Back in September I wrote about “Flaky Faggots” who would contact me asking for help in finding an Alpha and then freak out. I suppose I bring the frustration on myself, really. Whenever someone comes to me for help (even a fellow fag), I always try my best to give them good advice or use some personal time to assist them.

However, the frustration level is amplified exponentially whenever an Alpha demands that I find him a faggot slave. Then I’m forced to deal with a deluge of game-playing faggots.

A few days ago an incredible, muscular black Alpha in the Toronto area contacted me and wanted me to find him a faggot slave (if you’re interested and in the area, contact me on Kik: normalsubmissive). I felt like I should have no problem finding a fag or two to serve this glorious Alpha.

Soon enough, interested fags started inquiring about this Alpha. I told them the truth: this Alpha is looking for an ongoing slave to serve him. Each one seemed excited by the prospect. I carefully manicured the responses, eliminating some for failing to follow directions (an absolute must) and interviewing others. It was exhaustive work.

Eventually I settled on two candidates: a 19 year old Latino, and a 27 year-old white guy. The Alpha seemed to be interested in the Latino, but the interview with him revealed that he wasn’t really interested in anything other than a huge dick for the night.

But the 27 year-old gave some promising answers:


So I was ready to hand the faggot over to the Alpha. The faggot seemed excited to be able to talk with him (as he should be), so I was hoping that I had possibly found a match.

Then the games started.

First, the fag wouldn’t answer the Alpha’s messages. Later, they ended up talking for a while, and the conversation went well enough that they agreed to meet:


Then guess what happened? The fag was a no-show.

I guarantee that this was what really happened: the fag sat around all day stroking its clitoris and sending out hot messages, had an embarrassing orgasm all over itself, and then disappeared out of shame/humiliation.

These pathetic, lonely pigs are the worst kind of fag, the kind that actually deserves to be beaten black and blue. What kind of sad creature has nothing else to do on a Saturday night besides waste the time of a real Man for their own pleasure? Why even bother responding to the needs of an Alpha if you’re emotionally unwilling to serve him?

I am very proud of fellow fags like @servingsuperiormen and others who have the courage to embrace their true nature and the strength to fully serve great Men. As these fags demonstrate, fully serving an Alpha brings tremendous fulfillment and happiness.

True fags like these do not surrender themselves to grotesque one-night encounters in dimly-lit bathroom stalls, or waste time jerking off to hot conversations that will ultimately lead nowhere.

Instead, these heroic fags dedicate their lives to serving Alpha Men of quality and distinction. A true fag provides a real Man with pleasure, comfort, and peace of mind. A fag greatly enhances the power of an Alpha and helps them reach their full potential.

Any “fag” too emotionally immature to take on this great responsibility should really stop bothering real Men and the true fags who serve them.