When an Alpha owns a faggot and both parties fulfill their respective roles, there is generally peace and harmony of a sort that is rare to find elsewhere in human relationships. It’s like two very different parts of the same engine working in unison for a common goal.

But even the parts of the finest engine can warp and bend and break over time, eventually destroying the function of the entire machine. In the engine of the Alpha/fag dynamic, the warped part is typically found within the faggot’s heart. When a faggot falls in love with its Alpha, its parts begin to bend almost to the breaking point, and eventually that warped love destroys the entire engine.

It’s not hard to understand why a faggot would fall in love with its Alpha. After all, Alphas represent the pinnacle of human evolution. They are magnetic forces in our lives, pulling us so deeply into service that we lose ourselves in their overwhelming, all-encompassing power. It can almost feel like drowning, but without the fear. Instead, there is peace, a contentment that feels as soothing as a cozy blanket or a gentle lullaby.

In this state, a faggot feels deep love for its Alpha. The Alpha might feel love for his faggot, too. This kind of love is a principled love built from respect and honor. The Greeks used the term “agape” to describe this type of love. 

The bond between Alpha and faggot might even evolve into a warmly affectionate union much like a friendship. The Greeks also had a word for this type of love: “philia.” In the case of the Alpha/faggot dynamic, this philia love would be akin to the philia love a Man and dog share. It’s a union based on respect and shared friendship.

If the faggot can control its emotions and remain focused on serving its Alpha within the framework of these two satisfying forms of love, things will be wonderful. The faggot will enjoy many fulfilling years in service to its Alpha, and the Alpha will enjoy the worship he rightly deserves.

But too often faggots don’t control their emotions. Due to a lack of humility, they begin to crave the kind of love the Greeks called “eros,” which represents romantic love. 

Here’s the problem with that: Alphas will almost never be able to be romantically interested in their faggots. The probability is nearly 0%. Why? There are a couple of reasons:

  • Alphas are not wired for monogamous romantic relationships
  • Faggots are born inferior, and are made to serve
  • Alphas lose respect for the faggot’s fallen nature
  • Alphas have a wide selection of more appealing choices
  • Alphas prefer the worship and service over romance
  • Straight Alphas don’t have any romantic inclinations toward a faggot

So once it’s clear that the Alpha cannot ever reciprocate the faggot’s out-of-whack romantic interests, the faggot will often resort to complaining, pouting, hysterical screaming, crying, and wild accusations. A good Alpha will try to gently correct the faggot’s mindset, but the faggot, consumed by visions of romantic love, mistakes this kindness as reciprocal interest. And so the cycle continues until the Alpha, exasperated beyond the breaking point, cuts the faggot off and dismisses it.

See how tragic this is?  

My encouragement to all of my faggot brothers currently serving is this:

  1. Stay humble.
  2. Focus only on completely fulfilling your duties.
  3. Renew your gratitude daily for the privilege to serve Him.
  4. Remain vigilant against any wavering emotions.
  5. Humble yourself even more.

As faggots, we have the most extraordinary commission of all time. We get to serve the greatest Men who have ever lived! In return for our service, these incredible Men take us into their lives and keep us as one of their prized possessions! Anyone who has seen a Man with his loyal dog or his favorite car knows what warmth and protection he lavishes upon those cherished parts of his life! We can be one of those prized possessions, too!

But it will only happen if we stay humble and treasure every valuable moment we have in their service! It is a privilege beyond compare!

Let that be enough!