Cunting is one of the most profound moments in the life of a faggot. It is the line of demarcation between the world of Men and the world of true faggotry. Once a faggot has been cunted, there is simply no way to return to the world of Men and Manhood. The cunting utterly destroys that possibility forever. 

I’ve written about cunting many times before, most notably in a 2016 article titled “Being Cunted” (READ HERE). There are many signs that indicate cunting, including uncontrollable shaking or reverse rutting as experienced by me (here) or Guillaume (here) or Simon (here). There is also a kind of paralysis as described by Brian the faggot of Straight Alpha Mike (here). 

Regardless of the reaction, the faggot is altered mentally and emotionally by the experience, which is unlike anything Men typically experience. To put it in more organic terms, a cunting is probably as close to a female orgasm as a male can get. Hence the name. A faggot’s hole is transformed into a pussy, a cunt. And it will never be the same.

I think the one aspect of a cunting that seems to be universally experienced by cunted faggots is something I call “The Void.” When a male sticks something in his ass or even gets fucked, he moves on with his life largely unchanged. 

But a cunted faggot ends up with The Void inside its pussy, a space where cock was and belongs again. The Void is constantly craving to be filled with cock again, to feel that sense of fullness and completion. Without cock, The Void is like a black hole, a howling vortex aching to be stuffed full of cock. 

It’s an ache deep inside the faggot’s pussy. It keeps the faggot awake at night, yearning to be penetrated. Sometimes the rim of the faggot’s pussy tickles, teasing the faggot to stick fingers into it or find a cock willing to fuck it. 

Cunted faggots are like converted vampires, damned to a life of neverending hunger to fill The Void that drives their need.

Of the many ways Men and Alphas control faggots – sexual use, scent training, discipline, chores – cunting is the most permanent and profound, mainly because of The Void. There will always be an empty space inside that cunted faggot, a space reserved for the Man who did the cunting. 

The Void is the truest mark of Ownership.