This post is part of a thread following the further service opportunities of a faggot named Dalton, the breeding hole owned by straight Apex Alpha Master CalebCLICK HERE to read his posts in chronological order!

I feel strangely close to my faggot brother Dalton. It’s much the way I feel close to Michael the apartment building faggot, or the seven faggots in Canada. They remind me of ME from a certain period of my life, I guess. They all have this reckless, fearless, charge-the-beach attitude toward the service of Men that I recognize in myself. It’s refreshing, and life-affirming.

Dalton’s young career as a faggot has been blessed by the opportunity to be the First Faggot to two incredible straight Alphas, Master Caleb and, more recently, Alpha Josiah (or JoJo or now Joey). Master Caleb is simply a blunt instrument, a Thor’s hammer destroying everything in his path. But Alpha Josiah is a different animal, passionate and possessive and considerate. I think he’s introduced Dalton to a world of new opportunity for sensuality while serving as a faggot.

I’ve had that. It’s marvelous.

But Alpha Josiah is also introducing Dalton to something else – risk taking. I don’t know if I could have the courage to sneak onto a military base in order to service an Alpha; I often freaked out trying to sneak into dorms to service them back in the day! But that’s exactly what Alpha Josiah made Dalton do yesterday, and you can almost hear his quickened heartbeat while he recounts what happened:

Classwork is slowing down right before fall break.  I got a text from Joey (he is okay with being called that too) to see if I could come meet up with him about an hour away.  I’m silly and thought maybe he had some kind of car trouble or had gotten into a situation.  I wasn’t sure what he had in mind.  

He gave me an address that turned out to be the Wal-Mart in (nearby town).  He told me his roommate was on leave.  He was summoning me to come get him off. The catch is that Joey lives in a military barracks (the Air Force calls them dorms, weirdly enough).  I told him I didn’t think that I could get on a base.  He didn’t think it would be a problem as long as he was the driver.  

He was right.  The gate guard checked his ID and we sailed right through.   That turned out to be the easy part.  We had to get past people on guard duty too.  These guys can be hypervigilant assholes apparently. He told me to act natural and not look at them. I was so nervous.  Not just for me but I also didn’t want to get him in trouble.  One of them, apparently someone he knows, started talking to him.  I thought I was going to piss my pants.  I love military guys but this made me nervous.  But Joey is so disarming and this guy on guard duty was just hypnotized into laughing at whatever Joey was saying. 

The room was more like a suite and he had his own tiny area with a twin bed, desk, and really boring, hotel room like furniture.  He didn’t waste time.  He was immediately kissing me and running his hands up my shirt to peel it off.  I kept asking for reassurances about whether we would get in trouble and he just interrupted me by kissing me again and putting his hand gently around my throat.  It was instantly soothing. 

Trying to squeeze 2 guys on a little barracks bed was terrible.  I went down on him for a while.  I didn’t know how I should do it because I had no idea how much time we had or anything.  It was kind of an average blow job.  He wanted to swap out quickly and then my favorite part happened.  I washed good before I left.  He ate my ass soooo good.  It wasn’t as delicate and teasing as the first one. This was more “down to business.”  It was so hard to keep quiet.  Occasionally people knocked on his door. I was scared to death but he kept going.  I tried to trust that he knew what was normal and what wasn’t. He ran the pad of his finger over my hole and that’s how I knew how much it changed.  It’s like it primes for his dick when he eats me out.  And somehow he knows it.

He asked me if I was ready to get fucked while he was practically tickling my hole, which made it swell even more.  Of course I said yes.  Finally the more playful Joey came out and he said he wasn’t “convinced” I meant it.  He ate me out and played with my hole a little more.  I was really afraid then because I was having a harder time not making noise.  I can’t remember wanting a dick inside of me so bad in my life as I did yesterday afternoon.  I honestly thought that was just some sort of erotica bullshit but I actually felt it this time.  It didn’t help that he kept talking about how bad he wanted inside of me.  I think that’s another trick he picked up with women. 

I was on my back when he fucked me. He teased a little like he was going to pull out.  It wasn’t much of an exaggeration that I was afraid he would actually pull out at that moment. It felt perfect.  Finally he got close and was smiling.  I love his smile, which you’ve seen.  It’s just so genuine and warm.  He likes to announce that he’s going to cum.  I’ve always wondered why some guys announce that.  He was down near my ear asking me where I wanted him to cum.  I think he just wanted to hear that I wanted him to cum inside me. He did that finally. 

He wanted to lay together on that tiny ass bed for a little while until he wound down.  Part of his sensuality is that he can get kind of cuddly and I’m totally okay with that.  I was still so nervous.  He teased me a little for being so nervous like “what do you think would happen if someone walked in here?” I also felt bad I came a little on his bed sheets and again he just dismissed that like “we have washing machines, you know.”   Ugh I WISH I could be as carefree as he is.  I know that nothing he goes through now is as bad as things he has endured.  So, he’s got that perspective.  

Now he knows that I am willing to travel to where he is, so I know that he’ll remember that.  But he doesn’t care when it is or where he is.  I’ve learned that quickly.  

Alpha Josiah has already learned that faggots respond like females to being licked before a fuck. He clearly loves it, and so does Dalton!

And I have seen a picture of Alpha Josiah smiling, and it’s exactly the way Dalton describes it here – disarming and full of joy. It would be hard to deny him and his giant dick anything they wanted, as if a faggot would ever deny a Man like him at all.

Alpha Josiah (yeah, I just can’t call an Alpha “Joey” no matter how many times my brother calls him that) is rapidly stepping up his possession of Dalton. When Alphas discover something they like, they are much like bulls spying a red cape. I think Master Caleb might be losing his grip on his beloved cumdump.

Eh, who am I kidding? Dalton will still gladly bend over for him, too!