Frat Fag Gets Its Soul Fucked Out


This is a continuation of the story of frat fag, the formerly straight college male who discovered that he was truly a faggot when he was dominated and taken by a college Alpha named Duke. If you want to catch up, you can click on this link for all of the previous installments in this fascinating story.

When we last heard from frat fag, it had suffered a severe disciplinary session at the hands of Alpha Duke after frat fag became disobedient. Needless to say, frat fag really learned something about itself from Alpha Duke’s punishment. 

Apparently frat fag has been a good boy recently, because Alpha Duke surprised his faggot with a return of Alpha Bishop! And these two Alphas helped frat fag to comprehend what it means to be a faggot in a threesome with two powerful Men. 

I’ll let frat fag tell it now:

I asked Duke if I could take pictures of him or screenshot the occasional dick pic he might send me and he got very upset. He started thinking that I was plotting to expose him. Apparently that’s what his last fag did. He said, “It took pictures and threatened to blackmail me because I didn’t want to be it’s fucking boyfriend. Is that what you’re trying to do?” I told him no over and over again but he seemed to get very worried about it. I’ve never understood why people would do that to another person. I mean I know it happens but it’s ridiculous, selfish and stupid. He said, “This is what always happens with you fags.” So that hurt a bit and it took a bit for me to calm him down and reassure him that wasn’t what I was doing.

I think he was still a bit upset because to help him relax and apologize I started sucking his cock and he fucked my throat so hard it was still sore and felt raw for another day or two.

So that’s happened, I can maybe just take pictures of myself but I assume viewers of your blog want pictures of an Alpha not a fag. Plus I have tattoos on me so I’d need to be careful to hide those because they could be used to identify me. Let me know!

But also, two days ago there was another visit from Bishop. Duke didn’t tell me this time that Bishop was coming over. In fact, Duke had me blindfolded and tied down to my bed and was fucking me. It was incredibly hot being completely at his mercy. 

At some point he pulled out of me and I heard him walk away for a minute, I called for him but he just said, “You’re to wait, faggot!” So I shut up and was laying there, cold, open, and raw. I was a little anxious and got that twisting feeling in my gut. But soon Duke came back (little to my knowledge at that point was that he brought Bishop in and had gone to open the door for him). I didn’t hear much other than light footsteps on my carpet and I got confused and asked, “Is someone else here?” I wasn’t answered. 

Suddenly I felt a weight across my thighs, like someone almost sitting there (Bishop is a bit bigger than Duke and definitely weighs more, but is still muscular). My heart was racing because I knew it wasn’t Duke. But I didn’t know who it was. Suddenly I felt a MASSIVE cock pushing in to me and a hand on the back of my neck, holding me more in place. My jaw dropped open from the feeling of this strange cock entering me. As I gasped I felt Duke’s cock enter my mouth. It’s like I know it just from taste and smell alone.

I heard Duke whisper, “It’s okay, faggot. Daddy’s got you. I wouldn’t let someone hurt you.” He must have seen the terror on what he could see on my face. But once he said that I relaxed, I did feel protected and cared for in that moment. After I relaxed I heard Bishop, “Fuck this pussy is tight.” Then I knew who it was. Bishop’s hand squeezed tighter on the back of my neck and he began thrusting hard and deep inside of me.

Both of these Alphas were taking me with as much charge and force as they seemed to muster. It almost felt like they were competing to see who could fuck better? At some point they switched and Duke went back to fucking me bareback. I heard Bishop remove the condom he was wearing and without hesitation forced his cock down my throat. I almost gagged and it seemed to turn him on more, “Yeah! That’s it’s bitch. Choke on my cock!” He grabbed my hair and started thrusting, pushing my head all the way down until my nose was buried in his pubes. 

Duke leaned into my turned head and whispered, “You can swallow his cum but you can only be bred by mine. Isn’t that right? You look like such a horny, pathetic slut.” I was desperately trying to keep up with Bishop’s throat fucking and Duke pulling my hips back against his. I was getting tugged in two different directions with each of them having their complete and utter way with me.

Bishop came first, and it was a struggle to swallow wave after wave of his cum. When I started coughing, he pulled out and finished another two, thick ropes of cum across my face and blindfold. Duke fucked me for an extra minute or so before releasing his own seed inside of me and told me I should feel lucky to have two Alpha’s cum gracing my pussy and my throat.

Duke pulled out and untied me before leaving the room with Bishop. I went to my bathroom to clean up. When I saw myself in the mirror I looked a MESS. Yet, it turned me on again. But I still didn’t get hard. It’s strange. I wanted more after seeing my lips red and swollen, my throat feeling scratchy, my face covered in sweat and cum with more starting to drip out of my ass. I felt humiliated and yet wanted more

I must have been staring at myself in the mirror for awhile because Duke came back to tell me that Bishop was gone and when he saw me in my bathroom, he looked confused. He said when I turned around I was shivering (though I don’t remember that and don’t know why I would be since my place is warm).

He then laughed to himself and actually helped me clean up and said, “You just got the soul fucked out of you.”

I hope you and your readers can enjoy this encounter of mine. I sure as hell did. Any insight in to what happened to me, brother? It felt so weird. Different even. I mean I’ve been left awestruck by Duke fucking me. But this time it felt like so much more.  


I sometimes need to remind myself that frat fag was once living as a straight male! His descent into subspace has been wondrous to behold. Any experienced faggot knows the feeling frat fag describes above, that almost-drunken stupor that occurs following a tremendous drop into subspace. You lose yourself in that moment, which feels almost like a vacuous void, a black hole. Time seems to stop, your existence wiped away as you become just a body caught in the tremendous tidal forces of Alpha power. 

Afterwards, you become like those walking through the rubble after 9/11, dazed and wordless and strangely spiritual. 

So hopefully frat fag reads that above, because that is how I’d answer his question of what he experienced. It’s true subspace. It’s more powerful than any drug to those faggots fortunate enough to experience it.