This is a new thread merging the true stories of straight Alpha Nick and straight Alpha Nikola as they begin a new adventure of full-time faggot Ownership! CLICK HERE for these new stories in chronological order! 

I’m not sure if I mentioned this anywhere, but not long ago Alpha Nick bought a pair of women’s panties for Yul, one of his three faggots. Why Yul? Alpha Nick said he thought they would look nice on Yul’s more feminine body.

Well, it turned out that Alpha Nick was right – Yul looked nicely feminized with his panties and caged dicklet. This feminization of Yul, coupled by Chin in his cute jockstrap, really lit a fire within Alpha Nick. 

You must keep in mind that Alpha Nick is still very much a STRAIGHT MALE. He responds to femininity the same way a cat responds to a mouse – he POUNCES. 

So Alpha Nick began furiously fucking Yul and Chin all the time. I would get dazed messages from them telling me how hard and aggressively Alpha Nick was fucking them. When I talked to Alpha Nick about it, even he seemed surprised by the level of ferocity coming out of him. We tended to agree that the panties had something to do with it.

Yesterday Alphas Nick and Nikola went out to the bar for some drinks. They texted me while they were out to tell me they had made a decision – they were going out to find panties for Alpha Nikola’s faggot Lee. 

“Uh oh,” I thought to myself.

When the two Alphas returned to the apartment, they made Lee put on his new panties. Lee loved them. Then the Alphas commanded the faggots to kneel before them and worship their feet. After that, the Alphas pulled out their cocks and ordered the faggots to worship them. The two faggots spent quite a while enjoying their Master’s cocks in their throats.

Then the Alphas took the faggots into the bedroom. They mounted their faggots and began fucking them as hard as they’ve ever fucked them. Alpha Nick later commented that he was impressed with the new level of aggressiveness in Alpha Nikola’s rutting of Lee. 

In the middle of all of the fucking Chin returned from school. Chin knew what to do – get undressed and surrender his pussy and mouth. All of the faggots were bred by their two Alpha Masters.

During the fucking and afterward, the Alphas kept telling the faggots they were “good girls” and referring to them as “our girls.” This created a deep chasm of subspace within all three faggots; they felt more submissive than ever before!

For Alphas Nick and Nikola, it was clear those panties did the trick. They were so hot for the feminized versions of their faggots that they almost couldn’t control themselves. They needed to POSSESS these femboi faggots and BREED THEM COMPLETELY.

This morning I received texts from Nick and Nikola. They were working out at the gym. And I could hear the panting and snarling through their words – they couldn’t wait to get back to their feminized faggots and rape them again and again. “Nick and I will be fucking our girls later,” said Nikola between sets.

Then Alpha Nikola said something I will never forget:

“The strange thing is owning faggots is not gay at all. It is just the way it should be.”