comments section and question the truthfulness of what I’ve published after months and months of cultivating separate relationships with both Alphas!

I mean, I’m in chastity BECAUSE OF THESE TWO ALPHAS! I dedicated my chastity to THEM! Why would I do all of that if they were simply figments of my imagination or Men I barely knew?!?

I take great care to make sure I’m publishing true stories. I don’t get it right 100% of the time, of course. But I feel that 95-99% of it is accurate and true.

None of the people questioning me have any idea how much time and investigation I put into these stories before publishing. None of these people appreciate that I continue to update long-running true stories on this site because I maintain relationships with these people.

They are real. Their stories are real.

There will always be doubters to these truths because they can’t believe these amazing things are happening to others and not to them. I wonder why.

I leave the comments section open on this site because I believe in free speech and healthy communication, but I’m not having my work disparaged by anonymous cowards. The comments section can be shut off with a mouse-click.

I’m going to send this post to Masters Rob and Kyle so we can have a good laugh at this poor pathetic bastard’s expense!