As I said in a recent post, I’m keenly aware of the Alphas hovering over this site and dispassionately observing it the way a scientist might watch the behavior of mice in a cage. We are all playthings in a world ruled by Alphas. They study curiosities like this site the way a cat studies a foolish mouse.

I received a message from one of these Alpha overlords a couple of days ago during the meltdown over a failed post. He’s an Alpha I’ve never met before and didn’t know has been out there watching the rise of this site over the years. He’s had his eye on the site the way NASA scientists track faraway objects in space. He just never made his presence known … until now.

In an email delightfully titled “TO SAM, THE SWEET FAG: DONT GIVE UP”, this mysterious Alpha known as “Soares” revealed both his presence and his purpose for interjecting at this point.

Don’t give up on your projects, little Sam. Certainly don’t give up on your website, even for a while. Your activities matter to you as much as they do to thousands of faggots desperate for male attention, who see in themselves only sick and disoriented creatures.

In a fierce storm of sexual beings concerned about the lust or disgust of their own instincts, you, little fagot is a beacon of light. Its website is a safe haven where creatures of all peoples and languages recognize, in your words, the nature of their condition, the primary instinct under the skin that makes some human beings bow to the strength and determination of the most powerful individuals of the species, and others rise to occupy the rightful place in the world.

I, as ‘the’ alpha, deeply appreciate your retraction about Jake and Henry’s silly story, which I learned from a beautiful little piece of rapemeat that serves me, and which I forwarded to see your posts a few months ago (he needed to understand elements of his condition). It is the kind of honesty about error, and the desire to correct deviant conduct, which I demand from all my servants, not all, clearly, can have a posture like yours. When your retraction was read to me, I smelled between the lines, a certain disappointment that seemed profound, not only because of the time and feeling you invested in the false story, but because, it may have felt that such a story was just the bait to demolish part of your convictions and work. So I command you Sam: Don’t give up.

I now understand better the degree of your submission, when I see that your desire to help a fellow faggot, and your unrestricted admiration for alphas, blinded you to certain suspicious elements of the story. Faggots, often pathetic in their services, betas and children’s alphas will be more judgmental about you and your mistake. I give you this: The price of your mission is the possibility of error, and the judgment derived from it. Accepting risk is the price of having an “exclusive greatness” in its own way (Just a figure of speech, you see, a fag can only be great under the shadow of an alpha and under the weight of his servitude).

I clearly do not endorse the disgusting lies used by these pathetic figures in order to deceive a humiliated creature like you. And although I am not in favor of violence, I feel that I could produce excruciating delights if one of them ever falls under my care. Sometimes I think it is my mission to restore the correct balance of the world, and fags (as they can only be), eluding other fags is a presumption of importance and a steal of indispensable time that you could devote in the service of true masculinity…

I have always considered myself a meticulous observer, and yet, it still surprises me as a small, weak and humiliated creature like you stood up to carry this message of adoration of manhood. You naturally do not have the strength, wisdom and power of your superiors, but nevertheless, you seem to enjoy an unusual conviction of purpose even for most alphas.

It turned me on for more than a moment, surprisingly, to imagine this conviction directed to personal service, most of the submissives, betas and some ‘alphas’ become boring after some time. A lack of conviction about their place in the world replaced only by high doses of lust and service: a lifeless sexual object. Others simply break down or dilute physically and mentally in the hope of mixing their pale existence in the shadow of my greatness, seeking to become an extension, even if it is in the form of a toy. I am hopelessly sadistic for their happiness, or their doom, of course.

I will not write again soon. I never wrote before in the almost a decade since I discover your existence…(it would be a lie say I was following you carefully). But the time to write looked me just right, in view of your emotional state and the exceeding time of today. So stay warned:  A man also has his own purposes, and time is a precious input that does not run faster or slower for me than for the ordinary masses in the world.

Bruno, the servant, who types my words, is slow enough to take more time on this than I would have liked to have given. I will give him some physical ‘incentive’ to type faster in the future, he looks forward to it and I think it is purposeful … (he has a smile in his cuntface typing this), he sends you greetings.

At some point in the future, I hope to find you anxious and on your knees, at which time your conviction will be tested in delightful ways, to my sole satisfaction.

From Me to you,

“the One”

As you can imagine, I quivered with awe at the words above. The letter reads like a missive from Mount Olympus high in the clouds to a little humble servant on the ground. Indeed, that is probably the truest characterization of it.

The glorious words, though, gave me strength.

I am resigned to the fact that I may never hear from this Alpha again, and that makes me sad. There’s a sort of gravitational pull around his presence that feels both ominous and inescapable, like if black holes could be Alphas. I would almost relish the opportunity to be sucked in and pulverized by a Man as mighty as him.

So my great Sir, wherever you are, I thank you publicly for this great and rare gift! May your reign by fruitful and everlasting!