The human Male has never changed. His needs, his wants … all the same. Only circumstances around him have changed throughout history.

What Men want more than anything is POWER. They want to be free, to rule their own Kingdom as King, to be worshiped like a god.

With women, Men have a weaker vessel they can impregnate and reproduce their genetics. To create life. That’s power.

With faggots, they have failed males who can serve as slaves to dominate sexually or otherwise. The faggot worships Men like gods.

Men have always wanted and needed this. They always will.

That is why we see ancient art like that above. Hierarchy is intrinsic to Manhood and vitally important. It is baked into our DNA and informs the very core of our being.

Denying it or refusing its call is tantamount to suicide.

Obey history. Respect the ancient wisdom. Follow the path walked by countless other Men throughout the ages, and find truth.