I see it a lot around here, this phenomenon of fag panic. It happens when a submissive male stumbles onto the site, reads some information, and they suddenly realize: OH FUCK, I’M A FAGGOT.

Needless to say, the discovery of one’s Hierarchical role can be disorienting. It’s what I sometimes call “the lightbulb moment” when everything becomes clear. It’s like snapping that perfect jigsaw puzzle piece into place.

Understandably, Alphas find a lot of joy when they realize they are actually Alpha. Who wouldn’t be proud to be a superior Man, or a Man worthy of worship by females and faggots? Obviously this is something every Man wants, so discovering that truth is always empowering.

But discovering that one is a faggot can be terrifying.

One day you’re simply a little gay boy, and the next day you discover that you’re actually born to serve Men, born to be used by them and enslaved by them. It can almost give you whiplash!

That just happened to a faggot who just found the information here at FWA. Here is his comment:

HELLO to both the Men and the ‘faggots’ on this site this is first time to see this site, the above article has me feeling overcum with shock, emotion and the realization it is all true and very accurate and perfectly describes how this guy or boy or yes faggot has been living since 2012, its both shocking to know that is how i am seen and thought of as a cocksucker and didnt get it then and worry how it will affect or control my near future. i gave up and surrendered alot in life for the privelege of being one Mans cocksucker and he called me a faggot was very cruel, mean.,selfish and that only made me try even harder to please and appease him, and yes would thank him and express gratitude and just even today cant believe how much he took from my life no matter how hard i tried to please him and do all else he asked. why does my mind and instinct work this way? am ashamed to be that way but proud to be a good cocksucker and used for that purpose, it feels important and special.

Can you hear the fag panic in his words? The dread, the excitement, the sense of confusion?

I wrote the new faggot back and said this:

Brother, I know it can be a shocking realization. I know you’re confused and stunned and a little turned on right now. Don’t worry … you’ll be alright. You’re in the right place. There is a link at the top of the right sidebar of the site titled “advice for faggots”. Click and start reading posts there. You will find more than enough information. The discovery phase for a faggot can be disorienting and quite frightening, but what’s obvious right now is that you’re hearing the ring of truth. You know you’ve stumbled upon your truth. Don’t stop … just keep learning.

The ring of truth, that lightbulb moment, is what we need to focus on in this moment. Don’t deny you heard it and shrink back. Follow the ring of truth until you reach your destination.

Fag panic is temporary. The ring of truth is eternal.