“To Nair, or not to Nair … THAT is the question!” – Frances Shakespeare, William’s faggoty-ass brother

It seems that the trend these days in faggot grooming involves waxing away every trace of hair on the fag’s body. Depilatating every hard-to-reach crevasse to ensure slick, soft surfaces for an Alpha to ravage.

But not every faggot is a smooth Asian male. Sometimes hair grows so thick on a faggot that you almost expect forest critters to come running out of their belly buttons. Shaving and waxing constantly would prove to be a pointless impossibility.

Fortunately, some Alphas don’t expect to fuck a plastic android faggot. Some like the sight of a hairy male choking on their cock or bent over getting fucked.

It’s probably time faggots (and some Alphas) understand that a faggot’s usefulness has little to do with its body hair. It’s about submission and obedience.

One of the greatest faggots I know personally is a hideous, hairy troll. He’s fat, has a fucked-up eye, and is completely covered in thick black fur. However, he’s also fearless, a professional cocksucker of the highest order, and totally obedient. And he gets tons of dick.

That’s one reason why I’ve always advocated the mental aspects of service first, because the body can/will change … but the mind and heart are forever.

I received this letter from a hairy faggot brother that I thought was important.

Hi Sam, Another Sam here and a fag too!

I’ve been reading stuff on your site posted a question on FinDom and responded on one on larger hairy guys.

Few things popped up on my reading various posts on hair. More specifically pubes, ass, body etc. Yeah I get that facial and hair on your head comes very much in a different category; however, I wanted to do a defense of those fags like me who find themselves with hair sprouting wildly from everywhere.

Being hairy doesn’t feel socially acceptable in 2021. Name a hairy male model? Even in TV it’s rare to see men, topless, that are real bears. But we exist and we exist in a fag format.

My first guy loved I was “natural”. Ok I trim my pubes up a bit but that’s it. I’ve always gone that to get me you have to either a) love or b) can deal with the hair and to not be ashamed of it. I’ve had guys wanting me to be waxed etc but I always say no. Yeah you can clipper the hair on my head but not my body.

Now, does this mean I’m not a proper or a stuck up fag? No. It means that I insist that as much as I might accept others bodies they must accept mine. Men being artificially smooth has resulted in a sort “body shaming” for us that aren’t.

So to every, proudly hairy fag, keep your fur guys. Be proud of it. As one great alpha put it to me “it provides a strange alpha skin that hides what a fuck animal you are and how degraded you go”.

And if you’re hairy and you don’t like it, that’s cool. There’s no shame in becoming smooth. Just don’t dig at us that love our fur and how it’s part of us.

Do you see the positive mental/emotional aspect of being a faggot in this brother’s letter? Can you see how such body-positivity can lead to deeper and more fulfilling avenues of service?

So if you’re a hairy faggot, don’t let that stop you from fulfillment! Don’t allow shame from media imagery deflate your courage or steal your joy!

There ARE Men who want to use you! There ARE Men who want to own you!

Embrace the entirety of what you are as a faggot, and serve!