Faggots Are Everywhere – An Alpha Jaguar Story

This thread involves the rise of Alpha Jaguar, a frequent visitor to this blog who has chosen to share his experience as a straight Alpha who learned early about the usefulness of faggots. You can read all of his posts in chronological order by CLICKING HERE!

Some Alphas are not far removed from the Beast that lurks beneath the surface. For these Men, that Beast manifests itself in almost literal, predatory terms in their daily lives.

Master Hung Bull is one such Alpha. So is Master Titus. And I would include Alpha Jaguar in that group as well.

You might remember the memorable episode (CLICK HERE) when Alpha Jaguar literally growled at another Alpha invading his territory. Or the other times in the posts linked above when he was hunting faggots like a great land predator with a scent of blood in its nostrils.

Well Alpha Jaguar has a message from his hunts for all Alphas: FAGGOTS ARE EVERYWHERE.

Here is the message in full:

I was at the convenience store the other day. The same store where I earlier “growled” at young dude awhile back. Something hilarious happened! You see it was a very hot day so I was wearing flip flops after work, I was no joke marinating in sweat. Anyway, as I was waiting in line to check out, I was kinda eyeing this hood rat kinda guys bubble ass as it was the best scenery in the place and I was as usual VERY horny. Just as I said to myself “ah I’d fuck em”, he interrupted his transaction with the clerk to turn around and look at me, he did that kind of double take that I’ve seen fags do at me my whole life, and became fixated on my feet. Call it a fag sixth sense.

He looked at me and said sensually “oh, you got your toes out, that’s hot!” Emphasis was placed on the HOT! He didn’t seem to care that the clerk was trying to hand him money, he instead was locked on my feet. I found this so so funny I just busted out laughing, because I understood what was going through his mind. Then I got kinda uncomfortable because I thought he was going to get on his knees and lick them right there in the store and also all the people around were sort of confused. Why was he complimenting my feet, why was I laughing and finding it so hilarious.

He kind of snapped out of it and completed his transaction and walked off still trying to fix my gaze. When I walked out of the store he had waited for me. He clumsily tried to make conversation and when I asked him if would like to see these feet again I thought he was going to orgasm right there in the parking lot. I got his snap chat and he offered to pay $50 to worship my feet. Can you believe that?  I plan to take him up on that this weekend as I have never tried it (other than having woman massage my feet), and shit I might as well. I deserve it right!

So, I learned a few things from this experience. 

1) Fags are everywhere as you say.

2) I found his lust for my feet exciting and hilarious the way it embarrassed itself in their presence.

3) I would’ve been confused about this interaction (as a straight man with no foot fetish) if it weren’t for Sam and FWA. I really appreciate the knowledge and insight that your site has provided as it allowed me to understand and capitalize on the situation.

4) I never would have thought of this guy as a fag by his appearance, urban, athletic, and rough looking he may indeed turn me into a “Foot Master”! 

What led to this encounter (aside from Alpha Jaguar wearing flip flops that displayed his beautiful feet) was his fearless, unabashed lust in public when he spied a faggot. Alphas do not need to fear this kind of thing. Animals do it all the time, and Alphas are the greatest and most powerful animal hunters the world has ever seen. Why would an Alpha ever second-guess himself when his lust is boiling over? He should simply take what he wants, right then and right there!

Alpha Jaguar lives on his instinct, and it almost never fails him. He has no problem with expressing his needs to a faggot he meets randomly in his life. He understands at a primal level what a faggot is meant to be for a Man like him.

As the weekend approaches, Alpha Jaguar wrote me this:

The footy thing is still so strange and hilarious to me. It’s hard to believe it as you say a #1 fetish among fags. But I’m going to allow myself to enjoy it!

Just as I helped Alpha Jaguar appreciate that faggots are everywhere, I think he’s about to learn what I say about how foot worship affects Alpha dominance!

Stay tuned!