This is a thread following an extraordinary 21-year-old straight Alpha named Eric and the enslavement of his friend Nick. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

This is part two of a three-part series of articles.

So after I sent that email (see previous post) I waited on pins and needles. I fully expected Alpha Eric to either force Nick into submission or dismiss the situation altogether.

But Alpha Eric’s next email was another big surprise.

I think Nick still thinks that we can be like it was before, but that he’ll suck my dick if I want it.  We talked again today.  He’s not as chatty when he’s sober.  Couldn’t he have just been a faggot without coming on to me? 

My girl’s faggot brother is home on break.  She and I have an agreement especially since she’s pregnant.  If I fuck another girl or get my dick sucked then I don’t tell her about it.  I don’t brag about it.  I don’t act romantically toward them.  And I play safe.  No prostitutes or anything like that.

I like that agreement.  I was more relationship-oriented than my brothers.  I like having a loyal girl and (soon) mother of my kids.  She’s my queen. 

Anyway, I lost my train of thought.  Her brother’s first stop on getting into town was my place.   I don’t mind an occasional surprise from a faggot.  If his sister’s there then it’s just a nice visit.  But she’s at work until 7 p.m. most days.  I think I’m worse when I know a fag has other places to go, especially to a boyfriend.  He already had his jockstrap on too.  He’s just like his sister when it comes to adding nice little touches like that.

I had time so I shot my juice in both ends.  I pumped one right down his throat.  Once he got me hard again – which is not an overly difficult task – I totally wrecked him.  I love hearing him whimper.  He was a tiny drama club fag in school.  I make him squirm with all his might trying to get from under me.  That alone almost makes me cum my brains out.

He’ll stay at their parents.  I had a goal before we moved in together to fuck her in every room of that house.  I only half-succeeded with her brother.  Still I have to laugh knowing how hard I used him and then walking around a house where he’s been in used in half the rooms. I know it works because my girl even said she can’t not think about how she was fucked in a particular room.

I’m off tomorrow too. I’ll have him come over. It’ll be fun not to jerk off for a couple of weeks.

This was certainly a new wrinkle. I was a bit frustrated because a delicate situation like Nick’s needed to be top priority at the moment, and Alpha Eric was off breeding his girlfriend’s fag brother instead.

Adding to my concern was Alpha Eric’s apparent waffling on confronting Nick at all, stoked primarily by what he wrote the next day:

I just saw your email. So, Nick. This only gets worse the more I think about it. Take all those experiences and add him. Except for football. Nick’s a total dork. But he’d snowmobile, hunt, fish, hang out, etc. He’s shyer than I am. I had to help him ask out his first serious girlfriend. And he has a current girlfriend. He talks to me when they argue, but otherwise they’d be a great pair if he wasn’t a faggot. She likes that kindler, gentler dork type. And our girls are good friends.

Other than sleepovers he would just come over to our house and do whatever we were doing. He was always there.

Maybe I could just steer him toward coming out? It’s shitty in the short term but in the long term might be better. I don’t give a shit if he’s gay. I have gay friends. Not just token ones. We’re way too small of a town for that. No one gives a shit what race, sexuality, or whatever of friends you have.

I don’t know if that’s a solution. It would really be a good one if possible. Thinking about Nick sucking my cock would be like seeing Tommy or Seth try to do it. It would just feel incestuous and bizarre. I doubt I’d stay hard.

Now I was really thinking that Alpha Eric wasn’t going to do anything with Nick. Of course, it would be understandable. After all, Alpha Eric clearly had plenty of other outlets for his unforgiving ruts. But Nick so obviously needed to understand the truth of his existence and embrace it … and that was something I felt was important for Alpha Eric to accomplish for his former friend.

And so I wrote exactly that:


Ultimately, you are the Alpha in charge of how this is handled. I support whatever you choose. 

I think Nick needs to be honest with himself. You are the key to that, whether you give him the freedom to discover that in service to you or you kindly encourage him to discover it with someone else, it needs to happen. 

I know you will ultimately choose correctly, Master.

sam the faggot

In cases like these, you simply give the advice and take whatever comes of it. You throw the rose petals onto the water and see if they travel anywhere or manage to float at all.

The next day I received this extraordinary reply (under the heading “Well Shit”):

This will be short and sweet.

Nick came over earlier.  We talked a little more.  I pressed him harder about how he relates to me.  As far as he’s concerned he’s always been some follower of mine.  Without me, he would have just been a bullied outcast.  I don’t think that’s necessarily true.  I didn’t view him as just some follower.  I saw him as a brother.  This made me go from depressed to a little mad.  I mean, he is a pleaser but nobody stayed closer to me than him.  He said he was jealous of the girls I fucked.

He wouldn’t have called himself a faggot but in a way he was saying that’s what he always was to me.

Not thinking, I told him to prove it.  He asked if I was serious.  I told him that I wouldn’t kid about this. 

He sucked my dick.  It wasn’t great but he was hungry.  I’ll say that much. 

I told him that he was great at it tho.  He even offered to do it again but I had things to do.  It was a little awkward afterward but we said we’d catch each other later and that was that.  I don’t feel all that weird about it.


Thank goodness I wasn’t driving at the time I received it or else I would’ve driven into a tree (although I’m usually in danger of doing that anyway)!

I was elated. I excitedly wrote back to him:


I am proud of you for this move, Master! You have started him off in the best way imaginable, and what you’ve done is what so many straight Alphas have done either knowingly or unknowingly for faggots since the beginning of time! 

You have fulfilled Nick’s life!

Hopefully he swallowed your cum, Master. It’s good for a faggot to imprint on the Alpha. If not, perhaps when it happens again you can feed it to him properly. It also might be a good idea to send him a text saying something like “good job faggot” in order to soothe his jangled nerves. 

I’m just so thrilled, Master! Thank you for the great privilege of being with you during this pivotal moment in both of your lives!

sam the faggot

And there you have it – the taking of a new faggot by a dominant Alpha Bull! It happens every day, and it’s part of what makes Hierarchy so intriguing to me. It’s a very natural rite of passage that uses power dynamics as the mechanics to make it work. When everyone accepts their natural role and embraces it, revelatory moments like this can happen out of nowhere!

But as you know, the story doesn’t end there! Alpha Eric was left with a serious concern, and how he wisely approached it will be the third and final installment!