This thread follows the story of Alpha Cody, a powerful straight college Alpha who has learned to use faggots for his own advantage. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

In Master Cody’s last update, he had throat fucked his dorm roommate a second time. It was definitely more aggressive use, and Master Cody noted that the faggot seemed especially quiet afterward.

So in an attempt to give the new faggot a breather, Master Cody chose to use his other campus cocksucker for his next load.

I was right about my music major fag. I went to the music and arts building and heard him playing piano. I knocked on the practice room. He let me in. I like this guy because he knows why I’m there. He loves that thrill of draining me right there in the room. I don’t care about being caught. Someone did knock on the door. He finally got him to go away. I never got soft. Blew his mind.

But notice what Master Cody said after this session:

I went back to my room (after using the music faggot) and my roommate was there. He’s been quiet since the second round. I started getting ready to just check out and sleep. He asked me so sheepishly if I wanted him to go down on me. I told him no I just took care of that. Then even more pitifully he asked if I would like a second one. I went to sleep glowy. Two faggots getting my juice in about a half-hour. One pursued. One who just asked like he was trying to get a drug fix. Love it.

So clearly the faggot is fine despite being quiet. It has swallowed a couple of Alpha loads from Master Cody’s big dick, and the fulfillment is forcing the faggot to accept the truth.

But the faggot’s personality change hasn’t gone unnoticed:

The RA for my wing of the dorm had a talk with me today. The RAs just watch out for us. They’re trained to watch for differences that might indicate suicidality.  He IS acting different.  He asked me if I had noticed anything different about my roommate. Awkward. I just said he seemed under more stress lately.  

The personality change has Master Cody thinking about a possible solution: breeding.

I’m thinking about fucking my roommate. I value docility but I don’t want to risk destabilizing him. Fucking always puts fags or girls under a spell. I’ve seen them all: alpha females, maneaters, sex witholders, girls who told me to get naked while they’re clothed, etc. That bullshit doesn’t survive the first pounding out. I like to think I build them back up differently than simply destroying them. I don’t have that much time left with him. 

My roommate would have to be doggy style or over a table. It almost feels like I just want to humiliate him further.  It has no other purpose. Some girls get the choke-and-pound just because they’re solely being used for my pleasure. But they are usually looking for that too.  Those are pretty merciless.  I’ve loaned a few t-shirts because of torn fabric from those.  Most of them want more of that for some reason. They like it. With past girlfriends (and Mattias) I would put more focus into my thrusts.  Part of that is dominance too.  I like to watch them lose all control over their bodies and minds.  A simple gyration here, a little adjustment there, and they’re pinned down in a daze of pleasure.  If I can think of it in the moment, I grab the knees and open them up but also grab the hands and pound away while watching them lie there and go into another dimension.  Kissing is involved here too because there’s no area left that won’t go into sensory overload.  Every part of them is mine. The bonding and physical contact afterward just makes them feel safe. I can even put them to sleep stroking their earlobe and outer ear.  

The non-Mattias guys I’ve fucked were usually looking to just get used like Group #2.  I’ll put them on their backs.  In my little universe, putting someone of their back is more about power and awe.  But a strict doggy style means they just are nothing to me.  I usually do that for not-so-good reasons.  The chick I hinted about before, who tried to tell me to get naked, got fucked on all fours.  All evening she had been trying to test me and I was getting annoyed. I don’t normally get that riled but goddamn. I walked toward her and she stepped back toward the wall. She had some spaghetti strap dress on. Just one smooth move it was at her feet. My roommate is pretty well broken now.  I hadn’t considered that he might want to be fucked.  So maybe it would be good for both parties.  There’s just something about his regeneration that feels… incomplete.  

It’s significant that Master Cody views his rut as a form of medication to soothe and heal a psyche broken down by his cock and cum. Alphas often feel this way. It’s a form of “the only way out is through”. In other words, push them so hard and so thoroughly that they have no choice but to reach acceptance.

So it does sound like Master Cody is going to breed his faggot roommate and finally complete its transformation into a whore to serve his needs and the needs of other Men. It’s an incredible power that our greatest Alphas – Apex Alphas – have to wield in order to maintain the natural order!

I am a humble and grateful faggot to know him at all.