This thread follows the story of Trey, a faggot who was outed and eventually enslaved by his Alpha co-worker. CLICK HERE to follow this true story in chronological order!

Well, things have been progressing rapidly for the faggot Trey since he essentially surrendered his pride and submitted to his office Alpha subordinate. The Alpha, Master James, basically performed a hostile takeover of Trey, first in position and then in life.

But as we will see, Trey’s service now extends beyond the workplace.

hey brother,

So things have been moving along at a very fast pace since I have admitted the truth about myself. Nothing too overt at work has happened aside from the office. We did have a meeting with a few coworkers and at one point I started to interject my point and then Sir just reached over and put his hand over my mouth and continued talking. I know the others thought that was a bit odd. Especially since I basically sat there and allowed him to do it.

At his home I am in charge of keeping things clean, making him dinner. I honestly should move in since I have been over at his place so much. He is a very demanding master but I do feel a sense of peace at nights when I am on all fours in front of him and he puts his feet up on me while he watches TV. I honestly never thought things would go this far but they have.

Given the increasing possession of Trey by Master James, I asked if its Master had taken steps to use it sexually.

He has let me lick his balls but he says that is all I’ve earned for now. He is taking his time before going any further than that with me. At his home I am responsible for all chores. Laundry, dusting, sweeping and mopping, cooking, cleaning up the dishes afterwards. I do a lot. It’s very tiring but I do still get this sense of peace from it all.


You can almost feel Master James surrounding, enveloping, and consuming Trey like a hungry octopus. There is no escape even if Trey wanted it!

So far, this is the textbook way to fall into the possession and service of a straight Alpha. Trey has performed beautifully, and Master James has begun to explore this newfound power within.

This is the most natural relationship in all of Nature when both Alpha and faggot accept their personal truth and act accordingly!

I’m excited about the future for both!