Hierarchy In Media: The Quick And The Dead

I love when I run across examples of Alpha and faggot behavior in media. This ongoing segment will highlight such examples.

I recently wrote this post in response to Alpha Jaguar’s question about dominating younger Alphas who challenge his own dominance.

I instantly thought of this moment from the 1995 Sam Raimi Western The Quick And The Dead. In this scene, The Kid (Leonardo DiCaprio) challenges his father John Herod’s authority over the town of Redemption. As Herod, Gene Hackman has a perfect mixture of wisdom and confidence that typically defines older Alphas. And when he dresses down his Alpha son, the tension between them is palpable.

It’s a tiny scene, but it demonstrates that older Alphas are still potent forces worthy of respect from younger Alphas, and any attempt to usurp an older Alpha’s power or position will usually end up in failure.