I love checking the comments section of this site because occasionally somebody will drop a personal experience that blows me away.

Such is the case here with a comment a reader named Zack left on an article about cunting. When I first wrote about cunting a few years ago, I didn’t know if anyone would be able to relate to my own experiences with it. Instead, it turned out that my posts on the subject finally put words to the experiences faggots were really having while being fucked by their Alphas.

I think this comment really demonstrates the transformational power of cunting.

I wasn’t properly cunted until a couple of years ago. I was 28, and at the time I was still living as a straight man, and was engaged to girl. I had played with guys and had bottomed but had never really given myself to it fully, had always tried to hold onto my masculinity, always wanted to top too, had always told myself that it was just kind of a bit of fun, and I’d never been fully dominated by an alpha.

Then I met an alpha god called James through a personals ad. Even his tone in messages was dominant. I knew this was something different than what I’d experienced before. I was scared, but I was excited. Something at the back of my mind told me it was important that I meet him.

So I did. And he transformed me. It wasn’t just the way he used me physically, though that was intense – he fucked me powerfully and repeatedly – but he got into my head, into my soul. He made me say things about myself that I knew were true. He made me give voice to desires that I hadn’t even admitted to myself. And he degraded me and humiliated me in ways that made me feel special, made me feel seen, and made me understand my purpose.

I served as his faggot for over a year after that, until work took him out of the country. He used me as a servant and a fucktoy, he shared me with his friends. There was no shred of the resistance I’d had before, and no desire in me to hang on to some idea of being masculine. He’d shown me what I am, and what I’m for, and I’ll always be grateful to him for that.

I’ve tried chasing the feeling of euphoria that came from that first cunting, but nothing has really come close. It’s life-changing.

What incredible testimony!

When I talk about the power of Men, it’s really about this right here. It’s the ability an Alpha has to take a sub male living a lie and forcing that male to accept the truth about itself by the sheer power of his cock, his cum, and his dominant will.

Alphas who do not carry out this divinely-sanctioned commission to use their power in this way are incomplete. A cock is more than an instrument for breeding. It is the manifestation of transformational power. The cock and balls of a Man are tools uniquely designed for this purpose.

When an Alpha mounts an inferior, it’s his Hierarchical duty to reinforce natural order through dominance, cunting, and breeding.

Listen to the grateful words of the faggot above. It was changed forever by this natural Hierarchical process. The forceful application of Alpha power is the only thing that makes this beautiful event a reality!