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One aspect of findom that is rarely discussed is how faggots use financial gifts to groom very young Alphas and help teach them about their burgeoning power.

I’ve done it before. In my twenties I knew a group of 15 year old Alphas and I would buy them stuff when I had the chance. They knew what I was, of course, and Alphas at that age like to experiment with the effects their bodies have on others. I distinctly remember them showing off sexy underwear they’d bought or asking my opinion about parts of their bodies they thought were attractive. It’s a healthy, natural energy.

The grooming of young Alphas is a time-honored tradition that probably dates back to the dawn of history. It happens constantly now thanks to the internet. Young Instagram Alphas are bombarded by older faggots eager to financially support their growth into Alphahood. Remind me sometime to tell you the story of young Alpha Santi that I groomed several years ago on Instagram. It happens.

The financial grooming of young Alphas by adult faggots happens A LOT in high school. Faggot teachers can’t just offer sexual favors to minor students, but giving financial gifts is almost like a non-sexual sex act.

Master G has a fantastic story of his financial grooming by a coach at his school.

It’s like I said earlier about the king. It’s the people around the king that reveal who the king is.I don’t have to demand things, or beat submission out of people. They offer it to me.They can’t help it. The coach is just one example. When they recognize an Alpha their submission naturally takes hold.

Our elementary school was k through 5. Because of overcrowding they had moved the 6th graders into the Junior High. I had already been doing gymnastics from the time I was 3 and then after that pee-wee boxing, but when I moved to the Jr. High I was able to get into wrestling. And I really took to it! Grabbing other guys and throwing them around and pinning them to the floor. I was born for that! I was a very aggressive wrestler and almost always won my matches. My coach contacted the High School coach (Coach W) and invited him to come watch my matches. He was so impressed he came up to me and shook my hand. He told me I totally dominated on the mat and he was looking forward to me being on his team when I got to Senior High. (While he shook my hand he was looking over my bod up and down. So I purposely did a little flexing.) He asked how old I was and I told him I was going to be 12 in a few weeks. He said with a chuckle that I was about to become a man. And without a beat I said right into his face, “I already am a man.” He fucking BLUSHED and apologized! And tried to laugh it off. (By now I noticed he had a hardon in his stupid looking, too tight khaki shorts. Looked funny on him, he’s a big sorta bear of a guy. Married, 4 kids. Two of them older than me).

Then he asked was I hoping for anything special for my birthday. I told him about some Air Jordans that I had my eye on, but I knew my rents could never afford them. Then the other coach interrupted us and I went in to get showered and changed while they went into the coach’s office to talk. I didn’t think about it much after that. But about a month later my coach called me in and said Coach W wanted to see me, and I was to go to his office at the Senior High after school. I figured it was about him keeping track of my progress or something. Didn’t think much of it. Got to his office and he immediately stood up and shook my hand. Said how glad I came and thanked me for coming to see him while he closed the door. He seemed weird and nervous and I knew something was up. He reached beside his desk and pulled out a box in wrapping paper. The wrapping paper had images of greco-roman wrestling on it. He said it was for my birthday, and sorry it was late.I sat down and tore it open. Air Jordans! Pure white, the style I wanted. These cost nearly $400 a fucking pair! That was a LOT of money back then! Especially as a gift to a 12 year old boy you’ve only met once. Yeah, I took them! I said they were cool!

I instinctively knew never to say thank you. I could feel that accepting them was actually something he should be thanking ME for.

I immediately sat down to put them on. He was just standing there in front of me like a doofus, cock hard as a rock in those khaki shorts. So when I took off my old shoes I handed them to him. I’ll tell you, they were WAY stinky! He had to have smelled them the minute I took them off. I stood up in the new ones (which were a perfect fit. He had gotten my size from the Jr. Hi coach) and said, “These look great!” And he said, “Thank you! I hoped you’d like them.”

And again, my Alpha instincts kicked in and I said, “But you know, I really wanted them in Pine Green.” He sorta stuttered and said, “I could do that”. (I think he thought I meant exchange them) So I said, that’ll be awesome! Let me know when they come in.

He was standing there holding my stinky shoes and stunned that he was now going to have to shell out another $400 to this 12 year old GOD. He held out my old shoes he was holding and said, what about these? And I said, “I’ll let you keep ’em.” and walked out.

A few weeks later I had two pair of awesome Air Jordan’s! $800 worth! And it was effortless!

Over the next 6 years he just kept buying me more and more things. I suppose I could have fucked him, but jeez. He had a wife and 4 kids. Too complicated. But the gear was all great. Lots of shoes, cool tees, and gym gear, a weight set. A LOT of sexy underwear and jockstraps!And when I was 16 and got my first Harley (a sweet surprise from Jamie BTW), Coach got me a sick leather jacket and matching gloves!

And, of course, I won tons of matches for his team. And he had a few other perks, like giving my butt a pat after a win. Sometimes I’d even swat his back and I KNOW he loved that.

Then at my graduation he took me aside and said he had something special for me.Went into his office and he presented me with a fucking TAG Heuer watch. (I looked the thing up later. $4700!) I just about came in my pants!

He asked if he could put it on me and I said, sure. So I held out my arm and he started to try to put it on, but his hands were shaking. He had tears in his eyes, and he could hardly speak. I took the watch and put it on. And he was just standing there. I felt kinda sorry for him. I knew I was the best thing that ever happened to him, and I was leaving. Throw him a bone, I thought. So I said the watch looked GREAT!

Then I invited him to the graduation party my parents were throwing the next Saturday morning.And he almost fell over himself to accept.

I’m such a nice guy!

Now remember, by this time he had already been supplying me with free roids (for Jamie, but he didn’t know that) for a few years. So I had an idea. The Coach and his wife (and one of the daughters who had a crush on me) came over right as the party got started. After thing got rolling and I’d opened a ton of presents, I asked Coach if he’d like to see my room. I thought he was going to choke to death, but he nodded yes.

He followed me upstairs and I opened the door and told him to go in first. Laid out on my bed, on my dressers, hanging up on the wall and laid out on the floor were all the gifts he had given me over the years. Had to have been more than $20,000 worth, but who’s counting? He stood there like a big dumb bear, staring at it all.

I told him I really enjoyed wrestling on his team and that I had a gift for him. I reached into the clothes hamper and pulled out an old used jock. I made sure it was the sweatiest, crustiest, pissy-est one. I had worked out in it every day that week and came in it THAT MORNING! This is for you. Then, in the softest voice I ever heard, he said thank you.

I told him I wanted to keep him supplying my roids, and for every cycle he delivered he’d get one of my used jocks to take home. Just be sure to bring them back to me each time washed. Of course he said yes. I said sniff it. Of course he did. I told him he should untuck his shirt so people wouldn’t see the huge pre-cum stain growing in his shorts and I’d see him back at the party.

So even now Jamie still gets juiced for the price of an Alpha soaked jockstrap. (Sometimes I mix it up and give him a sweaty tee-shirt to wash)

And the poor guy STILL gives me so much shit! And I never had to lay a finger on him! Sometimes I feel like maybe I should’ve fucked him. (Jamie always feels so sorry for him. Jamie is such a tender-hearted faggot. Just like you!) But the jocks will have to do for now. I’ve got enough faggots on my plate.

That might just be one of the most powerful tales of financial domination by a very young Alpha that I’ve ever heard.

This type of confidence and knowledge is lacking in most males, which is why they do not live extraordinary lives as Alphas do!