Stereotypes are easy. They are the shorthand of life, allowing us to make quick assessments of people and situations without expending any brainpower. However, stereotypes can be horribly detrimental, as we’ve continued to witness in many cultures around the world still ravaged by racism.

Stereotypes are most prevalent in Hierarchical situations within the Dom/sub and BDSM communities. Alphas are often expected to be muscular, well-hung, and exceptionally good looking, while faggots are typically identified by scrawny or out-of-shape physiques, pale skin, tiny dicks, and less-than-photographic looks.

But, as in society at large, these stereotypes are detrimental and wrong many more times than we imagine.

For example, take the following experience from a faggot reader who wrote about its service to an Alpha, and how their looks flip the script on stereotypical expectations.

The article about an Alpha sometimes not being able to recognize a Fag who wants to serve him sparked something in me, something I have always wondered about in regard to my situation.  I put this and our photos in a folder marked “POST ???” bc even after all this time I am still on the cusp between “embarrassment” and “pride” in being totally honest about the Fag that I am and who and how I serve. 
 I am extremely masculine, buff, and spent several years as an amateur MMA fighter.   All of this came from a genuine interest, not as a desire to compensate for the fact that I was a Fag which NO ONE ever suspected. 
  But IF you saw me and the Alpha I serve side by side you would prolly get it wrong.  I will no go into the deets on how we met or how it came about (unless anyone is interested) but MY ALPHA TURNED OUT TO BE A SMALL SKINNY COLLEGE BOY HALF MY SIZE WITH INNOCENT SCHOOLBOY LOOKS.  WHO is MORE of a man than I will ever be bc he is a REAL MAN and I am a FAG. 
  I have served him for years now, all the way thru and beyond Grad School.  I do everything he tells me to from cleaning his bathroom to doing his laundry to paying whatever bills he needs paid or providing cash to take out whatever girl he wants.  
He beats the shit out of me pretty regularly, he enjoys wailing on me with punches, all of which I can take.  He says he enjoys it it makes him laugh, and it also relieves stress he says.  He will put me against the wall and just punch my lights out sometimes.  (he even did this once in public but that’s another story)  He also humiliates me a lot he does degrading things. Like sit on my face and fart, which also makes him laugh.  Or spit in my mouth.  He says he has to do these things to keep my head in the right place, that the honor of serving him should never be taken for granted and a Fag has to be constantly reminded of that.  And as a Fag I believe he has a point.  HE is the man I am the FAG.  
  Occasionally he will allow me some physical worship, if he drops me with punches he sometimes allows me to lick his feet.  And he will sometimes pull his pants n shorts down when he face sits me and allow me to sniff his ass.  He will allow me to see him naked sometimes as he dresses.  (he WILL slap me around right after for looking, again to keep my head in the right place)  And on a few occasions he has even sent me a photo for my Birthday.  I am ADDICTED to serving this Alphaboy there is NOTHING he could do to me that I would NOT consider a gift.  But everything I see and read seems to tell me that I am in some way weird or odd when I see the Alphas other Fags serve. 
 I guess my question is, HOW unusual is it that the Alpha is the sweet looking small one and the Fag is the one who to all outward appearances looks like HE should be the Alpha??  Am I alone??  Are there others in the same situation??

Let me answer the reader directly – no, you are not alone. I’ve run across multiple situations like this one. In almost all cases that I managed to keep track of, the bond between Alphas and faggots with “body disparity” seem to be even stronger because their extreme differences make the dynamic even more exciting and unusual. That might be why you have been serving this Alpha for as long as you have!

I get this complaint occasionally, and I’m keenly aware of how this site exacerbates the problem. I am a faggot who runs a gay sex site. Part of what I do here is provide images and video that highlight Hierarchical dynamics and play, and like any faggot would, I often choose examples of muscular Alphas using skinny, defenseless faggots. My images of Alphas on the site mostly have huge dicks and manly, model-ready faces. I’m actually feeding into the stereotype that causes problems like the one this reader expresses above. I’m aware of this.

But let me state for the record that I do not believe Alphas and faggots fit a mold. As I’ve said many times, we are born with these roles already a part of our genetics, and the outward shell often has little to do with the Hierarchical person in our heart. That’s the way it’s always been, and that’s the truth I will continue to imperfectly pursue.

For the record, this faggot sent pics of both itself and its Alpha: