Fag Catches A Prize-Winning Alpha

Many Alphas and faggots complain about how hard it is to find their counterpart in today’s world. We are less social these days, and more often rely on digital means to communicate and meet people. Sadly, some unique and effective sites for meeting others (like Craigslist and Tumblr) have fallen prey to fear and PC-induced pressure, leaving a void.

But every so often you try casting your lure in a pond that never has any fish in it, and suddenly pull out a prize-winner. That happened recently to a wonderful faggot brother named Austin.

Austin recently perused Doublelist, long touted by this blog as the only Craigslist alternative worth mentioning (until WRSHIPR gets launched, that is), when he came across this ad:

Even though Austin didn’t exactly fit the profile of the fag this Alpha was seeking, he decided to respond. And the Alpha quickly replied back with a more detailed list of wants:

Doublelist wouldn’t let me post the full text of what I’m looking for, and I’m looking for service with a domestic component. I’m NOT just looking for a blow-and-go.  I’ll copy and paste the full text of what I’m looking for. Please read all of it:

Me:  I am a dominant man. I’m Hairy, muscular, naturally beefy, bearded, and handsome. I’m caucasian with thick legs, a hairy chest, and an uncut cock. I have a solid, masculine body. I have a good job, I’m a home owner, and I have a very healthy intellect. I’m confident. I’m a big cut above the rest of what you will find on Doublelist.

What I’m looking for:  I want service from a domestically inclined guy who is completely focused on me and my needs. Someone very submissive who lives to make me happy. Someone who finds their own happiness in pleasing me. Someone who doesn’t just want to get me off and then leave – someone who wants to submit on many levels, not just sexually.

Example Scenario:  An example scenario that would please me is you coming to my house early in the morning, boiling water and making my morning tea just the way I like it while I get a few extra Zzzs in. Then you bring the tea into my room, set it on the bedside table, and climb beneath the covers to wake me up with a nice, gentle blowjob. After some time on my dick, you lick my balls – also gentle and slow. Worshipful. Then you lick down lower, licking my taint. I’ll lift my legs to give you better access so you can rim me. I really like to get rimmed. It’s important to me that you enjoy rimming because you’ll be doing lots of it. I expect you to be eager to rim me and I want you to rim me enthusiastically and worshipfully. I’ll have my morning tea while you dutifully lick my hole, suck my dick, lick my balls, and pleasure me. The more eager and worshipful you are, the more turned on I will be. I will cum in your mouth and then you’ll climb out from under the covers, turn on the shower for me, and take away my morning tea. As I shower, you’ll wash the dishes, dry them, put them away, and make my bed. You should tidy up anything that looks like it needs tidying around my house. After my shower, you’ll rub lotion onto my body making sure to rub it all in all over my body. While I answer my morning emails, you’ll rub my feet. Rubbing my feet gets me horny. Subservience turns me on. By the time I’ve gotten through my emails, I’ll be ready for you to worship my dick, balls, and ass again. I’ll feed you another load. You’ll moisten a towel so I can clean off my dick balls and ass. I’ll head off to the gym while you head to your own home. That’s one example scenario that characterizes the nature of service I’m looking for. Domestically oriented, very much one-sided, and about my pleasure.

Handsome is preferred. Success is preferred – It turns me on when a successful man submits to me. A healthy body is preferred. Obedience is necessary. I don’t want to know what YOU want to do with me. The easiest way to lose my interest is any sentence that starts with “Can we do _____ ”.  All I want is you ready to pamper me and make me feel good, and to do so with eagerness and worshipfulness. Keep your laundry list of fantasies that involve me to yourself. Good Service is what you can offer me. I love to be treated like a king: rubbed, spoiled, and doted upon. A man who brings me gifts, small or large, is a big turn on. If it’s within your comfort zone, spoil me: bring me food, grocery shop for me, take me to dinner, etc. That is a big turn on but not a requirement, I pretty much have what I need for the most part. It’s just a very sexy way of showing one’s subservience.

I probably will not fuck you. There is a specific “type” of guy that I like to top, and I don’t see it much on here. So, it’s unlikely I fuck you.

If you love the idea of rimming me and blowing me but aren’t into the domestic aspects, we’re not a match.  I can get blowjobs and rimjobs easily. Serving me domestically is a necessary component and, for the right guy, should be its own prize.

I do not have any interest in degrading you or humiliating you. In fact, I’m more interested in seeing a SMILE on your face as you serve me. I’m a nice guy with no sadistic side. Your pain and humiliation give me no pleasure. Your eagerness and submissiveness should be gladly given to me, not forcefully taken by me.

If the relationship is ongoing for a while and the chemistry and service are outstanding, I’m not opposed to a live-in arrangement or even romantic attachments forming. Finding that would please me, but it would also surprise me. I don’t expect to find that level of chemistry on here. But I am open to it and would welcome it.

If you’re interested in servicing me both sexually AND domestically, please confirm that in your response.  Like I said, I’m not interested in blow-and-gos – blowjobs are easy to find. I’m looking for repeat encounters with someone who will be more subservient in more ways than just giving me physical pleasure.

What I need from you next: Pictures, Stats, and an acknowledgment that you’re interested in service that has a domestic component.

Needless to say, Austin was blown away by this response (as was I), and immediately replied. After some nice back-and-forth emails, they agreed to share phone numbers. Then the Alpha texted Austin, and they had an hour-long text conversation, part of which went like this:

Sir: And you like to rim?

Me: Very much, Sir. It is a powerfully intimate and primal way to submit to and serve a man. It marks me with his scent, and lets everyone know I am his. Washing a man’s most private place with my tongue is one of the highest privileges I can imagine.

Sir: Absolutely. I completely agree and it’s one of the reasons I like getting rimmed so much. Many see it as an act of degradation but I don’t think it has to be like that. I think it can be an act of worship that builds up both people involved.

Me: When I rim, it is absolutely worship. Degradation is alien to my experience when I worship, Sir.

Sir: I’m glad you want to wash my ass with your tongue. I don’t like a guy who hesitates when rimming.

He then asked about domestic service, and we agreed taking a gradient approach, in which he teaches me how he wants tasks done, would be best. He signed off saying:

Sir: I’m headed to bed. Looking forward to your service. I can tell you’ll be good. Sleep well.

They now have plans to meet this coming week!

Let me make this perfectly clear: there are plenty of Alphas out there wanting worship and service, and there are even more faggots out there eager to serve!

If you can’t find someone to fulfill your needs, YOU AREN’T TRYING HARD ENOUGH!

My fag brother Austin has landed a big fish, and you’re still sitting on the dock with an empty hook! Get your line in the water and catch a prize-winner, too!