This thread follows the thoughts and reflections of a 38-year-old Apex Alpha named Master Aresson as he sets out to rule the world. CLICK HERE to follow these posts in chronological order!

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to enjoy a conversation with Master Aresson (and yes, the podcast interview is coming!). Since encouraging him to start dominating faggots on Twitter, he has been absolutely crushing it on the platform (as I knew he would). Faggots can’t help but marvel at his massive musculature and his big, powerful feet. He’s taken findom by storm.

That’s all well and good, but I’m more interested in the day-to-day, real-world faggot ownership occurring in his life. After all, it’s the real interactions in life that truly sculpt an Alpha’s power.

As I’ve chronicled so far, Master Aresson, a straight Alpha, has come to truly embrace the ownership and worship of faggots. Through use, Master Aresson has discovered that anything is possible by using these inferior males for pleasure.

Tonight Master Aresson reached out to me to inquire about the phenomenon of faggots passing out when being rutted by an Alpha. This has been described on this blog when discussing cunting, with many faggots saying they momentarily lost consciousness during the event.

This can be startling for an Alpha to witness. For instance, Master Nick was shocked the first time he saw a faggot momentarily pass out during cunting. There’s this breathless second when the Alpha thinks he damaged the faggot from rutting it.

But Master Aresson experienced something quite extreme recently – he fucked a new faggot so hard and cunted it so effectively that it passed out for THIRTY MINUTES!

Here’s what he said:

A fag who I met some days ago in the grocery store. It kept sending me messages so I decided to go use it over lunch. Well it had seen me before in the grocery store so it knew how big I am. It had the usual reaction. Eyes getting wider and wider the more clothes I took off. It literally staring to drool when the pheromones from my pits, crotch and feet hit it.
I knew I only had an hour and a half, so I went right for the fag button. Ahaha the prostate … I call it the fag button. I am very big and I have the slight upward curve that allows to hit the prostate perfectly. Push it and the fag goes into full on slut more.
So I had it flat on his stomach, me on top pressing down and fucking.
I thought it had just given in and relinquished to my rut. But it was out. Took me some minutes to notice it was unconscious. Luckily I could feel a pulse but still very scary.

Now, by this time Master Aresson had already pumped two loads into the faggot. But once he realized the faggot was fucked unconscious, notice his reaction:

I had bred it twice before. When I noticed and after the initial « shock » I thought the whole thing was so hot I simply came. Covered it with cum. Filled up and covered with my alpha DNA. Passed out from the rut.

The faggot eventually came around and awoke from its cock coma. Notice its instinctual reaction afterward:

It was a bit disoriented. But I think it found something to stabilize it when it started licking my cum off its body. Next to perfect DNA it must contain more hormones to make fags obedient.

Indeed! “Stabilize” is a good word to use in this instance. The substances in cum have mood-enhancing qualities (serotonin as a relaxant, for instance) that faggots crave, especially after the trauma of rutting and cunting.

As for Master Aresson, the experience left him galvanized:

This was purely the power of my cock. So powerful. I am still exploring the limits of my power, but there seem to be none.

There are absolutely no limits on the power and control of Apex Alphas! Anything they want they can have. The world exists for their pleasure.

Just think about this: had Master Aresson only used females for service, he might not have ever cone to understand the true depth and breadth of his power! Sure, he would know he is superior to other males, but he wouldn’t have comprehended the completeness of his Godhood without the worship of faggots!

That is a very useful thing for all straight Alphas to consider! Allow the example of Master Aresson guide you to all of the riches and worship your Alphahood deserves!