Today I had yet another reader questioning my devotion to the mantra “Hierarchy Is Truth” and the philosophy behind it (click here to read it). The reader insisted on proof (studies, charts, graphs, DNA, etc.) to demonstrate its existence.

The trouble with such a thing is that the principles of the Hierarchy cannot be quantified scientifically. I argued that this is just something we can know as truth by the observation of its effects on the world around us. It’s like wind; we cannot see it, but we see its effects to know of its existence or its power.

But in the comments to that post, my dear fag brother @tb27609 posted this brilliant response:

Research? Studies? I’ve “studied” this my whole life—from the first time my 14-yo cousin knew that 12-yo me would suck his dick just because he wanted me to—because it was right and natural and he recognized and used his Alphahood to get anything he wanted—to the 50-something Alpha in the steamroom yesterday who simply dropped his towel and rubbed his cock in my face. They—and every Alpha in between—knew that they could and that I would. It’s real. 

This is exactly – EXACTLY – what I was saying. So succinct and simple.  

You can’t tell faggots like us – faggots who have been in the trenches for years and have experienced untold and undeniable expressions of Hierarchical power – that such a natural arrangement doesn’t exist. 


It’s affecting everything around you, silently sorting us out and placing upon each of us the structure of our lives. Our purpose.

Hierarchy Is Truth. It is life. Live it!

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