Imagine you’re a 23-year-old Alpha already living a blessed life when you hear that faggots online give thousands of dollars a month to hot young Alphas just for showing their feet.

It sounds impossible, right? So you post some pics of your own beautiful feet on Twitter.

And, like magic, the faggots submit and start raining down money on you!

That’s the true story of Master Ben (@footkingb), a 23-year-old Alpha in the United Kingdom. As you can see, he’s incredibly good-looking and in the prime of his Alphahood.

And thanks to faggots around the world, all of his wildest dreams are about to come true.

Here’s what this young King made in tributes from his first week:

Believe me, that is NOTHING compared to what’s coming for him!

The beautiful aspect of Master Ben’s dominance is he’s QUIET about it. He’s not flipping off the camera or spitting or being hateful to those who worship him.

His is a quiet, dignified dominance. He knows he’s superior. He doesn’t need to denigrate faggots to boost himself up; nature already blessed him that way.

It’s how any true Alpha acts around the weak and the lowly.

Master Ben is going to rule this world, so get used to serving him!