Hey fag, Alpha here in Jersey. What u write gets my dick hard. Makes me want to skull fuck u then spit & piss on u. Done it to a few girls but most want to make love nothing degrading which sucks Once told this girl she could spend the night only if she slept w/her face in my ass but she wasn’t desperate or hungry for it & freaked when I farted in her face. Thinking it’s time I find a fag. Tell me what it means that you’re property of Cal Alpha How does it play out if you’re not in same state

Thank you so much for this message, Sir! I’m always extra-happy when I hear that straight Alphas enjoy my stuff (or, even better, get off on it). First things first: I have been contacted by multiple fags around New Jersey, but you’re the first true Alpha I’ve met in the area. If you can send me contact information (Kik is handy), I’ll start sending them your way. As for California Alpha, he has come to appreciate me as a loyal and intelligent faggot, and so he wanted to put his stamp on me in that way. He does not abuse me like many online Alphas have (like online cash Masters who try to extract money from faggots). Anyway, I really appreciate your message, Sir. Please contact me if you’d like to use me to find fag slaves in your area, Sir.