This is the extraordinary story of 17-year-old straight Alpha Kyle, son of a 51-year-old married Alpha named Sir Rob who is grooming his Alpha son to own and use faggots. CLICK HERE to read these posts in chronological order!

One of the greatest true stories ever told on this site involved Sir Rob, the Alpha father of my beloved Master Kyle. Sir Rob used this site to introduce his Alpha son to the idea of using faggots, and it literally changed Kyle’s entire life.

Before I could even finish the first story, Kyle became the owner and Master of three local faggots and was breeding them regularly.

Filled with his newfound Hierarchical power, Master Kyle looked at the hot wife of his next door neighbor and decided he wanted her, too. So in a dramatic cuckolding session, Master Kyle forced the neighbor husband into submission while breeding his wife.

But even that power wasn’t enough. Master Kyle decided he wanted to impregnate the wife and make his first child. So he began daily breedings of the wife in order to accomplish his ambitious goal before the couple moved away.

Then, most incredibly, the wife became pregnant with the progeny of this young Alpha stud!

The couple moved away months ago, but Master Kyle made sure to keep in touch in order to ensure that his child would be delivered safely.


Born a few days ago, Master Kyle became the father of a beautiful baby girl named Ophelia!

You just know that this young queen will be the twinkle in Master Kyle’s eye, and she will live a blessed life as the daughter of a true King!

I am so proud and overjoyed for Master Kyle and his father Sir Rob! They fulfilling one of their great commissions, to be fruitful and fill the Earth with superior children!

Hierarchy Is Truth!