This is a new thread merging the true stories of straight Alpha Nick and straight Alpha Nikola as they begin a new adventure of full-time faggot Ownership! CLICK HERE for these new stories in chronological order! 

The rule is firm in the Kingdom of straight Alphas Nick and Nikola: NO FAGGOTS ARE ALLOWED UNCAGED AT ANY TIME.

By strictly adhering to this rule, the Alphas have been able to maintain order and peace with their three in-house faggots Chin, Yul, and Lee. Having the faggots constantly locked in their chastity cages keeps them at a high level of sexual readiness, which is good because these Alphas need to unload many times and often! 

New fag Alex, like the rest, had a previous life in which he could masturbate whenever he wanted to (daily) and fantasize about whatever flew into his mind. He was like any other young male – free to play with his dick and express that part of normal masculine behavior.

That part of Alex’s life ended last night around 6:10 Eastern Time. That’s when Alex showed up at the apartment for dinner and was immediately locked into his new cage by his new Master, Alpha Nikola. 

First this: When Alex walked into the apartment, he immediately dropped to his knees and kissed the feet of both Nick and Nikola – a great start! THEN Nikola put the cage on. Alex said when he rose up from kissing Nikola’s feet he could smell Nikola’s musky balls, which completely turned on the faggot.

Dinner was quiet. Faggots Lee and Alex served dinner to their Masters wearing shirts and jockstraps. Alex later said he was delirious from the strong smell of testosterone in the apartment. 

Alpha Nick gave Alex the night to go home and think about whether he wanted to continue. If he agreed, they would move Alex into the apartment today. That just happened a couple of hours ago.

But it hasn’t been easy. Alex spent today in a near panic over a few sudden realizations he must come to accept about his new life serving these two great Alphas:

1. He no longer has a penis, cock, dick, etc. It’s now his clit.

2. He will never touch his clit again. Cleaning is done by his Masters.

3. The cage is never coming off. Well, not as long as he serves, anyway.

4. He will never cum like a Man again. Orgasms only come from cunting.

This is heady stuff. Lee spent today with Alex while the Alphas were at the gym and tried to reassure his new brother that it’s going to be okay. To help this process along, Lee had Alex smell Alpha Nikola’s other gym bag, which nearly caused Alex to pass out with excitement.

Later today Alphas Nick and Nikola intend to feed Alex their cocks and their cum. This usage should (hopefully) take Alex’s mind off his clit, and focus instead on the grand privilege of serving two of the greatest Alphas alive today!