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It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything from Colorado Alpha or his beta faggot Bryan. That’s one thing about running a site like this with so many life stories consumed by worship and daily struggles – people come and go. I sometimes get frustrated when there are exciting developments that I’m not able to update because they stop writing to me, but I’m always grateful when they return to give me updates or remind me of fond memories.

Such is the case with Bryan, beta faggot of an Apex Alpha who calls himself Colorado Alpha. They’ve now been in an Alpha/faggot relationship for three years, which is an eternity in Hierarchical terms. I’m honestly impressed by their long-term success, but not surprised. The Alpha/faggot dynamic is a fundamental one that can be quite successful when both parties apply themselves and fulfill their respective roles.

Bryan in particular is a special case. He seemed hesitant to call himself a faggot or fully submit to his owner at first. However, it’s clear that his thinking has changed over time, and he has fallen more deeply under the spell of his powerful Master.

As today is Valentine’s Day, Bryan asked me if I would publish his top 10 favorite aspects about Colorado Alpha. I am glad to do that:

Ten Things I love about my Apex Alpha

I haven’t written a tribute to Colorado Alpha in quite a while, but lately I have been filled with an overwhelming appreciation and gratefulness towards him, and it seemed time to demonstrate this with an honest and thoughtful tribute.  It has been three and a half years since I first met Colorado Alpha, and his ownership of me has gradually increased over the years.  However I have not grown bored as the time has passed, if anything, with each passing day I grow more impressed with who he is as a person, and feel the urge to dedicate more of my life to serving him.  As a token of my appreciation for my Alpha, I decided to do a Valentine’s Tribute to my King and Master.  I want him, and the entire world, to know what an amazing man I think he is.  So for this Valentine’s tribute, here are ten things that I love about my Colorado Apex Alpha!!

1.  Colorado Alpha has an Amazing Body 

When I first met Colorado Alpha, over three years ago, I remember saying to myself “Wow this guy is really handsome!”     That feeling of attraction has not faded over time.  If anything, he has gradually grown more handsome to me over the years.   He is hotter than ever, his facial hair perfectly emphasizes his masculinity, and even after all this time I still lose myself when I look into his stunning eyes.   

And that is just the beginning.   He has an amazing body as well!  He has strong bulging arms and thick sexy shoulders.   His chest is muscular and incredible.  I love to bury my face in his armpits and surrender my body to his alpha pheromones.   He has a sexy ass and I am just completely, completely, completely in love with his beautiful cock.  He has strong legs and his body is sexy all the way down to his beautiful feet. I have never really been into feet before, but with Colorado Alpha, I am in love with them. They are perfect and beautiful, I love to bury my face in them and take in his manly scent.  I love to feel him rub his feet all over my face while I lick and suck them.  I love to rub and massage them too, especially after he’s had a long day at work or a tough workout at the gym.   

When we first met, he used to force me to give him massages and I resented it.  Now I see it as such a great blessing to be able to massage and rub and kiss and lick and touch every inch of his muscular athletic body. I love being able to feel and touch his muscles, and I love knowing that I can give his beautiful body some appreciation and physical pleasure after he works so hard all day.  His body is a perfect epitome of Alpha masculinity and I am always in a state of physical lust when I am near Colorado Alpha.   Thank you for allowing me to worship your body, Colorado Alpha! 

2.  Colorado Alpha is Strong and Athletic

While this is similar to Alpha having an amazing body, it is still a distinct concept in my mind.   Colorado Alpha is not just good looking, he is extremely fit.   He has always taken fitness very seriously and it shows.  He has many athletic passions which he excels at, and it is something that I very much admire about him.   Additionally, he is very strong.  When we wrestle, he overpowers me instantly.   He can throw me over his shoulder and carry me around like I weigh nothing at all.  

I’ve been very lucky too, as he has recently been allowing me to join him in the gym.  I think it is pretty rare for an Apex Alpha to allow their small beta property to join them in the gym, and so for this I feel beyond grateful.   Working out with Colorado Alpha has quickly become one of my favorite parts of the day.  It has been exciting to watch my diminutive body start getting stronger and fitter under his guidance.   And watching Colorado Alpha lift such heavy weight, day after day, triggers something in my brain.   It is one thing to just know that he is stronger than me.  It is quite another to consistently watch his big muscles swell and pump as he lifts weights that would easily crush me.  I think my body reacts to being around him when he lifts, recognizing his pheromones as he sweats, triggering a deeper sense of lust and primal submission to him.  Thank you for allowing me to work out with you, Colorado Alpha! 

3. Colorado Alpha is Very Intelligent

Ok, being strong and athletic and attractive is nice, but Colorado Alpha is so much more than that! He is actually one of the most intelligent people I know.   He has a very strong scientific background and has a very analytical mindset.    This turns me on just as much as his handsome face and muscular body (and his beautiful cock and perfect feet).  I value intelligence a lot and so I believe his superior intellect is another factor that elevates him up to the level of Apex Alpha.  

The best part of being owned by such an intelligent Alpha is that he teaches me so much! Over the years, he has graciously allowed me to join several of the classes that he teaches.  Because of this, I have learned and developed some amazing new skills, and found myself very passionate about subjects I never would have learned otherwise. I love to learn as much as possible, and having an Alpha who teaches me is an incredible turn-on and blessing.  Thank you for teaching me, Colorado Alpha!!

4.  Colorado Alpha is Very Wise

This point may also sound similar to Alpha’s sharp intellect, but to me this is a very different concept. Alpha is older than me, and has a lot more life experience than me.  He also has the ability to look at most situations from a very rational and logical perspective that I as an overwhelmed beta cannot see.  I tend to go to him for advice pretty often, both because he is so wise, and because he is my Boss and Master.  He somehow seems to be right about pretty much everything, all the time. Over the years he has become a very important mentor and guide for me, and I feel very blessed to have such an amazing man to look up to.   Thank you for all your guidance and wisdom, Colorado Alpha! 

5.  Colorado Alpha is Very Popular and a Natural Leader

Ok, Alpha seems to know everybody in the world.   I feel like no matter where we go, he already knows people there, even in some of the most random places. If he doesn’t know people there yet, he quickly will make new friends.   Everyone loves him!  He is charming, friendly, and attractive, but with a strong undeniable Alpha energy that keeps drawing people towards him.  This can be pretty fun for me, as I like to meet new people.   Being friends with Colorado Alpha means that, especially lately, I am always meeting new people and making new friends.  

It is also interesting to observe how Alpha’s strong social skills combine with his natural assertive nature.    He tends to naturally take charge of situations and groups of people.   I see this as he leads and organizes groups of people.  I see this in the classes he teaches.  I see this in the community events he runs.   Colorado Alpha is a natural leader!  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your social circles, Colorado Alpha! 

6. Colorado Alpha is Very Handy

What is hotter and more masculine than an Apex Alpha who is good with his hands?   This is actually a trait that I didn’t even know about Colorado at first.  He never really bragged about it or displayed it, and I didn’t ever see it until he allowed me to move into one of his properties.  That is when I began to see him fixing more and more things.  When I break things, he can easily fix it, and has saved me a lot of time and money and angst. This just goes to show that Colorado Alpha’s intelligence isn’t just academic, it translates to social intelligence and physical mechanical aptitude as well.  Honestly his handiness has helped me countless times and I am beyond grateful to have an Alpha who is not just good with his hands, but is kind enough to help me.  Thank you for giving me a place to live and helping me fix things, Colorado Alpha!  

7.  Colorado Alpha is a Protector Alpha

I think one of the things I love most about Colorado Alpha is the protective nature that I’ve very gradually learned to see in him over the years. As a small weak beta, I think I have a natural instinct to serve and be owned by a masculine Alpha male in exchange for protection.  In prehistoric days, this probably would have saved me from getting eaten by vicious animals or dinosaurs..

Honestly, Colorado Alpha’s protective nature has helped my life in a million ways.   He is getting me into great shape by letting me work out with him.    He has taught me much and increased my passion by allowing me to take his classes and join his groups.   He allows me to live in his property and has helped me fix countless things.   He even reminds me to eat.  I have found that I love being in his presence, even if we are just sitting in silence.   I feel a profound sense of calm when I am near him. Falling asleep near him is one of the deepest feelings of peace I know.  I love belonging to him because I know that he takes good care of everything that is his property, and I am his property too now!  Thank you for your protection, Colorado Alpha! 

8.  Colorado Alpha is a Strict Owner

Colorado Alpha does take good care of me, since I am his property, but this means that he is a very strict owner at times.  I feel his control over me growing by the day as he tightens his reigns.   He may be a protective Alpha, but he is also a strict, aggressive, dominant Alpha.   He forces me to obey him and punishes me when I don’t.  He always reminds me of my place when I forget.  He will control when I eat (or make sure I do, because sometimes i forget) and he punishes me if I don’t eat properly.   He will control when I can go out, or will punish me to stay home.  He even commands what clothes I wear when we go to certain places.   

This was all very strange to me at first.  I’m not a naturally submissive person, and I’ve always rebelled against rules.   But Colorado Alpha is so dominant that he has trained me to obey him.  Even though I still act out now and then, I feel extremely owned these days, and I am finding it feels very natural to obey him.    Overall I just feel a deep overwhelming submission and gratitude towards him.  Each day it gets a little harder to resist his commands.  And really, why would I?  He has demonstrated time and time again that he is always right, and that his commands are always for the best.  I appreciate him so much and feel more dedicated and thankful to him each day.  Thank you for owning me, Colorado Alpha! 

9.  Colorado Alpha is a Sexual Beast

I’ve mentioned that Colorado Alpha is a protector alpha, and this is true most of the time.  But I have also described the dominant streak he has, especially in his growing ownership of me.  Sexually he has all the primal animal instincts of a true Apex Alpha.   When we are alone, the Destroyer Alpha side of his personality is unleashed!  

Colorado Alpha is a sexual beast!  My butt is still sore from all the spankings he gave me this week.   I probably still have pictures of the bite marks he left on my arms one night.  Marks of his ownership of me!   When he fucks me, I’m no longer his beta boy, I’m a total faggot that he owns and dominates mercilessly. I am completely his physical property, to be used and abused as he sees fit.  He holds me down and pummels my tight ass with his perfect cock.   He grabs my balls and squeezes them until I cry and beg him to stop.  He smothers my face with his hand, or wraps his muscular arms around my neck and shows me that he even controls my breath.    Recently he fucked me so hard against the couch that the couch was on the other side of the room when he was done.  He lifts me up and carries me from room to room effortlessly while his big cock still throbs deep inside me. He rubs his sweaty feet in my face while he rapes my tight hole, forcing me into deeper depths of complete submission and bliss.  He doesn’t just penetrate my body, he penetrates my whole being.   

When we first met, I hated bottoming.   Now I love getting fucked by my Master.   I think about his cock when I go to bed, and I think about it when I wake up.  Colorado Alpha is such a strong aggressive masculine Alpha that the moment he touches me, I physically know that I am his property, and intuitively understand his innate superiority over me. I like to fight back, but the fights are short and futile, as he always forces me back where I belong,  naked and helpless, pinned under his muscular frame, while he floods my little beta body with his superior Alpha Seed.    Thank you for breeding me, Colorado Alpha!  

10.  Colorado Alpha is my True Master 

Honestly, all the things I have listed above are just different ways that Colorado Alpha consistently demonstrates his superior and innate Apex Alpha nature.  I love all the things I  have listed about him, and above all, I love that I belong to him.  I love that he claimed ownership of me. I am lucky to be his beta boy.  I am thankful to have a place in his life.  Over the years, I have developed a deep submission to him, and an overwhelming gratitude that I didn’t know was even possible.  I will have to continue working and learning to show my appreciation and dedication towards him, as this is not my natural strength, and he gets very angry when I act out or seem unappreciative.    But Colorado Alpha is my best friend, my mentor, my King, and my Master, and I appreciate him more than I can ever say.  I hope this tribute can give a sense of the true appreciation and dedication that I honestly feel every day.  

Thank you for everything, Colorado Alpha.  I will continue to look for new ways to serve you, to submit to you, to obey you, and to make you happy.  I will keep working to demonstrate appreciation for everything you do, and to learn to stop appearing ungrateful at times.  I am always grateful.   You are the most amazing man I know and I am the luckiest beta in the world.  I sincerely mean that.   Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day.   

Sincerely, Beta Bryan.