This thread follows the developments of Jason, a 41-year-old chef, as he begins a service arrangement with a straight Alpha workmate. CLICK HERE to read these posts in chronological order!

I think it’s so adorable when faggots come to me wide-eyed and stunned when they follow my admonishments about being fearless when offering service to straight Alphas … and they find success! I know it works, because I’ve been using this approach my entire adult life as a faggot. And I’ve served MANY straight Alphas because of it.

Faggot Jason is just the latest example. When he came to me, he was already informally serving a straight Alpha workmate (they work together in a restaurant) named Chris for about two months. Service included meals (Jason is a chef), and even hosting football parties for Alpha Chris and his best friend! I saw a picture of a lengthy text from Alpha Chris instructing Jason on a laundry list of chores to accomplish (grocery shopping, and even picking up meds!).

So we both agreed that Alpha Chris was using Jason like a faggot, but nothing was formally said about it.

With Jason hosting a Super Bowl party for Alpha Chris and his friend yesterday, I suggested that it was time for Jason to take things a step farther. I instructed Jason to kneel on the floor beside Alpha Chris’ chair and call him “Sir.”

This would be a pretty dramatic step, especially in front of Alpha Chris’ straight friend. “I’m scared,” said Jason, which I understood completely. But I reasoned this way:

You don’t need to be scared. He’s using you. He’s not going to throw away a useful slave. Push the issue a bit. I’m telling you that you have NOTHING to fear either way. He’s not getting rid of you.

So those words seemed to encourage Jason, and he was resolved to try it.

And boy, did it ever work! Here’s Jason’s update:

I told them. It went really well. It was awkward. They are still here And a bit drunk.
He was really confused and wasn’t really understanding. He asked if I liked being called a fag. I told him yes I do. And he was kind of weird at first. Said that he would love to be served. But he said he wants nothing sexual and I told him that that’s perfectly fine. I don’t care as long as I can serve him and he understands the hierarchy.
He then sat down and watched the game and said “hey fag, get me and my buddy another beer”. I said yes sir. He asked if I like calling him sir instead of Chris!
So ya, it went really well. Thanks so much for the advice!!!!

All faggots need to learn the lesson Chris learned yesterday – straight Alphas want the kind of worship faggots offer, but they don’t realize it’s okay to use us and still be straight. When we submit to them without reservation, this opportunity opens up to them and they become intrigued.

Once intrigued, all sorts of possibilities exist. But one thing’s for sure: a straight Alpha isn’t going to throw away a good and devoted slave who submits in a respectful way!

Right now Alpha Chris is thinking deeply about this new faggot he owns and what he can do with it. I’m sure a few filthy thoughts popped into his mind, if only fleeting.

The seeds for greater service have been planted … now watch them grow!

All because a humble faggot showed a little courage! You can do it, too!