Last night I published a story that should’ve been one of joy. After all, Master Matt had cunted his third faggot Tommy and Master Jin paid good money for a extravagant cottage for the three Canadian Masters to enjoy a week of worship with their huge caravan of faggots.

But right in the middle of it I unleashed a blistering critique of Master Nick’s capitulations to his girlfriend.

I received correction from Alphas and faggots alike for my improper outburst, but the one that cut the deepest was this one from Daddy, Master G:

Little faggot. You have forgotten your place and need to be corrected.

I understand how you must feel, but to hear a faggot, ANY faggot, speak with such disrespect to an Alpha is not acceptable.

You will NOT delete what you said, but you WILL publicly apologize to Nick. Confess that you, as a faggot, or even as an ordinary man, had no right to say such things to an Alpha. ANY Alpha!

It’s true, we live in an absurdly PC world right now, but the very term “Politically Correct” is itself an oxymoron. Nothing politically based can possibly be “correct”. Whatever Nick is going through personally right now is no concern to you.
But for you, the prominant faggot that you are, to admonish an Alpha publicly is wrong and foolish. It could un-do all the good work you are doing here on this site.

Make this apology ASAP. Make it concise and clear. Then BEG Nick to forgive you.

Daddy is absolutely right.

Master Nick, I humbly ask your forgiveness for losing my temper and forgetting my place. You deserve my respect, not only for the great Alpha you are and the way you’ve come to own and care for your own faggots, but also for the changes you have brought about in me. Knowing you has made me a better and deeper faggot than I ever thought possible. I finally surrendered to chastity because of you, Master.

You deserve love and respect and honor, not anger or judgments. Least of all from a faggot like me.

I’m so sorry, Master. Please forgive me.