This post is part of a thread chronicling the ownership of a faggot named Jamie by a straight Apex Alpha named Master G. CLICK HERE to read these posts in chronological order!

In a recent podcast I discussed the use of the word “Daddy” in the Dom/sub space, and why I’ve never used the term in reference to any of the Alphas who have owned me in the past.

Now I’m going to discuss the powerful Apex Alpha who has given me a reason to use the term.

In my previous post, I introduced you to Jamie, a 64-year-old faggot who has been owned by a 29-year-old straight Apex Alpha named Master G for the last 15 years. I discussed Master G’s rape of the much older faggot and subsequent ownership of it when Master was just 14 years old.

At the end of the post, I revealed that Master G had discovered my correspondence with his faggot and was threatening to cut it off. After much pleading, Master relented.

This was his opening statement to me:

This is Jamie’s Master. He just let me know he’s written to you and I just wanted to make some things very clear so you will understand what is expected of you. Jamie is MY property. He is MY responsibility. He has devoted his mind, body and soul completely to ME and I demand you be respectful of that!

He is also very special. He would never say so, but he is. He might be large and imposing physically, but he has a fragile and gentle nature and I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANYONE hurting him in any way!I am only allowing this because you have been kind to him and you have shown me respect. And I think Jamie needs a friend we both can trust. So I am saying again, SO I KNOW YOU UNDERSTAND, you MUST respect our need for confidentiality! Understand if that were breached, I’d still be ok. But it could destroy Jamie.

And even though I’m straight, and he’s just my faggot, I trust him more than I’ve trusted anyone in my life. More than my parents. More than my wife. And he trusts me, so don’t fuck this up!

Instantly I was struck by the protective tone from Master G. It was different than what I’ve heard from other Masters who are eager to protect themselves. Instead, Master G was more concerned about the welfare of his property, Jamie the faggot.

Right then I knew I was dealing with a different kind of Alpha.

Like most Apex Alphas, Master G started young. He was fucking females at the age of 12/13 years old, including older women. Very advanced stuff. But then he met Jamie at age 14.

When I first took him, I was young. I just figured this will be great for a lot of fucking and blow-jobs. But when he surrendered so completely to me, and gave me literally everything he possessed including himself, I realized what a huge responsibility this was going to be. I had to grow up pretty quick.

What’s really significant about this early period is that Master G didn’t shrink away from the responsibility of owning a faggot, but instead rose to the challenge. And in response to that ownership, Jamie signed over his cars into Master G’s name (property like that can be put into the name of a minor) and, when Master G turned 18, Jamie signed over the rights to his house to his Master. Said Jamie:

I bought that house during Daddy’s senior year in high-school once he was accepted at University. Then I signed it over to Him, along with all the rest of my assets, when he turned 18. Oh, there is so much to explain! I’ll try to keep it simple. When He took me I was so grateful that I wanted to give Him everything right then and there. But Him being a minor there were legal reasons why I couldn’t. I was able to give Him the cars though. Can you believe it? Even though He couldn’t legally drive, He could legally own a car! So I signed over my Lexus and a nice SUV a few days after he cunted me. Of course, He couldn’t drive them yet, but I felt so good to know they were His. Also gave HIM ATM cards to my bank accounts, and keys to my house, and also my condo in the city. At the time I only had the one house and a vacation cottage up north.

To this day Jamie now owns nothing. Every piece of property, all of his bank accounts, and every cent all belong to Master G.

But of course, Master G is a straight Alpha. Eventually he would find a woman to marry, threatening his ownership of Jamie. I asked Jamie about this.

He prepared me well for the marriage. Even when He was a teenager He always said He would be getting married someday. He wants to have sons. He deserves to have sons. He still fucks a lot of other women though. He often brings them here to fuck. It’s exciting to hear them through the walls. He did that all through His college years too at my old house. I paid for many abortions.

But he’s never fucked any other guys yet, even though I can tell there are many who would love that.

One thing I love about Master G is his direct, head-on manner. He didn’t sugarcoat anything for his faggot. He was honest.

But there had to be adjustments as Master G matured and began to consider a mate. Jamie was part of that.

I’ve felt love from many men and many, many women. But nothing like I get from my Jamie-girl. I hear it in his voice, I feel it in his touch, and I see it in the way he looks at me. Even when I’ve been rough with him, and believe me, sometimes when the mood comes over me I can be somewhat brutal, he’ll look up at me crying his eyes out, but I can still see it. He absolutely loves me! It triggers something in me I don’t know how to describe, but it definitely feeds me. Makes me even stronger.

If I were gay I would have married him long ago. I even thought of it several times. I mean, I do have some affection for him. He’d make the ideal wife. Never complains or argues. And completely devoted to my needs, and to my pleasure and happiness. And even though I require lots of female pussy, in my experience women always get to a point where they have expectations of men. I think it might be biological, but they always feel they deserve something. It must just be in their DNA.

Nevertheless, Master G fell in love with a woman and married her. But, unlike many straight Alphas who own faggots, Master G was determined to keep his faggot.

So by the time Master G married, he owned a gym (financed by his faggot) and they were working out together there because Master G wanted to get his faggot into shape. However, once the marriage happened, Master G wanted some separation for the sake of professional appearances. So he had his old straight friend take over Jamie’s training at another gym. More on that friend in another post.

The past 2 years since I got married have been hard on him. Giving up our workouts together. (I miss that too) Plus my work, and then the pandemic.He has never once complained.

And that is how Master G took over the entire life of his faggot Jamie. But there is a curious aspect about their relationship that explains so much: Jamie calls his much-younger Master “Daddy”.

For Master G, the word “Daddy” is meaningful.

I can’t remember exactly who it was. One of my teachers, or maybe my best friend’s mom. It was one of the women I fucked regularly before meeting Jamie. I might have been 13 or maybe just 14. But whoever it was, I was really eating out her pussy pretty aggressively and she shouted out “Daddy!” That just sent me over the edge! I just tore into her like an animal! Loved it. Ever since then I’ve always loved being called Daddy.

But I didn’t become the kind of Daddy I am now; the kind you described, until Jamie.

And now me.

You see, Master G has taken a direct interest in my life and improvement the way no other online Alpha ever has before. He has put me on a new regimen to improve my eating and sleeping habits. He has me focusing my efforts to become more productive and focused.

It’s truly astounding to me that this GODLIKE Apex Alpha has taken such a specific interest in me as human property. He’s a married Alpha with a growing company to run and a (now caged) faggot to care for, yet he sees right into me and keeps track of me.

In my podcast, I mentioned that the word “Daddy” means “home” to me. Safety and security.

I’ve never called a Master my Daddy. But I’m finally ready to begin.

Thank you, Daddy.