This post is part of a thread following the further service opportunities of a faggot named Dalton, the breeding hole owned by straight Apex Alpha Master Caleb. CLICK HERE to read his posts in chronological order!

Anybody who knows anything about faggots knows one thing about us – we are insatiable. It’s probably the one things that surprises and pleases straight Alphas when they first use us. They are accustomed to females whining and scampering away as soon as they cum. But faggots simply cannot get fucked enough, fed enough, pounded enough, or bred enough. Faggots will swallow every drop of cum a Man’s balls can produce, and then continue sucking and hoping for more.

However, I would’ve forgiven my brother Dalton if he had decided to take time off between visits by his God-like Apex Alpha Master Caleb. Master Caleb has been pounding Dalton into hamburger meat so relentlessly that Dalton almost requires stays in the hospital. I imagine Dalton curled in the fetal position and rocking back and forth while processing Master Caleb’s latest rape.

But my resilient brother didn’t do that. Instead, he wanted more.

I was quite surprised when I received this email the other day from Dalton. After updating me on getting a second faggot to serve Raging Bull, Dalton added this:

I also found another guy to serve here.  He’s a young airman at Mountain Home AFB about an hour from Boise.  He’s Black Hispanic, maybe Puerto Rican or Dominican.  I don’t want to be rude and ask.   

He was spending the weekend in Boise at a hotel just to get away from that shithole.  He was lurking around on Grindr.  I coaxed a pic out of him.  He was scrawny looking but that also meant he had a dick you could almost trip over.  He wanted to try getting his dick sucked by another guy.   

It was a beautiful cock.  I couldn’t get it all the way down but I tried.  I focused more on edging him.  I didn’t think I could get him hard at first.  I told him to close his eyes and I would occasionally reach up and caress him.  It was such a solid cock.  I didn’t want to torture him but I wanted it to be impressive.  I took his hand and put it on the back of my head.  I thought he was going to tie himself into a knot he squirmed so much. Finally he nutted in my mouth.  I didn’t think it was going to stop flowing.  He was practically yelling at that point.  Then just laid back and caught his breath a minute afterward.  He never got fully soft either.  So I just asked him if he wanted to fuck me.  He nodded but was afraid because he didn’t have a condom. 

I bit the bullet because I’m on prep.  It was all doggy, which I hate, but he was enjoying it too much.  He made the skin clap which was kind of hot.   I could keep on. Short and sweet: He asked if I could stay the night.  I woke him sucking his dick. Then I got fucked again in the shower. In the shower he opened up more and wanted to try kissing me, which with his full lips was amazing.  He grabbed my neck too when he did it.  I was definitely in my mental “zone” at that point.   

Anyway.  I know he’s not Caleb but nothing makes me happier then getting bred in both ends.

I was stunned by this glorious success! Not only has Dalton initiated Master Caleb into the use of faggots, but now this new straight Alpha as well! I had to know more.

Dalton very generously obliged:

His name is Josías but told me to just call him JoJo. I usually don’t think guys like that are shy but he was a lot cooler once he got into it. He would use his hips when he fucked like he was trying to show off his moves.

The other main difference in the shower was that he initiated. I’ve never done anything sexual in a shower and I have to admit it was pretty amazing.  He overcame whatever mental barrier he had and he threw himself into it. He put his hand on my neck twice.  The second was actually way hotter.  I was already bent over getting fucked.  He pulled my upper body up, held my neck with his left hand from behind my neck, and started kissing me again.  Then put his other hand on my jaw/cheek.   

I’ve never been quite fucked like that before.  It was all kind of passionate and hot.

I was curious about the “passion” part of this situation. Was Alpha Josias crushing on Dalton, or was that simply how he expresses his dominance? Dalton was wondering the same thing.

I didn’t call myself a faggot around him.  I just behaved like one.  I also booked the hotel room for this weekend because he didn’t think he would have enough before his mid-month pay. But he did want to cover dinner.  I think he’s picked up on enough cues from me. 

I’ve heard some guys move quickly but it’s alarming. I blame this on letting such a passionate guy have me raw. Like he’s claiming me.  Just a few days ago he was just trying things out with a guy.  Now he’s flirtatious and charming to a ridiculous degree.  It’s this weird mix of charm and affection mixed with demands.  He can’t wait to be with me again this weekend.  I’m all he can think about. 

But then he wants me to send pictures of myself wherever I am.  He also likes sexy pics. He thought the underwear I wore when we met looked sexy and he wants me to wear next time.  Then he wanted a pic of me in them.  He also likes me to tell him when I get home or to work.  

And I’m just going along with it.

He might be crushing. Or he thinks he is. Granted this is all with text, but he compliments me, compliments my looks, tells me that I’m all he can think about after last weekend, he can’t wait to be together again this weekend. Him wanting to take me out for dinner Saturday night took me by surprise. From what I’ve read, Dominican guys (I finally figured out that’s his origin) don’t really “date” if they like you. They’ll want to jump right in. But they are also possessive and dominant. And he’s going to probably expect me to fulfill a particular gender role, which I do that anyway.

I think this is just the salve Dalton needs in-between power fucks with Master Caleb. And the nice thing about this is Master Caleb would most likely not give a fuck what Dalton does when he’s not plunging his giant dick into Dalton’s pussy.

But really what it shows is that true faggots like Dalton not only have a deep need to keep serving, but they also serve a vital function in the initiating of straight Alphas. The Hierarchy demands such insatiable soldiers!