One of the best decisions I ever made for this site was the creation of a direct Q&A section very much like the old feature it had in its Tumblr days. It has allowed people the opportunity to anonymously ask me very personal questions or safely relate wild experiences to me. I’ve met some incredible people through it (like Alpha Jaguar) that continue to inspire me to this day.

Last night my inbox was blessed by another remarkable Alpha who calls himself Ursus. That name is significant, because “ursus” refers to a genus of the family ursidae (bears) that includes brown bears and polar bears (side note: I fucking LOVE intelligent Alphas who test me this way!). The name alone tells us a couple of significant things about Alpha Ursus – he’s a bear, and he’s smart.

And he’s also an Apex predator.

Here’s the scintillating tale he shoved into my little box last night (wink):

I only found this site a couple days ago and have been reading quite a bit.  It’s given me a lot of ideas and vocabulary on things I have known and done for a long time.  Thanks.  

I was going to write about how I came to know I am an Apex Alpha now that I know what one is, but I am a little worried about how much information you publish about people you correspond with, so wanted to see how it works first.   But anyway, finding your site had good timing.  Faghunting in the wild has been difficult because of covid and I hadn’t caught one since last summer until couple weeks ago.   A friend who’s firm I do a lot of business with was having a party to open their new office (They’d been in there a long time but waited on the party b/c covid).  My friend ended up having a sick baby and didn’t come, and I didn’t know anyone else there all that well except to say hi to.  They had a boy and girl putting out food, opening wine bottles etc. 

The boy caught my eye immediately.  Total fag.  Posture, expression, movement, looks, clothes.  Very slim and tall, one of those ’hourglass’ shaped twinks, widest at their bony hips.  Longish hair, very cute, those drawstring pants with elastic cuffs pulled way up, showing off his little ass that was like two large mangoes with a deep valley.   I started talking with him.  Was in college, I think at the local CC, being all awkward and totally submissive.  I presented my bulge and he couldn’t take his eyes off.  I kept innocently touching him as we talked, getting my hand onto the small of his back a few times–and he arched it. I came back for another drink later and told him to meet me upstairs in 10 minutes.   

I waited upstairs and sure enough he came.  We went into one of the unfinished back offices that I sometimes set up my computer in when I was there.  I picked it because it had a heavy old leather love seat in it.   I pulled him in and shut and locked the door.  No one would come up there anyway.  As we stood, he reached to touch my cock but I pushed his hand away, put my hands on his shoulders (he is a lot taller than me) and pushed him down till he got the idea and sat on the carpet.  I pulled his head into my crotch and rolled his face around my full jockpouch.  I’ve mostly worn jocks for years since I was first in Iraq.  I got my pants down and let him lick the jockpouch.  I knew we had to be quick so I pulled it down and stuffed my now-hard cock into his mouth.  I let him lick it and work it a bit and then began to fuck his face.  

This is getting too long but basically he lost a little steam working my cock so I put him over the arm of the sofa, pulled his flimsy little pants and undies down, spit on his beautiful pussy and pushed in.  He and the situation had me so hot I busted in a minute or so, which was fine in the circumstance but I usually pride myself on lasting a long time when I am digging up such a nice twat.  I wiped my cock on the back of his undies and noticed him wiping his load out of the front of his briefs as he pulled them up.  haha.  

I got his number but he got all flaky on me before we were able to meet up again.  He definitely needs to be owned.  Many of the disorganized, flaky, undisciplined boys around here do.  I still don’t know who he was, it wasn’t a catering company or anything so him and the girl must have been kids or neighbors or something of someone who works there!  

So credit Alpha Ursus for coming up with the term “Fag Hunting In The Wild” that forms the title of this post! It’s a wonderful phrase that accurately describes exactly what happened in this instance.

The experience also really underscores a vital lesson for all Alphas. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO TAKE WHAT YOU WANT. A faggot is essentially a robot slave with two convenient, ever-ready sex holes and an overwhelming need to serve. Why would any Alpha ever hesitate to assert Alpha privilege when he spots a faggot in everyday life (i.e. “the wild”)?

Alpha Ursus found himself in a strange social situation, saw a faggot, and demanded service from it. Then he took it and used it. It cannot be any simpler or more natural than that.

I hear far too many Alphas say that they cannot find a willing faggot to use or own. Seriously? Faggots are literally everywhere, dying to serve. It literally takes a stare and a crotch rub, or an arm grab and a firm command, and an Alpha can have whatever he wants from a faggot.

Listen to the techniques Alpha Ursus used in his hunting of this faggot. The crotch rub, the hand in the small of the back, the direct command. It’s all right there, and it’s effortless.

Hunting faggots should be the easiest sport on Earth for any Alpha Male, but you won’t catch any if you never get into the woods and reconnect with your inner predator. Apex Alphas like Master Ursus are making trophy kills using simple, instinctual techniques.

Just as Nature intended!

Hierarchy Is Truth!