This thread follows Jamie, a faggot who began service to a straight Alpha named Dino that has lasted 15 years and led to marriage. CLICK HERE for all posts in this thread in chronological order!

The story I originally covered involved a faggot named Jamie who met and became thoroughly owned by an Apex Alpha named Dino. It was intriguing enough to ask Jamie for permission to interview Master Dino as well.

Then Master Dino responded, and this blog (and my life) was altered permanently.

From even his first words to me it was blatantly obvious I was dealing with an extraordinary and unique Alpha personality so consuming and magnetic that he was impossible to ignore. Faggots from all around the world read his words with the kind of shock usually reserved for people who have experienced overwhelming catastrophes, like an attack by Godzilla. Their pussies were opened wide by the words of this new god.

Master Dino is BY FAR the most requested Alpha on this site over the last two years (at least). Every faggot that has contacted me has BEGGED me to capture this most extraordinary Apex Alpha in a recording to they might hear the the rolling thunder of his voice, as if a force of Nature like him could ever be captured by anything.

Well, I have bad news. Master Dino wrote to me to tell me he has decided not to do the podcast for now because he’s concerned about his profession. I do understand.

But in the midst of sorrow, God Dino deigned to allow me to ask him a few questions. So I tossed five questions his way, hoping for the best. What I received back could be used as a textbook on Alpha behavior and thinking.

I am beyond proud to present these pronouncements to you!

faggot, I hope you are grateful that I am giving you time on Sunday, My day of rest. I am usually just lying back and allowing My whore to worship Me however I choose to direct it to do so but, as I fed it 3 times and filled its cunt nicely in the last 11 hours, I’m allowing it to sleep a bit. It has had a rough week so rest-lying on My bed with My dirty boxers shoved in its mouth-is its reward for its love and service. Maybe I spoil it a bit but after years of slavish, loving, and dirty service I feel My hole deserves some of Daddy’s benevolence. At any rate, I’m available to fill your desire for My wisdom, if not your desire for My cum. Heh heh, faggots….

1. How do you think the use and ownership of faggots has changed you as a Man and enhanced your Alphahood?

Jamie was My 1st faggot. After our 1st encounter I thought its service stemmed from some sick need for humiliation, degradation,  and maybe even a Daddy complex. I was unaware at the time that a faggot was born needing these things. Our encounter made Me feel powerful but, because of societal brainwashing I thought I was supposed to find it and the things it did for me disgusting. After all it had done, which was washing my entire body with its tongue all the while extolling My perfection, my Omnipotence, My scents and flavors, I began to ponder. After thinking for a time and observing it as it slept at my feet,  I  began to realize I DESERVED this kind of service and thought of the dozens of breeder cunts I had clamoring for My dick. Would any of them do the shit the faggot had done? Would they give Me their fucking souls as I was entitled to?  Did they crave, no NEED, to consume every sacred liquid from My body as this pathetic ‘boy’ lying here hanging on My hairy leg, asleep? And, as you know from an earlier conversation,  I hadn’t even given it My cum yet,  it got My copious precum but not real load. I couldn’t justify giving it My load (that brainwashing) and it was still happy to just be in My presence and that really started a tingle in My golf ball-sized nuts. It didn’t know it had a quarter cup of a MAN’S cum inches from its head or that this straight Man was wondering if His thoughts of what had happened would lead to more service or to beating the fuckin’ snot out of the fag that had raised these feelings in My superior mind. It worshipped Me for many hours, had several orgasms itself WITHOUT touching itself. That was instrumental in My not beating it down. It did everything as a female cunt would but promised delights that no woman had ever offered. faggots take note-at the right place and time, offer yourself and your unending service and devotion to an Alpha. Quickly let Him know He is your God and tell him you are his, body and soul. Tell him up front you are His to use ANY way and ANY time He desires. Tell Him He is Master of not only you but of the world. I won’t say that you might not get beaten but as My own hole once said when someone advised it against approaching Me, “He may kill me but I’ll die happy at the hands of my God.” And I did almost punch it in the face that night but it had been discreet, it had waited for the right time, I had just walked out on a cunt, wife actually, whom I was still angry with and I was a horny mutherfucker. You already know what happened when it woke but I’ll restate it. it stirred and I thumped its head and told it to wake up. Sensing that I was about to tell it to get the fuck out it told Me rather bravely that it belonged to Me, no matter what I did or said. it rambled a bit about My virtues and God-like status and then said it needed My cum, would never be a complete being until I made it so by feeding it my load. I jokingly punched it in the chest. it looked Me in the eye and had an orgasm. My fuckin’ dick jumped straight up to it’s almost 10 inches. I quickly grabbed it by its hair, shoved its mouth down to the root of My dick and blessed it with the load it needed to become real. And I then realized My potential.  I was an Alpha Male.  I’d had a vague notion of what that meant but now it made sense, it felt correct. And I became invincible. I spent the next 8 hours or so fucking My new cumhole bloody. I won’t intentionally hurt My property but that was a special day for Me and it. My masculinity flew to the forefront of Me and I became a wild fucking beast! I wanted to show this faggot what kind of future it could look forward to if it wanted the CHANCE to become My cumhole. And as we know it gave up its life and life’s work to become My property. After that, I really began to study Alphahood. 

2. What do you think are the key elements that define a faggot?

A willingness to submit, to offer EVERY particle of its lowly self to an Alpha. faggots-you are NOTHING if You do not have an obsessive, total NEED to belong to a Man. faggots were created for just this purpose, the use of a real Man. Yeah, some of us can be real fucking assholes but aggression is part of what makes us Men, just as submission give your life depth and meaning. Pumping our cum into living holes is instinctive to us just as needing cum pumped into you is to faggots. Just a post script here-Alphas insist on submission, faithful service and complete devotion but some of us like the faggot who is a tiny bit brave and let’s us know what it is thinking. My faggot has a bit a fire and may make a comment that get it slapped in the face but that little spark of impudence gets this Alpha fired up and there’s not much my faggot likes more than Fired Up Daddy! Just don’t push your own Master’s limits.

3. How would you describe your feelings when you pump a load into your faggot?

I feel the power of God, I feel that I am giving life (which My seed has, many times) I feel the benevolence of feeding My faggots body and nourishing its soul. I feel My own physical pleasure and boy’s pleasure for being fed or being cunted. I must say I take great pride in the fact that My bitch has NEVER touched its clit/dick in the 16 years it has belonged to Me. It cums every single time I do, and several before. We never needed the chastity shit. it wears a jockstrap so I deal with nothing but its pussy although sometimes I enjoy thumping its little clit as it dances in orgasm under its covering. (My cunt does occasionally enjoy a little pain from Daddy) In short, when I bless My faggot with My load I know am allowing it to fulfill its destiny and that I am a God.

4. Are you not currently using any other faggots?

Not at the present time.  I have used other faggots and fucked many female cunts through the years as it is an almost an Alphan need to impregnate. I’m proud of the fact I have many children. When the boys turn 16 and if they are true Alphas I will take them under My wing and teach them. They will have an inheritance bestowed upon them when they take their own faggots and will work in the family company if they are deserving. The 1st born turns 16 shortly so we shall see how it goes. While not a daily part of their lives, I do spend enough time with them as they grow to determine the possibilities of them being Alphan. Back to the faggots, in the 1st 10 years of owning jamie I had 5 or 6 faggots but never living in My home. 2 or 3 went quickly as they found they had ‘bitten off more” etc… 2 others were good, faithful fags but none of them ever could compare with the sweet and nasty boy I already owned and I kind of let them fall away. As for women, well I like pussy a LOT but females seem to have a hidden need to try and rule a Man and all you faggots know that ain’t happening. In the end it’s all good and even after the punishment (GRIN) that jamie’s cunt has endured, it’s still the tightest pussy I ever had the pleasure to fuck. I don’t know how it keeps a tight cunt but it’s one of the few secrets I do not demand it share with Me. Maybe I’ll make it tell me on My death bed. Anyway,  as you know I married My faggot. There were many good reasons for this, chief among them was its simply the BEST fucking pussy I’ve ever cum in. Its devotion, adoration,  and inexhaustible desire to worship Me moved Me. I could look in it’s eyes and FEEL the love that flowed forth and, while I’d always cared for it, I began to love it. 1st as Man might love a pet but that grew into something else that I never thought would happen. I’d always thought I couldn’t love a man! But, after serious thought I realized My faggot wasn’t a Man it was a faggot, much less than a Man, an inferior creature that needed guidance, love, and security. It gave Me a devotion and a submissiveness that I felt warranted a deeper commitment. Plus, marriage, when it became a legal option, gave it My name, My inheritance upon My death, and gave Me legal ownership of this cumhole that I had come to love. (Yes, ownership,  read the marriage contract) For My life and My purposes, marrying My faggot was the logical progression of life. Curiously enough, after marriage My cunt was anxious to know if there would be any ‘outsiders’ receiving My cum. It told Me how it didn’t bother it for Me fuck breeder cunt but it had been crushed every time I’d had other fags. It had hidden those feelings well as I had no idea it felt that way. I assumed it had accepted its faggot status, knowing an Alpha MUST sow His seed across the planet. That is destiny. If it had let Me know of its emotional pain, to put it in its place I would’ve brought different faggots in constantly and fucked them right in front of it. But it was smart and waited until Daddy was ready for the information.  As a result no one else will EVER be blessed with My cum again except the cumhole I own. 

5. What do you think are some things faggots need to know or understand about Alphas that they may not naturally comprehend?

Faggots should really instinctively know most things about a Man. In their rush to please and also out of their desperate need for Alpha cum they sometimes fuck up and make mistakes. My advice is anytime you think you know better than an Alpha-quash that immediately,  even if you actually know better. Never even offer an opinion without thinking it over very carefully. Watch every step and ponder every thought before it becomes word because you can lose a Man with one poorly chosen sentence.  Man is your God faggot.  If you want Him to keep you, guard every word, every action because they could be the last you have with your Master if they are foolish faggot ideas. Be on your toes every Goddamned second if want want to belong always to this ManGod. Aaahhh, does that sound too hard, faggots? Ha! Well suck it up bitches. Every mutherfucking thing worth having in life is hard. Think being a faggot is rough? Try being Alpha/Master/God and then get back to Me. Part of the reasons faggots exist is because being a real Man is tough. We need you for our pleasure,  service,  for our release. Why do you think we sometimes almost abuse you as our fuckholes? You love our aggression just as we love being aggressive. We work hard, that’s why you love our sweat. We are born to rut and impregnate, that’s why you love to be taken roughly and cry because you can’t have our sons grow inside you. We are commanding and demanding that’s why you love following orders and are willing and anxious to clean our assholes and drink the spit and snot from Our bodies. My best advice to any faggot keep your mouth shut unless it’s full of dick and obey.
Ok sam, I feel as if I have taught a class. Haha. My sleepy faggot came to the livingroom 30 minutes ago and started at my feet. It has worked its way up to my sack and has caused My endless supply of precum to flow. I should really feed My smiling boy. I enjoy the questions and will allow you more when you’re ready.

Fuck you faggot (IF you could handle it)Hahahahahaha 

Alpha Dino 

If you’re a faggot and your knees aren’t shaking in stunned shock and awe at those words, then you need to go to the hospital. You probably need to go to the hospital either way.

In the history of this blog I’ve never encountered an Alpha who answers questions so directly, so graphically, so intensely. His words land in the cerebral cortex of a faggot like atomic bombs.

Now here’s what I want from you, dear readers: write your questions to ask Master Dino. I will send him the five best.

I am uniquely blessed to have developed a relationship with this indescribable god. I am forever indebted to my brother Jamie for leading me to his feet!

Thank you, my Lord!