You know, I get my fair share of cranks, false accusations, and death threats thanks to my work on this site and its social network. It’s thrilling. These events always boost my ego and keep my adrenaline racing.

No matter where you land on what I write, I don’t think any reasonable person can credibly call me a liar or a fraud. I believe in what I write, I do exhaustive research into my subjects, and I connect the stories of the real people I cover to the very best of my ability. Am I perfect? No. But I’m definitely not making it up.

And the results of what I do here speak for themselves. I have changed the lives of A LOT of people over the six years of this site’s history. Many, many people have found purpose through my efforts directly or indirectly.

But, even with that level of success, I still get shit like this comment from an anonymous (of course) dumbass:

You just advocated rape. I’ve been following your work for years, liked a lot of it. Now I realize that was a mistake. I mean, the hierarchy stuff was always obvious bullshit, because humans are a lot more complex than this fetish, but hell, fetishes are fun, and so sometimes people pretend to believe them, and that’s cool. Makes it hotter. And then, of course, there’s the obvious fiction, which is also awesome. I’m in favor of fictional stories, but that silly “group of soccer players” post was obviously fake, and then disappeared.
And now here you are advocating rape. Of course, these messages are mostly fictional, either made by you, or by someone else just playing with their fetishes. And sure, rape fantasies are hot. But your whole thing is that it’s not a fantasy, and now here you are, suggesting that someone rape someone.
You need to rethink some things. Even when alphas point out that you’ve gone off the rails — like with your pro-pedophilia shit — you claim the alphas are wrong and are fake. They’re not: you are.
Introspect a little.

I want to zero in on this idiotic accusation that the true stories I present, including the “group of soccer players” (and presumably their faggots), are fake.

They are not fake. In some cases these Alphas and faggots have put their faces to their stories, and have often provided me a chance to speak to others who corroborate what is being told to me.

But the accusation about Masters Nick, Matt, and Jin (the soccer players) and their faggots being fake is most offensive and idiotic. All of the people involved in this titanic true story have courageously put their faces on display along with their honest life story. I will defend each and every one of them with my life for their bravery.

Honestly and without ego I will say this: my coverage of these straight Alphas and their faggots, a true story that has spanned more than 1.5 years now, is the most complete and astounding document of Hierarchical truth ever published. Period. You don’t even come into the deep end of Hierarchy without digesting this remarkable intersection of true life stories.

To have some gutless anonymous troll accuse me and these real people in Canada of lying or being fake is offensive beyond words. It’s also fucking stupid. You have their pictures. You have a continuous storyline meticulously maintained by me with countless hours of honest reporting and counseling involved.

Go ask the faggots who’ve tracked down Masters Nick and Matt on Tumblr and find out if these two extraordinary Men are real. They’re very real.

These people have put everything on the line for the sake of being truthful. Do you understand that? They’ve actually suffered in their personal lives for the sake of transparency.

That’s real courage. They show the kind of strength and integrity that these anonymous cowards couldn’t muster if they could buy it.

These are the days when I fight to keep this site running, because I get the urge to pull the plug on the entire endeavor. Then I think of the obvious intelligence level of the anonymous writer, a person so dim-witted that they accuse me of faking everything but have been reading me for years … and I keep going.

But it’s not easy.