This thread follows a faggot named Alexander, an 18-year-old virgin in Luxembourg, as he learns to submit to an Alpha neighbor named Simon. CLICK HERE for these posts in chronological order!

The development of little newbie faggot Alexander continues at a breakneck pace! Simon, Alexander’s Master, has decided that he should train Alexander to drink his piss.

This is usually a line for many faggots. There is a natural revulsion toward urine given that it is an excreted waste product. Additionally, there is a deep catalog of evidence in both the animal kingdom and human history that urine is used for the purpose of humiliation and aggression. It’s something we all understand, and that’s mainly why faggots recoil from being pissed on or swallowing it.

From a health standpoint, while urine might not be the most refreshing of beverages, it’s largely harmless to ingest (some claim there are health benefits, though given my bout with cancer they apparently were never transferred to me). Sometimes it tastes pretty strong, but most of the time a healthy Man’s piss barely tastes of anything. That’s because it’s mostly made of water.

I have swallowed piss for years, and I’ve been pissed on many times as well. The first time I ever did it, I had this feeling of falling off a cliff. In my mind, I just kept saying, “okay, here we goooo …” while separating myself from what was happening to my body. Over time, I came to appreciate the experience of drinking a Man’s piss. It’s supremely humbling.

But, for whatever reason, I became apprehensive when Master Simon told me of his plans for little Alexander. The faggot was just deflowered a week ago, kicked out of his parent’s house, and was now serving a Man full-time. That felt like enough for now. I was afraid adding this new assignment might terrify the boy, give him anxiety, and make him stop.

Boy, was I wrong!

First, I received this message from Master Simon:

I started conditioning him on my piss today. I started with my morning piss, because I wanted to see how he’d react. To my surprise, he drank it all!!! This boy is absolutely fascinating!

Then came Alexander’s excited account:

I drank Masters piss, Sam!!!! It was very strong and the first sip was kinda weird, but I knew I’m drinking something very special and I drank it all. Master is SO proud. He says I’m a very good boy.


I continue to marvel at Alexander’s internal strength and conviction. He takes orders spectacularly well; the kid was born to be a faggot! When someone of some authority gives him a command, he simply follows it exactly without question or hesitation! Breathtaking!

Master Simon later revealed to me that the piss training was part of a larger plan – to make Alexander a SLAVE. As shown by the example of Tim the fag slave, the life of a slave is radically different from the run-of-the-mill faggot. There’s a dehumanization to it that is several levels deeper into subspace.

But Alexander seems eager for the challenges that lie directly ahead.

OMG I’m so proud to have found such a good Master. I often read that Masters would treat their faggots like shit, but Master is always nice. He’s strict and when I misbehave I get punished, but he’s always nice, and after he has punished me, he takes me in his arms or strokes my hair. I do everything he wants anyway. I just was allowed to drink his piss again. Directly from his cock. Of course I drank every drop and I thanked him for it. He said I was such a good boy.

As such, Master Simon has arranged for the next phase of Alexander’s slave training – serving multiple Men at once.

Master has invited a friend tonight to fuck me. He says I must get used to serve all men. Of course I’m looking forward to it very much.

So be happy for little Alexander as his life is completely reshaped in Master Simon’s knowledgeable hands!

I have never been so happy, Sam.